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” Sneaker Freaker Steez “

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It’s kinda crazy how  ILL the kick world has gotten….I vividly remember copping Jordans, Dunks. AF1’s, Max’s, etc- for reasonable prices a few decades ago….Nowadays they tried to turn it into a rich mans game, but just like records- if you know how to dig and have real world contacts you can make some magic happen…HA..

I use to feel somewhat guilty on how obsessive I was when it came to copping kicks – but once again just like records, the resell value is so high, I’m literally sitting on a stash so powerful, it could easily put my children through college when the the time comes… Even though I do not cop nearly as much as I used to- I still keep my eyes on the grid and peep what’s going on somewhat…

“When self-acclaimed Sneakerhead Simon “Woody” Wood decided to pursue his love of sneakers and freebie footwear with a publication, the mighty Sneaker Freaker was born. From its punk fanzine-style first edition in 2002 to today’s slick print + online operation, the indie magazine has remained at the fore of the global sneaker scene, documenting every collab, limited edition, retro reissue, Quickstrike, custom shoe and more, with raw passion. As “funny and serious, meaningful and pointless” as the magazine’s own ethos, the book packs in more than 650 pages of dense insider knowledge, hundreds of beautiful photos and Woody’s own obsessional observations. The book rollicks through some 100 years of sneaker history, documenting Air Max, Air Force, All Stars, Dapper Dan, Michael Jordan, Reebok Pump and Nike Skateboarding, alongside more obscure treasures like Troop, SPX and Vision Street Wear. All the major sneaker moments are all there, from Kanye to adidas Futurecraft, Nike Air Force 1 to New Balance as well as landmark collabs and prominent ad campaigns. Through all the limited editions, customs, retro reissues and samples, this is the definitive source of sneaker knowledge you’ll love as hard as your Beaters”.  



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