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” Under The Radar “

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Here is a little treat for the cats that check HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD on the regular….Radio City Chaos on the Stones Throw label back when they were in the bay area…

Props to 2 Infinity….


RASCO – Intro
LOOTPACK – Likwit Fusion
THE TURNTABLIST – Super Duper Duck Break #1
RASCO – Suckas Don’t Respect It
PERSEVERE – Word Agression

THE TURNTABLIST & J-ROCC – Super Duper Duck Break #2
RASCO – Heat Seeking
FANATIK – Amuzin
PERSEVERE – Oblivion
LOOTPACK – Episode #1


” Lisaandro : Knuckle Sandwich Deli “

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That kid LISAAN’DRO has been on a nice consistent streak of dropping fresh joints…On “Knuckle Sandwich Deli” he laces the track with dense, symmetrical patterns and wordplay that is worthy of multiple spins…


” Repost Action “

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*Originally posted 1/10/2011

Since it is Friday it’s only right that I hit you off with some official torpedos to boost up your weekend antics….Toronto’s “Mathematik” deserves more recognition for his impressive style of rhyming……Instead of flipping run of the mill braggadocio type lines – he speaks with substance, agility, and a stream of consciousness 5 % mathematics type steez….

Math was once down with a crew called “Down To Erf” and they released a fresh E.P in 1998 (Rhyme Training) that is worth scooping…..DONT SLEEP.


1. Insertion of Thought
2. Formation
3. Rhyme Training
4. To Each His Own
5. Learn To Earn
6. On My Mind
7. Relative Evidence
8. State Of The Art


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” K – Kut Speaks “

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Cats are straight up spoiled these days….I would have done almost anything to hear K-KUT open up about his Hip Hop history, music theories, and outlooks back in the day….You were extremely lucky to hear a small clip on MTV Raps or read a tiny article in the Source, but now you get to hear cats go in-depth about everything under the sun…

That’s why when I hear cats complaining I just laugh to myself…

Take a listen to this Q&A session with this Canadian production heavyweight on the “Views B4 The 6” podcast…

” Hawaii Blessings On Deck “

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The other day I was thinking I need to go back to Hawaii for some quality vacation time…This year has been jammed packed with all types of activity, scrambling, work, and excessive draining energy….Your boy needs a little recalibration time, you feel me !!!!!!….

Last time I was on the island I was very surprised how difficult it was to track down decent record stores, but as of late those Aloha Got Soul cats have been supplying the island with all types of events, reissues, and cultural happenings that are right up my alley…..For instance the “Soul, AOR, & Disco in Hawaii 1979-1985” comp is packed with enough firepower to make you get up and catch a groove….


” Killa Sha : The Shepard “

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It’s been 7 years since the untimely passing of Queens representative KILLA SHA…Luckily the promise of his posthumous album “The Shepard” is finally seeing the light of day…I have access to the full download link but I feel it would be a violation to post it up..



Full Command ft: G.O.D 3, Foul Monday, Ruc n Tragedy Khadafi Produced By: Shroom
Black n Understanding Produced By: Dj Rated R
Give It Up Produced By: Carnage
Pressure Up Ft: Tragedy Khadafi Produced By: Nick Speed
Stop Hating Produced By: Shroom
Tell Me Produced By: Carnage
1712 Produced By: Jewelz Pollar
Work It Out Produced By: ThoroTracks
Keep The Faith Produced By: Dj Steady
Cash Remix Produced By: Audible Doctor
Pressure Up Remix


” Strictly Milano Constatine “

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Truth be told, MILANO CONSTATINE has not received his just due…

Some of his beat selections are somewhat questionable, but verse for verse, pound for pound- he consistently drops colorful bars…On this strictly MILANO session the No Idea’s Original crew pay homage to his impressive catalogue…


1. Milano Constantine – Flying Saucers 2. Hus Kingpin – Pyramid Points (ft Rozewood, Milano Constantine) Arch Druids Remix 3. Grim Team – Somewhere Different (ft Milano) 4. Milano & SmooVth – Violent Violins 5. Milano Constantine – That’s Milano 6. Milano Constantine – Guantanamo Bay (ft J Bux) 7. The Beatnuts – Down (ft Milano) 8. Milano Constantine – Science Fiction 9. Shabaam Sahdeeq – It’s A Must (ft Planet Asia, Milano Constantine, DJ Ready Cee) 10. Milano Constantine – What Type of Shit You Want? 11. Milano Constantine – All Of My Life 12. Born Unique & Milano Constantine – Exclusive produced by DJ Spinna 13. Milano – Hope You’re Listening 14. Milano – My Niggaz Ready 15. D.I.T.C. – Hey Luv (ft Cuban Link, Milano, O.C.) 16. Milano – Done In Vein 17. Milano – Bring It Home 18. Milano Constantine – Awful 19. Milano – Rep For The Slums 20. Milano Constantine – Barbaric 21. Alpha Faktion – The Shining (ft Milano Constantine) 22. Milano Constantine – Graphic Page 23. Grim Team – M.I.L.A.N.O. (ft Milano) 24. Milano Constantine – British Walkers 25. Milano – Digital B-Boy 26. Milano Constantine – Cocaina 27. Big Pun & Milano Constantine – Where You At (DJ Premier Remix) 28. Milano, Party Arty & O.C. – Wildlife Theme 29. Milano – Deal With A Feeling 30. Milano – Got It On Me 31. Milano Constantine – Rasclat (ft Conway, Big Twins) 32. Milano Constantine – The Way We Were


” Cutfest 2017 “

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Here is a 14 minute clip of DJ IQ going for broke at the “Cutfest” event that took place in the city of angels a few weeks ago….


” P Brothers Steez “

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It’s times like these that I wish the P BROTHERS would come out with some new shit…After they dropped “The Gas” (about ten years ago) I figured we would get a onslaught of material….

Unfortunately I have only seen a few scattered singles here and there, but no full length…A few years back they dropped “Swim In A Drought” with EDDIE CHEEBA that showcased the chemistry they have with MBP….If you missed it, I highly suggest you check in…

” Divine Drummah : Give Or Take “

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I’m going to launch some brand new instrumentals today….This batch comes courtesy of New Jeru repper DIVINE DRUMMAH (Give Or Take)..



1.WALK OR RUN 03:36
3.LOVE OR HATE 03:30
6.YOUNG OR OLD 04:20
7.GOD OR DEVIL 03:44
10.GIVE OR TAKE 03:25
11.SNAKE OR RAT 03:38
12.HOT OR COLD 03:14
13.SLEEP OR WOKE 03:23

” Let The Beats Rock “

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To be honest I tried to get into the Therman Munsin “Sabbath” record, but his rhymes just didn’t cut the mustard for me….However the album was entirely produced by Roc Marciano which had some loop heavy beats that caught my attention…

If your thinking along the same lines – peep..

” Hidden Gems : Minnesota “

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Those dudes out in Queens NYC (DROP A GEM)
summoned me to have my own segment on their podcast entitled “Hidden Gems”….Every single week I’m going to splash them with two heaters from my vaults that didn’t get the proper shines when they initially dropped…

One of the cuts that I rocked was from one of my favorite producers / MC’s MINNESOTA “Modus Operandi” off of the still unreleased project Diamond District…I posted this when it first appeared several years ago, but it is so nasty that it belongs in constant rotation….

” 2017 Hardcore Steez “

Screen Shot 2017-10-27 at 8.43.10 AM

Those wild Philly dudes the BUZE BRUVAZ are back for more 2017 action with the release of the “Bermuda Triangle” album….Expect to hear stories of Polo boosting, wack MC’s getting killed, skeezer tales, and copious amounts alcohol sipping escapades (You know how this duo rocks)…


” Seth Silencer Heat “

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It’s crazy that so many producers out there are more interested in promoting their stuff instead of spending time in the lab concocting ill beats…..You see it on social media : cats posting up a million beat tapes a year, nonstop live finger drumming and chopping, and a avalanche of promotions with no advancement in their skill level….

Sorry to burst your bubble homeboy, but it takes time to assemble a batch of fresh productions…It takes time to find source material that is worthy of manipulation…It’s going to take a lot of time and dedication to make a lasting impact in the beat world regardless of money, connections, placements, and all that other shit…

In my opinion the best promotion is making banging joints…From the little I have heard from SETH SILENCER- I gotta admit, this kid is onto something….For instance, if you slept on this crazy track from MEYHEM LAUREN “Aggressive Metal” with production from SETH- I highly suggest you turn this up a few notches (Hands down the best cut off the Piatto D’Oro album from last year)….

” It’s A Boy “

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My second son / sun, “KINGSTON” was born on Friday 9:30 AM…..

It was a glorious day that not only brought extreme joy to my growing family,but filled me with a sense of purpose that words are unable to describe…With so much uncertainty and bullshit in the world, its experiences like these that make me appreciate the miracles of life…

The blessings, the unexplained, the laughter, the oneness, the creators, the determination of our ancestors….

Much respect to all the parents out their that are striving to make a better world for the youth…