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” In Full Gear : Vendetta “

It’s somewhat surreal to think that the VENDETTA VINYL wave has steadily gained momentum for the last ten years 2012-2022….When we first started their was only a handful of indie Hip Hop labels rocking vinyl pieces (One Leg Up Records, Six 2 Six, Redef, Diggers With Gratitude, Chopped Herring, and a few others)….I remember just like it was yesterday – the majority of cats I came across were selling their wax collections and looked at Serato as their savior…

FFWD TO 2022, now everybody is doing everything in their power to get pieces pressed up…I’m not mad, since I’m a DJ I’m actually happy I have more options to choose from when I’m record shopping….But the truth of the matter is that the overwhelming majority of the “boutique labels” that were around back then, simply no longer exist..


We are in the hardcore Hip Hop holy grail history books, and regardless of all the trickery, fuckery, games, dick riding, and shenanigans, we are still flourishing without the aid of a publicist, heavy budgets and sponsorships…Records we put out almost ten years ago are still selling domestically and internationally (Some resellers have inflated the prices to astronomical levels, which is still baffling to us)… I’m truly humbled by all the support we have received from all over the globe, from all walks of life, from all types of backgrounds…Hopefully after all this time you fully realize that their is a certain quality and consistency with our releases..

Everything from the artwork, pressings, imagery, and music is produced with the highest scrutiny….

So please be on the lookout next week for the VENDETTA VINYL ten year commemorative crew neck sweaters, “Made by hardrocks, worn by hardrocks”….



” Pezo : 120 Lessons Mix “

This is the first time my dude PEZO made the “120 Mix” available for streaming…It seems like yesterday when I witnessed “P” put this heavyweight session together (circa 2013) – and its still sounds explosive, refreshing, and current…


1) Fat Joe – “The Shit Is Real” DJ Premier Remix
2) J-Twice – “It’s Going Down Sucka”
3) Scum – “Scum Live”
4) MF Grimm & Drasar Monumental – “If You Don’t Know”
5) Roc Marciano – “By The Book”
6) DJ Spinna – “Dillagence”
7) Pretty Tone Capone – “Marked For Death”
8) Lord Finesse – “Isn’t He Something”
9) Rock La Flow – “Wreckamic”
10) Magnificent Shakeem – “You Better Be Treacherous”
11) The Wizard Of Rap – “Escape From East New York”
12) T.D.S. MOB – “What’s This World Coming To”
13) Hitman – “Mental Pressure”
14) Geo & Ricochet – “This Is How It’s Done”
15) T.D.S. MOB – “The Rhyme You’re About To Hear Is True”
16) The P. Brothers Feat. Boss Money – “Blam Blam For Nottingham”
17) Constant Deviants – “Fulton Street”
18) Fla Fla – “Master Movement”
19) Madlib – “Young Blood”
20) Constant Deviants – “Problem Child”
21) Brothers Of The Mind – “Stop Schemin”
22) Finsta Bundy – “WTF”
23) All Natural – “50 Years”
24) Father Don – “Piece Of The Action”
25) P. Brothers Feat. Milano – “Got It On Me”
26) Big L. – ” Give It To Em L.”
27) Blvd Mosse – “Can’t Eecape The Hypeness”
28) Nardo Ranks – “Gun Pon Cock”
29) Asher D. & Daddy Freddy – “Ragga Muffin Hip-Hop”
30) Stezo feat. Dooley O. – “Piece Of The Pie”
31) Psycho Les – “Psychodelic Shit” Mobb Deep Remix *Planet Rocker Blend*
32) ORF Big Band – “La Serena”
33) Kashmere Stage Band – “I Wish -Pt. 1.”
34) Dennis Coffey & The Detroit Guitar Band – Scorpio
35) Frankie Gee – “Date With The Rain”
35) Voices Of East Harlem – “Take A Stand”

” Shorty No Mas : Here Goes Nothing “

To this day my favorite female MC is Antoinette…The way she attacked beats was simply incredible.. She came off very raw and organic without having to flaunt her sex appeal to win people over. SHORTY NO MAS is similar in that way – she is obviously very beautiful but her calling card is her style and approach..

Even though her newest project came out a few months ago, I didn’t get around to giving it decent burn until recently…With a heavy batch of production by BEAT MINERZ she comes equipped with an enjoyable listen…


” Sunday Heatrocks “

Yeah I know it’s been a little minute since I posted on the BATTLEFIELD – but keep your eyes peeled folks I’m going to be more consistent on this side…After 14 years I had to take a brief sabbatical and focus on other things somewhat…

If any of you “follow” me on social media, you will notice that I don’t post very often on there either…I live a wild, adventurous life and it takes a tremendous amount of energy for me to execute in the “real” world, so bear with me as I develop a new cadence and new patterns here..

Spotted this DJ SHIGE mix on my dudes GOLDEN ERA blog (What up Unik)-

DJ Shige Side
01. Ford & The Coalition / Get On The Mic’
02. MY-T & Da Sinmen / For Da Head
03. 2 Deep 2 Sleep / G-Thang
04. Casper / War Of Words
05. L-1 / L-1
06. Lord Finess Vs. The P Brothers / Return Of The Funkyman (Remix)
07. DJ Stegg / Summer Madness
08. The Nugs / Pump
09. HDV / Sindy (Remix)
10. Lords Of The Underground Vs. A To The D / Flow On (Remix)
11. Turbo Beat / 1993 Hip Hop Medley #2
12. J Blast & 100% Proof / 2 Break The Dawn
13. Honky / Hip Hop Don’t Ya Drop
14. 3rd Strike / Let’s Get It On
15. Tony Tone / Flow To The Bone (Remix)
16. C.U.S / Unique Style
17. Undaground Flava / Gotta Luv My Style
18. Hitman & The Hustlers / Blue Steel
19. Underground Mafia / The Godfather (Tnt Hip Hop Mix)
20. Circle Of Power / Take A Look Around (DJ Shige Remix)
21. The Divine Being / Wreckard
22. The Divine Being / Wreckard (Remix)
23. Baaad Influence / Come Alive
24. Urban Native Sons / Of The Native

Headz3000 Side
01. Intro
02. Rough Element / Reflex Reaction
03. Boz / Cops Stop Me (Mad Flavor Mix)
04. Boz / Cops Stop Me (R.O.N’s Mix)
05. Forward Intense / Stated
06. Raw Breed / Rollin’ Deep
07. Crazy Sam & Da Verbal Assassins / 5 Boros
08. Lodd Manafess / Slumlord
09. M.C. Suoreme / Black In America
10. I.C.3. / Beware The Storm
11. Blade / Clear The Way
12. Taalam / Lou Raw
13. Swift / The Soul’s Survivors
14. Digital Colors / Dead Symphony
15. Phat Skillz / Phat Skills
16. Metaphorce / Recipes For Disaster
17. Lyrical Prophets / Bastard (Version 95)
18. Logic Control Mc’s / High Pursuit
19. Stieber Twins / Point Blank Get’s Physical
20. Eric B. & Rakim / Juice (Know The Ledge)
21. MC D / How Many Miles Back To The London ?
22. DJ Mink / Hey ! Hey ! Can U Relate (Hard Rap)
23. L.S.D / Mind Expansion


” Advanced Terrorism “

My newest offering “ADVANCED TERRORISM” is set to drop on the 18th of October on VENDETTA VINYL so keep your eyes peeled troopers….(Wax,CD&Digital)…

I could hit you off with all types of adjectives and extras- but if you have been rocking with me, you already know what fucking time it is…No games were being played, beats were selected with the highest scrutiny, savage scratches were laid down, and the pen game is on explosive mode!

Much respect to everyone that is in solidarity- you are appreciated..


” Sneaker Freaker Steez “

Screen Shot 2021-09-25 at 11.20.43 PM

It’s kinda crazy how  ILL the kick world has gotten….I vividly remember copping Jordans, Dunks. AF1’s, Max’s, etc- for reasonable prices a few decades ago….Nowadays they tried to turn it into a rich mans game, but just like records- if you know how to dig and have real world contacts you can make some magic happen…HA..

I use to feel somewhat guilty on how obsessive I was when it came to copping kicks – but once again just like records, the resell value is so high, I’m literally sitting on a stash so powerful, it could easily put my children through college when the the time comes… Even though I do not cop nearly as much as I used to- I still keep my eyes on the grid and peep what’s going on somewhat…

“When self-acclaimed Sneakerhead Simon “Woody” Wood decided to pursue his love of sneakers and freebie footwear with a publication, the mighty Sneaker Freaker was born. From its punk fanzine-style first edition in 2002 to today’s slick print + online operation, the indie magazine has remained at the fore of the global sneaker scene, documenting every collab, limited edition, retro reissue, Quickstrike, custom shoe and more, with raw passion. As “funny and serious, meaningful and pointless” as the magazine’s own ethos, the book packs in more than 650 pages of dense insider knowledge, hundreds of beautiful photos and Woody’s own obsessional observations. The book rollicks through some 100 years of sneaker history, documenting Air Max, Air Force, All Stars, Dapper Dan, Michael Jordan, Reebok Pump and Nike Skateboarding, alongside more obscure treasures like Troop, SPX and Vision Street Wear. All the major sneaker moments are all there, from Kanye to adidas Futurecraft, Nike Air Force 1 to New Balance as well as landmark collabs and prominent ad campaigns. Through all the limited editions, customs, retro reissues and samples, this is the definitive source of sneaker knowledge you’ll love as hard as your Beaters”.  




Screen Shot 2021-09-25 at 10.55.37 PM

When it comes to that street parable, block shaman, true to the grain, concrete evangelist Hip Hop- MINNESOTA has you covered….He is mostly known for his beats, but truth be told, he is a absolute problem on the microphone.Glad to see MBP/ Boss Money still active in this era- much needed and much appreciated..

On this cut from “Once Upon A Handshake” Minnesota keeps it reality rap without all the fluff and extras….Hip Hop Battlefield’s Top Pick Of The Week.

” Drasar Monumental : Advanced Terrorism “

Screen Shot 2021-09-19 at 8.47.21 PM

BLAM,BLAM,BLAM,BLAM…It’s almost that time again peoples…More fucking heat for your ear drums…More fire, more pressure, more B-Boy anarchy on deck…..”Advanced Terrorism” is my latest piece of wreckage to launch at the world, and to be completely 100 percent honest – This is just straight up brutality on wax..

Instead of rushing myself – I took my time on the beats, rhymes, and scratches to make sure that I flexed new styles and new approaches..It’s practically 2022 – motherfuckers need to hear some next shit…

The record pressing world is moving at a snail’s pace…The order for this record was placed in March, received test- presses in June – and were still not slated to get the vinyl back until later this month / October….

After putting out wax for over a decade , I figured the turnaround time would be 4-5 months like usual – but with Covid extras, two record store days a year, major labels hopping back in the mix, and Hip Hop opportunist / Hip Hop weasels clogging up lanes, the future of vinyl pressing looks congested….

Where were all these motherfuckers 15-10 years ago ?

They were probably somewhere selling their entire vinyl collection because they thought Serato was the answer…HA!…..But now they see Discogs & E Bay prices for certain limited vinyl and they want a piece of the scumbag ,reseller action… Nah, man..

No gimmicks over here chief…No schemes, no fluff, no lathe cut swindles, no record broker “Scrooge McDuck” activity…..No 200 dollar asking price for “colored” vinyl…..

So keep your eyes peeled in the coming weeks – its about to get real ugly out here…





” Reading Is Fundamental “

Screen Shot 2021-09-19 at 8.11.55 PM

One of the benefits of living in this current era is that we have access to many things that were once kept in the dark…If your a seeker of knowledge, and truly dedicated – you can become somewhat of an expert on a wide range of topics , via You Tube / Google University…

But in my opinion ; nothing beats hardcore field research and experience…

After 20 years of putting out music, touring, etc – BLUEPRINT definitely has the experience to back up some of his theories in this book, and that’s why I copped it (His podcast with Illogic is also worth checking out)…



” “Attack Of The Killer Demos – 34 “

Screen Shot 2021-09-19 at 7.42.59 PM

If your on the hunt for some demo morale, you just found it troopers….This time around the enigma, the Jazzman, the producer / MC, the Cenobite, the Group War Committee repper – GODFATHER DON emerges from the shadows with slab of wax from the seemingly never-ending stash box (Exotic Essentials) …..

“Exotic Essentials” is a handpicked demo compilation by Godfather Don himself including some lost gems of mid-90’s works. The album includes 8 vocal tracks as well as 9 instrumentals shorties from the vaults. Available in a limited run on black as well as grey colored 2LP, on limited CD and cassette plus digitally on all major platforms.


released September 16, 2021

” Nobodies Flunky “

We all have the freedom to say whatever we want, WHENEVER we want, but you still have to carefully govern your speech because once your in the court of public opinion- the public has the right to deal with you however they deem fit…Case in point, a few days ago on the DRINK CHAMPS podcast – NOREAGA, MICKEY FACTS & DJ EFN not only disrespected certain WU – TANG extended members, they went as far as referring to them as flunkies…..WOW.

We all have our private Hip Hop talks where dudes get thrown under the bus, clowned and all that type of shit – but when you have a broadcast with millions of people following,  and your spouting out fuckery at this type of level, you should expect the unexpected…I never looked at KILLER PRIEST or the Suns Of Man as baggage handlers…I never looked at Shyheim, Wu Syndicate or Killarmy as weed carriers….Matter of fact, many of those cats that I just mentioned have better and more extensive catalogues than Mr. Super Thug….

Don’t get me wrong , we all have a right to our opinions, but some shit is just not going to fly….PERIOD…

Needless to say I was extra excited when KILLER PRIEST brought together HELL / HEAVEN RAZAH, SHYHEIM, MYALANSKY, 4TH DISCIPLE, 9TH PRINCE, TRUE MASTER & a few other KILLER BEEZ to address the obvious disrespect thrown their way…..


” Jay Nice : Jig Is Up “

Since Friday is here it’s only right that I slap you with some new flavors to rock out with….Delaware MC J-NICE connects with LA producer JIG IN THE BASEMENT for a nice dose of rawness on the “JIG IS UP P.T2” release…With a cover like this you should already know that no games are being played…

” Breeze Brewin Steez “

Finally got around to giving BREEZE BREWIN’S latest album some spins today….Truth be told, BREEZE is a top notch story teller, and to me that was plainly obvious from his Juggaknot day’s (Clear Blue Skies still gives me the chills when I hear it), and his descriptive bars on “Prince Among Thieves” still stand the test of time…

Give this joint “Road Rage” a listen front to back for further analysis of his pen game…Produced by SEBB.

” RIP – 12 O’clock & Murdock “

Screen Shot 2021-08-16 at 3.56.25 PM

“Shit is crazy real in the field / I watched a nigga’s blood get spilled over five dollar bills…Major drug deals on the real / I watched a nigga get mills and his bitch get em killed….In this American dream to get some cream / your facing a beam or chasing magazines…It aint all about the fame, silly ass dames / see a gold record and you changed…And for all you niggas selling cocaine, your to blame / black peoples laws aint the same…Thats the tale in my hood, niggas is up to no good / you better watch it in them hoods”….

Back when the Wu could do absolutely no wrong, ODB & 12 OCKLOCK ASSASSIN cliqued up for one of the most rawest non-album (Came out on the Tales From The Hood Soundtrack initially), cuts in the history of hardcore rap…

“Old Dirty’s Back” captures an era that I still find myself submerged in – Ugly off beat drums, random death threats, high powered dusted bars, and that certain frequency that keeps you on the edge of your seat until the song is over…

When I heard of 12 o’clocks & Murdocks’s murder recently- I had a instant flashback to this song and the vibes it gave me / gives me…From all the details that I read, it’s a damn tragedy that most likely could have been avoided…It’s also a tragedy that it’s very difficult to find much info on either one of these talented brothers, that were not only direct cousins of ODB, but also connected to one of the illest crews in Hip Hop…

Do yourself a favor, turn this shit up and catch a zone..RIP

” Monday Heat “

Some of the HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD massive might actually be surprised that I dig some of DARK LO’s shit….Granted I do not bang everything he puts out (If the beats don’t rock I avoid it like the black plague) – but when he links with VDON the duo definitely have their moments….

Give their latest offering “CHARLIE POPE” some decent burn – if your in the grimy lane like myself…