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” Strictly Roc Steez “

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Those dudes from France (BUILT TO LAST) recently assembled another strictly Roc Marciano affair that highlights some of his joints from the last few years…I’m quite sure that after you peep the playlist you will add this mix to your rotation…



01 – Change
02 – Death Sentence
03 – Lonely & Cold
04 – Day 81
05 – Hoard 90
06 – 24 hours
07 – A Hustler’s Soliloquy (Walkingshoe Remix)
08 – L.I. (Stand Up)
09 – The Turning Point
10 – Oninonin
11 – Better recongnise
12 – Crime and Punishmen
13 – Bosses
14 – All for it
15 – Medusa
16 – Fall Back
17 – Murder Paragraph
18 – Ice cream man
19 – Momma told me
20 – Triple Black Benz
21 – Body of Work
22 – Thread Count
23 – Bruh Man
24 – Just let me be

” Spek : Fuck That Mix “

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“I’m a hoodlum, a dick and a gun is what I’m holding / sport mad Polo but only if its stolen…I got no morals my mind is in the gutter / I will open up your face with my orange box cutter”…..

Those avenue anarchist bars came from STICKY FINGERS on the very slept on “Evil Streets” remix that somehow slipped past dudes radar when it dropped in 1995…..You will find this along with some rugged selections on SPEK’s “Fuck That Mix”


01. Intro [Concrete Mob – Boiling Point Instrumental]
02. Buckwild – Wack Juice
03. Half Pit Half Dead – Better Off Dead
04. The Almighty RSO feat. Mobb Deep – War’s On
05. The Colony – Where Ya At
06. Onyx feat. Method Man – Evil Streets (Remix)
07. The Psycho Realm – Stone Garden (Instrumental)
08. FATAL Fountain – All About Wars
09. NY Confidential – Backstabbed
10. Connecticut Kartel – Money Clips
11. Lace Da Booms – Ain’t No Secret
12. Nick Wiz – Over Drive
13. Dizaster – Infiltrate
14. Shadowz In Da Dark – Final Chapter
15. Mr. Voodoo – Lyrical Tactics (Instrumental)
16. Ruggedness Madd Drama – Checkin Down The Menu (Remix)
17. Soul Survivors – We Rock The Mic (Instrumental)
18. Call O’ Da Wild – Ruffturrain
19. Camouflage Large – Cocbacda 9
20. Cypress Hill – Killa Hill (Instrumental)
21. 12 O’Clock & Raekwon – Nasty Immigrants
22. ICF – Now Or Never (Da Klan Mix)
23. Maylay Sparks – Skool Dayz (1st Semester)
24. Wu-Tang Clan – It’s Yourz (Instrumental)
25. Grand – The Visitor (Situation Critical)
26. Frankenstein – The Rain Is Gone
27. KC Da Rookee feat. Pure God Manifested – What Da Blood
28. Khromozomes feat. Infared – Say Word


” Architect : KZSU 2017 “

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ARCHITECT recently took over the airwaves over at KZSU (Stanford University) for a session jam packed with unpredictable instrumentals,rare joints and all types of shit that will perk your ears up….

*Starts at the 1:11:00 mark..


” Kenny Dope : Live Action “

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I’m going to transport you back to 2009 with KENNY DOPE going for broke at the BUMPSHOP APT NYC anniversary party….If you need a little power boost this beautiful Tuesday morning- you just found it..


” Let The Beats Rock “

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Those cats over at NOW & AGAIN opened up the vaults for Cali beat smith OH NO so he could flip another round of instrumental madness…This is part three in the series, and to be quite honest- the catalogue is so impressive on it’s own that its damn near impossible to screw it up….

I seriously doubt this link will rock for a extended period, so scoop it up while you can troopers..


01. Metropolis Gangrene
02. Lava Lamps
03. Gonna Keep Loving You
04. Monte Carlo Cruisers
05. It Might Be
06. Everything To Lose
07. Sweet Thing
08. The Goon’s Theme
09. The Holy
10. Plain Love (Pts. 1 & 2)
11. Don’t Let Him
12. Wowzer Funk
13. I Know You Know It
14. Superheroes Theme
15. Trippin’
16. Cloudy Skies
17. Heaven’s Ride
18. Hard To Believe
19. Sad Girl
20. The Bump
21. Gunsmoker
22. Night Beach
23. Red Earth
24. Your Beauty
25. Waterfall


” Drop A Gem Ammo “

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A month ago I was summoned by those Queens NYC DROP A GEM
dudes (SPEAK NO EVIL & LEO) to rock my own segment every week on their podcast entitled “Hidden Gems”…..I basically give a critical breakdown on certain joints that I feel did not get their just due for whatever reason….

One of the joints on tonight’s show that I will be speaking on is from the slept on Bedstuy Brooklyn outfit MAJOR STRESS….Tune in at 6’oclock Cali time to hear my vocabulary spill…

***Dont sleep – they have a interview with PMD tonight as well….

” Vendetta Vinyl Broadcast : 6 “

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I’m currently working on the VENDETTA VINYL #7 mixtape to end 2017 off properly…Truth be told, it’s sounding very monstrous right about now…Remixes, blends, drops, doubles, unpredictable twist and turns, accapellas flipped over different beats, scratches and all types of shit that will put some motherfucking pep in your step…

If you missed #6 from earlier this year – here is your chance to get up to speed duke !!!!!



1..Cayman Island Titan intro
2..Imam Thug – “QB 2000”
3..KILLER BEN – “Emcee Killer”
4..Beat Nuts – “Robbed”
5..P.Brothers featuring Roc Marciano – “Caviar”
6..Criminal Scientific – “Yeah Daddy”
7..Ed O.G “Make The Money” inst.
8..Dynasty – “Poisonous Youth” accapella flip…
9..Nutso & Branesparker – “Goin In”
10..Legion – “Freestyle Demolition” inst.
11..Ak Skills “Nights of Fear” accapella flip..
12..Motion Man – “Call The National Guard”
13..Ghostface Killer & Trife The God – “Milk Em”
14..Homeless Derelix – “In The Mix”
15..Authorized Fam – “On the Rise”
16..Large Pro – “Ultimate”
17..Grand Agent – “Legend” inst
18..Royal Flush – “Pop The Clutch” accapella flip
19..Kice – “Competition”
20..Res Connected – “Shoot Em Down”
21..Fully G – “There She Goes Again” inst.
22..Roc Marciano – “Not A Game” accapella flip
23..Ka – “Cold Facts”
24..MFGRIMM & Drasar Monumental – “Song Of The Winter Soldier”

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” Strictly New: #5 “

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DJ EXCESS collaborated with BATTLE AVE for this very interesting, in depth documentary about the current state of “International turntablism”….Do yourself a favor and check in duke….


Screen Shot 2017-11-25 at 6.50.25 PM

” Strictly 2017 : #4 “

Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 12.04.37 PM

DIAMOND D recently held it down on the 45’s at the Blue Courts in NYC….Sit back, relax and catch a groove….


Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 12.04.54 PM

” Strictly 2017 : #3 “

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 8.40.27 AM

On this recent podcast by SHILLZ DA REALZ- he goes into depth about the power that FILA once had, Fila boosting, and the little known origins of the name…

Make sure you give this one a listen, you might just learn something cuzzo..

“Episode 107 features Shillz Da Realz speaking about the FILA brand and its and it’s inception into streetwear culture. The brand was highly sort after by drug dealers, boosters and rappers during the 1980s and 90s and has been influential on urban fashion. From the Football Casuals of England to the Lo-Lifes in the United States these are just some examples of how some groups of youth went to all extremes to represent their fresh”.


Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 8.47.46 AM

” Strictly 2017 : #2 “

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 8.05.01 AM


Number 2 belongs to Lil Eto & VDon who put out a solid EP “Omertà” that seemingly came out of nowhere….On “Pyrex” Eto and Jai Black go for broke with all types of coded up language for those in the know !!!

” Strictly 2017 : # 1 “

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Just like I promised – this week will be a strictly 2017 affair…So make sure you stay tuned because your in for a few unpredictable surprises – First up to bat is the “Outside 7” instrumental sessions by one of the most consistent producers out there KANKICK….

” M9 : Old Pictures “

Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 4.02.26 PM

All the way from London town is the newest release from M9 (Old Pictures)…

He has been making a name for himself for quite sometime with raw lyricism, a solid flow that is somewhat reminiscent of early Nas, and a great ear for picking dusted out / picturesque production….


” Attack Of The Killer Demos “

Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 10.23.34 AM

All next week I’m going to post fly shit that dropped this year….Make sure you stay tuned just in case those flashback cats keep hitting you over the head with, “Ain’t no new dope stuff coming out, everything sucks” you can point them in the right direction cuzzo…..

In the meantime, it’s been a minute since I splashed you with unheard demo action…Up to bat is this batch of unreleased mid 90’s joints from NINE that you should peep (Death Of A Demo)..

Props to Redozthemez-


Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 10.31.30 AM

” More Fire Monday “

Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 11.13.50 AM

Once again those DUB VENDOR dudes from Japan come to the table with explosive material…This time around on “Merritone Rock Steady 3 – Bang, Bang, Bang, Rock Steady 1966-1968” they keep the pressure heavy with all types of high energy…

Dont Snooze..


1.Tomorrow’s Children – Bang Bang Rock Steady 02:13
2.The Renegades – Mr. Hops 02:44
3.Hopeton Lewis – Everybody Rocking 02:14
4.Lynn Taitt & The Jets – Why Am I Treated So Bad? 03:23
5.Hopeton Lewis – Cool Collie 03:00
6.Henry Buckley – With A Girl Like You 02:48
7.The Paragons – We Were Meant To Be 02:00
8.Joe Higgs – You Hurt My Soul 01:57
9.Henry Buckley – Thank You Girl 02:43
10.The Ethiopians – We Gonna Be Free 02:52
11.Eddie Perkins – I’m Coming Home 04:24
12.Lynn Taitt & The Jets – Rocking Mood 03:10
13.The Tartans – Rockin’ Chair 02:38
14.Henry Buckley – Take Me Back 02:54
15.Merritone Singers – Rude Boy A Wail (Take 1) 02:57
16.The Tartans – It’s Not Right 02:13
17.Lester Sterling, Lynn Taitt & The Jets – Check Point Charlie 03:29
18.Henry Buckley – You Never Could Be True 02:40
19.Henry Buckley – I’d Like To Know 02:33
20.Roland Alphonso – How Soon (Take 2) 03:06
21.The Paragons – We Were Meant To Be (Acappella Mix) 02:00
22.Eddie Perkins – I’m Coming Home (Acappella) 04:24