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” Library : Music For Dancefloors “

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HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD can strike from anywhere, at any time so make sure you stay in tune on the daily!!!!!!

I’m going to take you back all the way to 2002 for a heavyweight STRUT RECORDS release- “Music For Dancefloors : The Cream Of The Bosworth Library Sessions”…Do yourself a favor and catch a groove….


01. Paolo Zavallone & His Orchestra – Yellow Fever (3:52)
02. Paolo Zavallone & His Orchestra – Papillon Rouge (4:23)
03. Toni Campo – Two Way Stretch (4:30)
04. Jonny Teupen Group – Tropical Scene (4:07)
05. Paolo Zavallone & His Orchestra – Big John (3:34)
06. Paolo Zavallone & His Orchestra – Sparkling Music (Speedometer Mix) (3:00)
07. Piet Van Meren & the Flying Dutchmen – Mr Buzz (3:21)
08. Albert Mayer – High Spirits (2:25)
09. Bob Downes – Percussion Monoton (2:13)
10. David Snell – Crab Apple Jam (3:10)
11. Summer Style – Cat & Mouse (3:16)
12. Paolo Zavallone & His Orchestra – Chez Vous (4:32)
13. Geoff Bastow – Fillet of Soul (2:58)
14. John G. Tyssen & Danielle Prencipe – No Exit (2:37)
15. Wolfram Brunke & the Gary Pacific Group – Knitting (2:36)
16. Midas Touch – Modern Times (2:11)
17. Lew Howard & the Allstars – Hula Rock (2:15)
18. Brian Green & Saul Nathan – Indian Dream (8:24)


” Frozen Files Friday “

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If your on the hunt for under the radar UN joints, Kenny Parker mixes, UNRELEASED DEMOS, remixes, A1 Record shop sessions, and all types of other material – head over to the FROZEN FILES spot, but make sure you tell them the grimy dude from HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD sent you jack !!!


“DJ Koko:Undergound Railroad 2 Repost”

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AWWW SHIT….Back in 2010 I posted up a mix by DJ KOKO- AKA DJ SHIMOKITA called “Underground Railroad 2” that got plenty burn on this side…FFWD to 2017- KOKO is starting to get the props he truly deserves by flipping the fuck out 45’s in a way that has many shaky DJ’s scared to fucking death !!!


Because he is approaching 45’s with a pure BBoy approach….Doubles, cuts, blends and all that other shit that makes your average, run of the mill, lazy DJ stick out like a sore thumb..Much props to Japan’s KOKO for keeping it fresh like your supposed to!!


01. Born Talent / For All The Heads
02. Handz / Handz Of Def
03. Godfather Don / Properties Of Steel
04. Donny Hoffa / No Escape
05. Mass Kunfusion / I Do My Dirt
06. J-Force / For All Thoze
07. Big Dubez & Ed.Og / Act Like What U Say
08. Born Suspicious / 44 Maggin’ (Inst)
09. Khromozomes / Say Word
10. Brainsick / Mix Master
11. The Professionals / Sit Back Relax
12. Tragic Technicians / A&R Killers
13. Buddah Nation / Buddah Nation
14. Skemen / Under Pressure
15. Showbiz & Ag / Under Pressure
16. Mellow T / Pressure
17. Q.Ball & Curt Cazal / Hedz To Bed
18. T.D.K. / Street Life (A World Of Crime)
19. Mood / Info For The Streets
20. Shabaam Sahdeeq / It Could Happen
21. Demastas & Nine / Feel No Guilt
22. Strong Peoples / It Ain’T Safe
23. Tru-Form / King Of Yes Yall
24. Nomad / Blessed 2 Mic Check
25. J.U.I.C.E. / Unrational
26. Bored Stiff / Nine-Six
27. Dereliks / I Am A Record

” Bury Me With The Lo On “

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If you missed out on the first edition of THIRSTING HOWL’s “Bury Me With The Lo on” book, here is your chance to scoop up the 2nd edition homeboy…Please do not snooze I’m quite sure these bad boys will sell out with a quickness..

Peep this very ill trailer that unveils some secret society, previously unreleased footage..

” Roc Raida Lives “

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ROC RAIDA’s musical contributions will live on forever…ROB SWIFT and RAIDA’s family have assembled a way for his supporters to pay homage…



I loved Roc Raida to death, LITERALLY.

Fresh off the road, on 9/18/09 (8 years ago), I drove down to Maryland and visited with Raida at the rehab facility he was moved to after his accident. I brought some of the guys – Mista Sinista, DJ Precision, Andrew Venable, and Guds –with me too. After the 4 hour trek, it felt good to finally see Raida and let him know, in person, we were pulling for him.

After getting over the initial shock of seeing Raida in a hospital bed paralyzed, we were back to our joking ways. The crew being together reminded me of occasions we’d be on the road, hanging out backstage or in one of our hotel rooms, shootin’ the shit about whatever. It’s like I forgot why we were there. It was like old times again. It was beautiful!

The few hours we spent with him went like a flash. None of us were ready to leave but we knew he needed his rest. So we all gathered around Raida while Dr. Butcher led us in prayer. As we left, each of us gave Raida a big hug and said our goodbyes. I left thinking I’d see him again the following week but approximately 14 hours later (Saturday, 9/19/09) he suffered cardiac arrest and passed away. Getting the news was confusing. I couldn’t comprehend how Raida could go from “yo they’re gonna teach me how to get into my wheelchair and I’ll be able to cruise around the rehab facility on my own…” to physically leaving us hours later? The key word in my previous sentence is PHYSICALLY though. Let me explain.

His presence is eternal and I, along with my fellow X-Ecutioners/X-Men and Battle Sounds : Hip-Hop DJ Documentary are committed to never letting y’all forget the name Roc Raida.

” Back To The Future “

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Just like many of the Hip Hop Battlefield readers, the first time I heard material from LASTER is when DJ PREMIER cut up doubles of “Off Balance” on the “New York Reality Check” mixtape…He dropped a few 12 inches after that, but we never got a full length album unfortunately…

FFWD- to 2017 the folks at BACK2DABASICS got access to a stash of unreleased joints from that era that never saw the light of day for whatever reason..


A: One on One
A: Hardknocks
A: Clueless
A: Elbow Room
A: Twisted Logic

B: Open House
B: Gone With The Wind
B: Backstabbers
B: Flattery
B: Step Up Front

Here are snippets to the limited edition wax release-

” 2017 New Steam “

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You need some new 2017 hardcore frequencies in your life ?

LIL ETO teams up with MEYHEM LAUREN for more of that abrasive boulevard maniac rap on “High” off that “Omertà” Ep…


” More Illwaukee Treats “

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One of the highlights of the recent strictly Milwaukee mix I posted up was “Black Czer” by E-PLAY SMOOTH
(Go back and check out that joint for further analysis of straight mid-west hardcore)….That song was so explosive I had to check for more of his shit….

On “Jack Move” he flexes even more sinister bars, “I got a pistol with my name on it / every round that I blast also has my name engraved on it”….

” Wreck Alert “

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WRECK ALERT – VENDETTA VINYL TEES and sweatshirts are currently available…Worn by hard rock troopers, crate killers , Vendetta Vinyl enforcers, and top ranking B Boy scholars..Shipping worldwide-

Salute to everyone that has supported the wreckage over the years, it is appreciated to the fullest..(In the flick below – my ace AYATOLLAH rocking the crew neck with QU pride..


Screen Shot 2017-09-07 at 9.32.24 AM

” Illwaukee Wreckage “

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What comes to mind when you think of Milwaukee / Illwaukee if you have never been there before ?

Beer, cheese, Laverne and Shirley, pimps, cold weather, industrial landscapes, etc..HAHAHAHA…Truth be told the city has a heavy history of Mafia dealings, ruthless gangbangers, and a true to the grain Hip Hop lineage that has never fully received the proper light..CHRIS DOPE FOLKS took it upon himself to assemble a session that is flooded with strictly obscure 90’s Milwaukee joints…Give it a listen- I’m quite sure you will be surprised by how nasty some of these mid-west dudes were coming back then…..


MC Richie Rich N $cratch Luv featuring Stricklin, Rock La Flow,
and B Day Rock: Pull the Trigger (1991 Cassette)
E-Play Smooth: Black Czar (1992 Cassette)
True Hustlers: I’m A Soldier Remix (1992 cassette)
Sixx-Dog And JD Love (Of The N.C.T.): So Funky (1992 Cassette)
Powerhouse: The Deadline (1995 Cassette)
Soul Food: Hands in The Sky (1997 Cassette)
The Rapper’s Time: Freezin’ Ice (1992 Cassette)
OZ (Ozmola): True Story (1994 Cassette)
Expose: Whatever (1997 12″ single)
Rhetoric: 414 (1997 Cassette)
Wikkedness: The Huntest (1997 Demo tape)
Sixx-Dog And JD Love (Of The N.C.T.) Ruff N Tuff Ghetto (1992 Cassette)
Tha R.A.N.: Radio Banned Me (1992 Cassette)
Powerhouse: Funky Verse (1995 Cassette)
Shotemak & Pitt: Swing (1994 Cassette)
Cess Pool: Want Everything (1997 Cassette)
Rusty P’s: Keep it Locked (UK 12″)
DJ Wolf D: Always Had Love For Ya (1997 Cassette)
E-Play Smooth: I-94 2 Zion (1992 Cassette)
Outro: D. Tucker & The Big Bank Brothers: Live on the set (1994 cassette)

” Flick Of The Day “

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I seriously doubt I will spot another flick today that can compete with this….SHOWBIZ finessing the avenue in the 80’s with the kitted out BM, nuff jewelry, and a dash of MCM stunting has classic steez written all over it…

Shout out to all my dudes in the BX…

” Rare Rhyme Syndicate “

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Some of these “new era dudes” are quick to dismiss Ice-T (He is the longest running cop in TV history, made a few ill advised moves in his storied career, etc), but what they don’t fully grasp is that he is one of the true kings of west coast hardcore…PERIOD…Some of his earlier joints still give me the chills when I go back and revisit them…Not only was / is he a gifted storyteller – he has the uncanny ability to weave the consequences into a crime narrative without glorifying or sounding overly preachy, which is a difficult thing to do….

On this rare as fuck clip unearthed by RANDOM RAP RADIO – ICE-T, BANGO (Consider yourself blessed), HEN G, KID JAZZ (Consider yourself blessed again), and KING T go for broke on the London airwaves in 1989….FRESH IS THE WORD…

” Jihad : Orchids & Corpses “

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When it comes to scientific murder bars – Third Sight’s ROUGHNECK JIHAD is in a hardcore class by himself…I have never heard any “shiny happy people” rhymes from this dude, his whole catalogue and manifesto is centered around killing wack MC’s (Which is welcomed wholeheartedly over here at Hip Hop Battlefield if it’s done in a creative way HAHAHAH)…

Last year he dropped the “Orchids & Corpses” album which was recorded on a 4 track between 93-96…


1.Assassinator 02:20
2.Can’t Trust The Man 03:33
3.Harder Than Cold Steel 05:30
4.Minute Man 04:46
5.Now It’s Outta Hand 01:49
6.Hot Sauce 01:07
7.Slow Your Roll 04:18
8.Dangerous Danger Zone 02:39
9.Gas Chamber 1.0 06:06
10.Suicide Bomber 02:52
11.Broke His Neck 05:23
12.Speak Not 03:36
13.There I Go 01:25
14.KSJS Drop 02:06
15.Gun Shot Victim Part 1 03:27
16.Gun Shot Victim Part 2 02:36
17.Copasetic 02:48
18.Meditate Sedated 03:10
19.Rare Form 03:58
20.Set It Off 05:10
21.Twice As Nice 02:43
22.World Famous Scientist Original 4 Track Demo 08:06
23.You Must Be High 04:22
released May 2, 2016

D-Styles 1,3,5-7,10,14-23
Du Funk 2,4,8,9,11-13
Roughneck Jihad, Smooth Tone & Adaza Allah
Recorded between 93-96 on four track

” MF GRIMM : American Hunger Rebirth “

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If you didn’t pick up the MFGRIMM “American Hunger Rebirth” triple 7inch, lunchbox, and comic book pack – here is your chance to check in troopers (It was recently uploaded on YOU TUBE in it’s entirety)….Remixes by ARCHITECT, FDRZ & myself…This is one of my proudest musical endeavors thus far, so do the right thing and give it some heavy burn and spread the word if you know what’s best for you….

Enjoy your weekend shenanigans…






Album Artwork by Kufue 1 for KEMESTRY DESIGNS
Comic book artwork by EMAGN ONERZ

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” Tame One : Piece Action “

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Ran into the ARTIFACTS the other night…

The funniest / puzzling part about this encounter is that after chopping it up heavy on the avenue for about 30 minutes, we witnessed a dude get picked up and body slammed right on his forehead which was followed up with a barrage of high voltage punches to his face…It was nothing nice, and it happened literally right in front of us….

On another note TAME, EL & DJ KAOS just got back from a European tour so they were in good spirits….Salute to those cats for keeping the flames lit, sticking to the script, and having a deep appreciation and respect for graff like myself…TAME has been getting busy with the hand styles since the early 80’s – here is a few examples that I could find of him getting down for his crown…

Screen Shot 2017-08-30 at 2.12.56 PM

Screen Shot 2017-08-30 at 2.16.53 PM

Screen Shot 2017-08-30 at 2.17.22 PM

Screen Shot 2017-08-30 at 2.14.39 PM

Screen Shot 2017-08-30 at 2.14.02 PM

Screen Shot 2017-08-30 at 2.25.22 PM