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” P- Brothers On The Mix “

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I’m going to transport you back to 2004 for a session with the the almighty P-BROTHERS in the mix on Radio One Xtra – The Basement…Over an hour of explosive material on deck so don’t sleep !!!

*The duo kick things off at the 25 minute mark..


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” Evil Ed : Remixes “

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In the Hip Hop world you have EVIL E, EVIL D, and in London you have producer EVIL ED who recently dropped the “Evil Ed Remixes” which has a few burners on it..

HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD TOP PICKS “Film Noir” which has a very evil bass line, so make sure you rock it on a decent system, “Fedoraz” & “Dropping Mics”…

” Eto x Muggs : Holy Wine “

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This kid Eto has been around for a minute, but he is really starting to heat up..On “Holy Wine” he get’s busy over a menacing MUGGS backdrop that has me eagerly waiting for their full length “Hell’s Roof” due out next month..


” Friday Check In “

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Hip Hop cats are probably the most opinionated and passionate types on this entire planet..Try dissing E40 in the Bay area and you might have to physically defend yourself..If you attempt to discredit J Prince in certain parts of Houston I can almost guarantee you that their will be a problem on your hands…Speak badly about Luke Skywalker in Miami and you just might catch a bad one..Go ahead and diss Mac Dre in Vallejo and watch what happens…

Your somewhat free to say whatever the fuck you want in this world, but you better be built to deal with the repercussions when someone steps to you regarding your opinions, speech and behavior..

Thats why I commend those dudes over at SUPER DUTY TOUGH WORK on this recent episode where they speak their true opinion regardless of how motherfuckers feel about it, but for the sake of keeping it thorough they made a few mistakes…

1..TUPAC’S first album wasn’t called NIGGAZ 4 LIFE- it was “STRICTLY 4 MY NIGGAZ”..

2..THE BIGGIE collab with METHOD MAN was “The What”, not “DWYCK”…

3..Even though the Beat Nuts weren’t the most lyrical duo, I still think they made great albums…

There were a couple other missteps, but for the most part I agree with 85 % of the shit they said, and give them credit for not dancing around the topic (Rappers Were Supposed To Like But Don’t)….

” Aliano : Hysteria “

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Never heard of this cat ALIANO, but I recently heard FRED ONES cutting this shit up to shreds on a recent Guerrilla Grooves show which made me do a little investigating…”Hysteria” is perfect for mixtape burn or a little power boost..

Produced by SAMPLE KUBRICK..


” Vitamin D : Repost Steez “

Screen Shot 2019-02-11 at 2.33.28 PM

*Every once in awhile I have to repost certain joints that I feel don’t get enough burn…Originally posted March 24, 2018..

I just listened to this brand spanking new album by VITAMIN D “Bornday 3”, and I gotta admit, their are some motherfucking heaters on here…Maybe its the pacific northwest isolation factor that has enabled Vitamin to cultivate a truly original approach to the artform?….Maybe its the fact that he makes beats, rhymes, and engineers his own shit?…Or maybe you can attribute it to his unyielding dedication to Hip Hop for over 20 years?….

Regardless do yourself a favor and check in with a quickness, but I recommend rocking it in its entirety, please disregard any of the singing that takes place….HAHAHAHA….

HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD TOP PICKS- “The New Central”, “All That Jazz – this is incredible”, “Mama”, “Half A Fool”, “As Long As they Buying It”, “Speed On”, “Practice”, and “Don’t Cry”…..

” Music Regulators Trailer “

Screen Shot 2019-02-11 at 2.28.53 PM

This trailer for the “Music Regulators” doc looks promising…Shout out to MAGIC MIKE & THE GHETTO STYLE DJ’S for inspiring me in many ways coming up…


“A closer look at the art of down south DJ’ing with the Jam Pony Express DJs, Dem Damn Dogs, DJ Chipman, The Sugarhill Djs with Dj Uncle Al & more ! For more info This project will be released Feb 2019”.

” More Newness “

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Like I said in the last post, it appears as if cats are hitting the ground running in the first quarter of 2019…For example AGALLAH (Who has increased his output the last few years) dropped the impressive “Rugby Marathon” a few days ago…


” Los Lauren : Closet Full Of Fresh Lo “

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2019 is barely under way and it appears as if we are going to get hit with a barrage of fresh joints EARLY…ULL BX rhymer LOS LAUREN comes to the table with all types of Polo allegiance on “Closet Full Of Fresh Lo”…I’m digging this shit, and whoever did the beat (It’s not credited) should get a pat on the back for keeping it raw!!


” Chrome Radio : 260 “

Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 3.00.21 PM

CHROME RADIO from out of Baltimore, Maryland is back on the set with a batch of all brand spanking new joints to rock out with..If your on the hunt for a Monday power boost, you know the motherfucking drill !!!

” Boss Money / Money Boss Players “

Screen Shot 2019-02-01 at 3.06.22 PM

Since I posted up that new shit from MINNESOTA earlier this week, it’s only right that I catch a flashback and rock some older MONEY BOSS shit…LORD TARIQ, CHEEBA, & TREY BAG invaded the WUSB studio awhile back for a nice round of mic wrecking…

BIG UP TO DC for the action!

” Legion : 3 The Bronx Way “

Screen Shot 2019-02-01 at 2.59.35 PM

CHUCKY SMASH, MOLECULES & DICEMAN are continuing their consistent streak of dropping material in the new millennium…Nothing but that raw BX shit banging out the speakers on the the “3 The Hard Way” full length duke..


1.Intro 00:57
2.Word ft. Sadat X 03:57
3.1980 Something 03:09
4.Joy 03:51
5.Fresh 03:27
6.Sour Break 00:17
7.Drop The Beat 03:46
8.Make It Hot ft. Beneficence & Dres (Black Sheep) 04:37
9.Heard We Quit ft. Droopy Dog 04:57
10.Three The Bronx Way 04:06
11.Outro 01:00

” Library Ammo On Deck “


To accompany the great LIBRARY MUSIC FILM that dropped awhile back, SHAWN LEE included a special “Champ” segment to add fuel to the fire..If you haven’t seen the film in it’s entirety I highly suggest you figure out a way to do so with a quickness…

And here is a extra treat, an extended trailer teaser..

“A long-overdue look at the legendary sound library music scene overseas – produced by Shawn Lee, who’s clearly a strong fan of the genre with the style of his own music – and featuring appearances by Lee, and a host of sound library legends who include Alan Hawkshaw, Brian Bennett, Janko Nilovic, Keith Mansfield, Alan Parker, John Cameron, and Stefano Torossi – all artists whose funky music we’ve stocked strongly over the years! The film tells the full story of this underground world where great musicians and composers created amazing music that was often not for sale to the public – but just stored away in libraries, with hopes for later use in films, or broadcast on TV or radio! Yet despite the “secret” nature of the sound library recordings, they’ve grown to legendary status over the decades – thanks to the work of record collectors and DJs, plus a fair number of artists who’ve sampled their cuts too. Some of these are included in the film – which also features appearances by Cut Chemist, Adrian Younge, Matt Berry, Fatboy Slim, Mr Thing, and others. The core film is almost two hours”.


The Library Music Film – Extended Teaser from HutTwenty9 on Vimeo.

” Wild Dayz : UK “


DEMON BOYS, HARDNOISE, GUNSHOT, DERRICK B, COOKIE CREW, HI-JACK, BODY SNATCHERS, DADDY FREDDY, KILLA INSTINCT, HUNTKILLBURY FINN, ICEPICK, MC MELLO are just a few names that I remember hearing in the late 80’s….When the Rock Steady Crew ventured to the UK with BAMBAATAA, FUTURA, and a host of others in the early 80’s, it made such an impact that Hip Hop spread throughout the rest of Europe like a wild fire from all accounts that I have come across…

In the book “UK Wild Dayz” Andrew Beese documents a heavy time in Bristol from 1982-1987…Do yourself a favor, scoop up a copy and catch a heavy zone..

“As a photographer Beezer was in a unique position in Bristol in the 1980s. Close friends with the Wild Bunch (later to become Massive Attack) and other Bristol hip hop crews, he was able to capture on film the rich urban culture at the heart of the underground music and art scene prevalent in Bristol at the time. Many of the shots are of the Wild Bunch performing at the Dug Out Club, the infamous Red House Jam and at St Paul’s Carnival, but there are many more shots from festivals and events and a selection of portraiture. This book has previously only been available as an import from Japan where it was originally published”.



” Minnesota : Variables “

screen shot 2019-01-29 at 10.11.14 am

When MINNESOTA sent me this new heat rock he has on deck (Variables) I damn near lost my motherfucking mind..I have been a fan of not only his beats for quite sometime, but I truly believe he is one of the greatest producers on the mic..


He has a uncanny way of sprinkling street parables and jewels into his bars that only a seasoned war scarred vet can do..”Variables” is one long quotable that has so much poetic value that it would translate well in written form just like the majority of his rhymes…No wasted words, no toying around, just pure uncut freshness from beginning to end..Be on the lookout for a few projects from him this year!!!!

Salute to you MINN and the entire MONEY BOSS PLAYERS for keeping me inspired over the years, when dudes went left and tried to take the grit out of this shit..


screen shot 2019-01-29 at 8.34.26 am