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” RIP – 12 O’clock & Murdock “

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“Shit is crazy real in the field / I watched a nigga’s blood get spilled over five dollar bills…Major drug deals on the real / I watched a nigga get mills and his bitch get em killed….In this American dream to get some cream / your facing a beam or chasing magazines…It aint all about the fame, silly ass dames / see a gold record and you changed…And for all you niggas selling cocaine, your to blame / black peoples laws aint the same…Thats the tale in my hood, niggas is up to no good / you better watch it in them hoods”….

Back when the Wu could do absolutely no wrong, ODB & 12 OCKLOCK ASSASSIN cliqued up for one of the most rawest non-album (Came out on the Tales From The Hood Soundtrack initially), cuts in the history of hardcore rap…

“Old Dirty’s Back” captures an era that I still find myself submerged in – Ugly off beat drums, random death threats, high powered dusted bars, and that certain frequency that keeps you on the edge of your seat until the song is over…

When I heard of 12 o’clocks & Murdocks’s murder recently- I had a instant flashback to this song and the vibes it gave me / gives me…From all the details that I read, it’s a damn tragedy that most likely could have been avoided…It’s also a tragedy that it’s very difficult to find much info on either one of these talented brothers, that were not only direct cousins of ODB, but also connected to one of the illest crews in Hip Hop…

Do yourself a favor, turn this shit up and catch a zone..RIP

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