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” Golden State Warriors “

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Do yourself a favor and analyze this 50 minute clip of ISP going for broke on the decks (Boiler Room)…..They even throw in a few new routines that I haven’t seen throughout the years….


” Beat Nuts Remix Avalanche “

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When it comes to top ranking remixes the BEAT NUTS name has to pop up somewhere in the conversation…PERIOD…There was a time when PETE ROCK, BUCKWILD, PREMIER, PRINCE PAUL & “BN’ were on fire with the way they were flipping wild remixes (Some of them sounded better than the original versions)…

I’m not quite sure why this special era came to a screeching halt, but its always nice to revisit some of these cuts….NO MASK took it upon himself to assemble a collection of strictly “BN” flips……CHECK IN !!!!!!


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” Bad Cop : No Gimmicks Rap Shit “

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On this episode of “No Gimmicks Rap Shit” by BAD COP you get to hear all types of B-Sides, rarities, demos, and all types of other shit that will activate your Hip Hop antennae…If you need a power boost this Monday morning – you know the motherfucking drill cuzzo !!!!


01. Essence – Essence Of New York (Demo)
02. Mister Voodoo – Let The World Know (Demo)
03. Total Pack – What’s The Deal (Demo)
04. Positive K – Mr. Jiggliano
05. Jamal – Keep It Live
06. Defari – Keep It On The Rise
07. MOP – How About Some Hardcore (Remix)
08. Ill Biskits – Let ‘Em Know
09. Intalec – Frustration (Demo)
11. Mobb Deep – Drop A Gem On ‘Em (Sensi Remix)
12. Dark Skinned Assassin – Untitled Raw Shit
13. Method Man – WNYU Freestyle ’94
14. Mister Voodoo – Rhyme Scheme (Demo)
15. Natural Elements – Evil Dee Promo (Demo)
16. Juggaknots – Genuine (Demo)
17. The Bad Seed – Shit Is Hot
19. Juggaknots – Watch Ya Head (Remix)
20. Da Great Deity Dah – The Day I Raped Hip Hop (What A Dream)
21. Phonetik – Sounds Of Speech
22. Highrullahz – Burn Something
23. Defari – Gems
24. Widow Prizum – Pass It Around
25. Scienz Of Life – 9 Ether
26. Snaggepuss – Wake Up Show Freestyle

” Brazilian Heat On Deck “

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I’m going to transport you all the way to the lovely city of Brazil for a round of goodness with the CRATERY CREW this time around….Here is what ARCEE had to say regarding these batch of selections…

“One of the simple pleasures of being a rap fan is the passionate level of debate and analysis you can engage in with a fellow nerd at any given moment around any given album – old or new.I definitely don’t have the same debates around Brazilian music.

I rarely subject my favourite vintage records to the same level of scrutiny that I subject the music I grew up with.

And the reason is simple, really.

Being a first-hand witness to the rise and popularity of hip-hop culture gave me context for the significance of most records that came out during a certain era.

A new rap fan might still have an appreciation for Ice Cube’s “Death Certificate” but without an understanding of N.W.A’s “Fuck the Police”, the Rodney King video or the rising level racial frustration in Los Angeles in the early 90s, some of the album’s impact might be lost.

Some of us can debate the importance, significance and impact of certain records from the 90s because we were there.

I can’t do that with Brazilian music from the 70s because I wasn’t there.

I can certainly google Jorge Ben, Elis Regina, Azimuth or any of my favourite musicians from that era but I’m essentially relying on a simplified Wikipedia-like lens on history to give me my context.

And that’s just not ideal.

So my connection to the music of Brazil is based on a very simple criteria: energy.

Good energy to be specific.

It’s an energy I’ve connected with from the moment my father played “Chove Chuva” by Sérgio Mendes and Brasil ’66 on his Dual CS-506.

And it’s an energy I connect with every time I hear the music of Gal Costa, Luiz Eça or Banda Black Rio emanating from my speakers.

There’s something about Brazilian music that just makes you feel good.

The moods, melody, the orchestrations, the arrangements.

There’s a reason all three of us have Brazilian records in our collections.

And maybe even more in our wantlists.

That good energy.

You don’t need to speak Portuguese to appreciate it.

Hell, we’re just happy it’s around to appreciate.

You could probably sum up our feelings on Brazilian music with one word:




1. Lo Borges – Tudo Que Voce Podia Ser
2. Dom Salvador – Guanabara
3. Gilberto Gil – 2001
4. Jorge Ben – O Homem da Gravata Florida
5. Gal Costa – Vou Recomecar
6. Wilson Das Neves – Jornada
7. Azimuth – Faca de Conta
8. Waltel Branco – Jael
9. The Bossa Tres – Zelao
10. Tim Maia – Primavera
11. Wilson Simonal – De Noite, na cama
12. Joao Donato – A Ra
13. Milton Nascimento – Cata Vento
14. Tamba 4 – Zazueira
15. Sivuca – Inquietacao

” Kankick : Warped Dis Project “

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That dude KANKICK from the OX continues his nonstop barrage of dropping solid instrumental pieces…On his newest offering the “Warped Dis Project” he brings his own lane of unique compositions, dusty chops, and hazed out breaks into the mix….You got to give him credit for keeping it consistent…


” Shillz Da Realz : Reality “

Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 11.23.56 PM

As I patiently wait for the release of “BULLPEN THERAPY” this year by SHILLZ DA REALZ, I caught a flashback from the first time that I heard the SPECIAL ED produced track “Reality” from back in 1997…..SHILLZ has a descriptive, BK hardrock , no frills type of style that has managed to age very well in my opinion…


” Beat Of The Day “

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The beat of the day belongs to my box cutter brother AYATOLLAH- for his excellent craftsmanship on the “4:30 Movie”….


Eight bar, stretched out chops are no easy task, especially when you have to reconstruct the timing, and pace of the original sample source….Regardless of the technical aspect of this execution – it’s the energy of this dark, cinematic production that keeps it in my rotation…


” Drop A Gem 2018 “

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For the last couple weeks I was summoned once again by those Queens NYC dudes at DROP A GEM, to participate in interviews with one of my favorite producers PETE ROCK, and the highly underrated Queens veteran MIC GERONIMO….

An assortment of gems get dropped, so do the right thing trooper…



Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 8.34.06 PM

” Columbus Kingz : J Rawlz “

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It’s always interesting to learn about different Hip Hop scenes that thrive outside of NYC, LA, and the regular hot spots…..Columbus , Ohio has a interesting history with many key players that continue to make their mark in 2018…On this clip from the “Columbus Kingz” documentary J RAWLZ drops good convo…


“Jason Rawls (also known as J Rawls) has been all over the world. Taking frequent trips to Europe, South America and beyond, the legendary Hip Hop producer and deejay is proud to call Columbus, Ohio home and has since birth.

Calling the Southside home, Rawls grew up on Eldorn Drive, beginning his musical interest at the age of three. His parents used to mark the tracks on the front of records before Jason could read. He knew what music he liked before he could even read the alphabet.As he grew older, his record collection got bigger. Attending the University of Cincinnati after high school, Rawls grew his record collection and began mastering the art of sampling. He would receive his first professional break when he produced the songs “Brown Skin Lady” and “Yo Yeah” for Mos Def and Talib Qweli’s legendary album, Blackstar.

Later beginning a solo career, J Rawls released his first album, The Essence Of J Rawls in 2001. The album received critical acclaim as Rawls followed up with The Living Soul later that year and Situational Ethics in 2003. Both albums were collaborative projects with Fat Jon as the duo 3582.

In 2006, J released the first in what would be come a series of new endeavors for him with The Liquid Crystal Project. One of Rawls’ most critically acclaimed albums was 2011’s The Hip-Hop Affect. It was also the last solo album release under the J Rawls moniker. Last year marks the release of the third in the series (The Liquid Crystal Project 3). 2012 also saw the release of another Rawls collaborative album as he and Casual dropped Respect Game Or Expect Flames during the summer.

While J Rawls has been around the scene for a long time and is known for being a crate-digger, there is no doubt of his involvement in Ohio’s newer scene. December of 2012 saw the release of P. Blackk’s Contemporary Nostalgia, an album completely produced by Rawls. J is also the head of Polar Entertainment, under which he’s singed Ohio and Virginia natives Jeán P and LAKIM.

Ahead of his times in some aspects of music and a purist in others, J Rawls has seen the Columbus scene evolve. Being a mentor and a watching eye on the city he’s called home since birth, Rawls continues his guidance–the type he received from legendary hometown group S.P.I.R.I.T. many years ago”.

” Old Dirty Bastard : On Parole “

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Recently I returned to the “DIGGIN FOR DIRT : The Life & Death of ODB” book by Jaime Lowe…It was a touching, informative piece of work, but I personally believed the writer could have left her personal opinions out of the mix a little more….Regardless it gives you a deeper understanding of the obstacles ODB faced on his short journey on this planet….

The book also mentions the “one off” reality show “On Parole” that somehow slipped past my radar- that is until I tracked it down on You Tube….


” Solo 138 : Hell On Earth “

Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 4.54.23 PM

Since it’s the beginning of a new week and you are probably on the hunt for more B Boy morale in your life – take a thorough listen to the newest mix by the Bronx Bomber SOLO 138….Doubles, heavy drum breaks, top ranking selections and all that floor rocker shit….

Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 5.31.15 PM

” Freestyle Professors 2018 “

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Those Freestyle Professor dudes are back to burn for 2018 on this collabo with Chicago rhyme slinger AKBAR…Limited edition steez (200 pieces).


Hip Hop Hall of Fame (Original)
Hip Hop Hall of Fame (Instrumental)
Hip Hop Hall of Fame (Remix)
Hip Hop Hall of Fame (Remix Instrumental)
Hip Hop Hall of Fame (Acapella)

My Mind (Original)
My Mind (Instrumental)
My Mind (Remix)
My Mind (Remix Instrumental)
My Mind (Acapella)

“Subway Hip Hop proudly presents the long awaited 12″ vinyl single from Akbar produced by the legendary Freestyle Professors. This multiple marble color vinyl is limited to 200 copies. Two songs with remixes to both and full instrumentals to all 4 versions with acapellas for both songs.

Both original versions of My Mind and Hip Hop Hall of Fame where produced by the Freestyle Professors, Branesparker. The remix of My Mind was produced by Padawan and DJ 3rd Rail.

This record has been played strictly on Chicago’s WNUR 89.3 FM- Chicago radio show Dedicated. Sun-Mon 12 midnight-5am CST Now here’s your chance to get your copies of this sought after gem”.

” Philly Fresh “

Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 9.15.24 AM

Since my beloved team the PHILADELPHIA EAGLES is headed to the motherfucking Super Bowl this weekend, it’s only right that I post up some top ranking Philly energy for those that check in on the regular…I’m positive I rocked this many moons ago, but if you missed it the first go round – you know the drill cuzzo (The Freshco & Miz Story)…

“This is the story of two young perfectionists from distant cites who once won the World Rap and DJ contests in the same year and then joined forces. Re-live their rise to Hip Hop fame and see how they impacted the culture before suddenly disappearing from the music scene in the mid 90s.

CAMEOS INCLUDE: Ice T, Ice Cube, DJ Enuff, MC Lyte, Treach, Kool DJ Red Alert, Monie Love, Dres, Phife, Yo-Yo, D Nice, MC Serch, Ed Lover & Dr. Dre, Guru, and DJ Wiz of Kid N Play”.

This version was completed 8/2010.

” More Boom Shots “

Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 8.54.49 AM

FILTHY RICH is back on the set for more of that explosive action on the “90’s Reggae Hip Hop Vol 2 Mix”….

“For those of you who aren’t familiar with the 1st volume, I had an idea to create a series of mixes containing 90’s dancehall reggae artists over 90’s hip hop beats. Everything from popular hits to obscure white label-only remixes, including my own custom blends of 90’s reggae acapellas over hiphop instrumentals from that time period. Volume 1 has received over 20,000 streams across all platforms and counting (not including downloads), and received blog coverage from the USA to Germany to Japan. Hopefully this volume is equally well-received. The first 40 mins of this mix starts with an uptempo, early 90’s boom-bap feel. The next 50 mins segues into mid-tempo, mid-90’s vibes”.

” Mighty VIC Collection Mix “

Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at 12.02.07 PM

BEAT NUTS affiliate Mighty VIC definitely put his stamp on the world of production…It’s unfortunate that this Queens beat smith’s name doesn’t get mentioned enough when dudes are running off a the mouth talking about heavyweight producers that came out in the 90’s….

This mix by Boogie Blind that showcases VIC’s contributions will probably surprise some of you….Don’t sleep, his catalogue runs deeper than you might have previously thought…