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” Meyhem Lauren : BTL Mix “

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Damn, time is literally flying….

MEYHEM’S first release “Self Induced Illness” came out in 2007, but for some reason it feels like it was just yesterday…Since then the Queens NYC rhyme slinger has obviously made a significant name for himself, and has maintained a certain grit with his releases even though he has garnered a tremendous amount of spotlight….

Recently the BUILT TO LAST crew from France assembled a strictly MEYHEM LAUREN mix that delves into his extensive catalogue…Running time 1:11:29

” Attack Of The Killer Demos # 20 “

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Alright folks, are you ready for another dose of “Attack Of The Killer Demos”?.I’m quite sure you are, so without further delay I’m going to transport you all the way to Long Island NYC early 2000’s with Roc Marciano’s former group the UN, for some unreleased treats courtesy of those FROZEN FILE dudes (Scott Free & Matt Life)….

” King T Speaks “

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It’s not everyday that you get to hear west coast pioneer KING T open up about his musical beginnings, the formation and foundation of the LIKWIT CREW, squabbles with Tupac, Dr.Dre, Rhyme Syndicate management, etc…

When cats talk about the rich legacy of Hip Hop from this side – they better include T in the conversation or else all that yelling is invalid !!!!!

Over 50 minutes of heat..PEEP.

” 2019 Ruggedness “

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With a title like “Scope On Ya Head” you should already know your going to hear a lot of death threats, sucker MC manslaughter, boulevard bully talk, and all types of anti – social energy….Luckily BLAQ POET executes his modus operandi over a fresh beat by Japanese beat smith B.I.M.B….Turn the volume up a few notches..

” Pete Rock : Dreamers “

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Not sure if this off the “RETURN OF THE SP” album that dropped on Record Store Day, but PETE ROCK just uploaded a very fresh joint entitled “Dreamers” on his Soundcloud page that is worthy of your attention….If this is a indicator of what has up his sleeves for “Return Of The SP”- I need to track it down immediately…


“Joint Of The Day “

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I couldn’t help but notice that the WU-SYNDICATE has been very active lately….

MYALANSKI & JOE MAFIA deserve credit for updating their formula and still keeping it gritty after all these years…On “Parental Discretion” they continue their streak of supplying multi syllables over crime cinema type beats…

” Lex Boogie : Old Habits Die Hard “

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Former SCHOOL OF SHARKS representative Lex Boogie and Tone Beats released the “Old Habits Die Hard” EP this month..Bronx slick talk combined with dusty soundscapes is the steez..


“Old Habits Die Hard

The fact is that it is HARD to stop doing things that I have been doing for such a long time. The longer you do something, the more ingrained it becomes, and the harder it is to change especially if you love it.
Over the years Tone Beats and myself Lex Boogie From the Bronx have come accustomed to making beats and creating songs, and at this point it is just part of who we are (Hip-Hop).
“Old Habits Die Hard” is a short 5 song ep we are presenting. The project is an example of what we do have been doing and how we vibe. We have recorded several songs over the years for our upcoming release titled 10456 and wanted to give glimpse of what’s to come with this EP. The later project represents where I’m from but the perspective presented on this EP is an excerpt or some insight on where I am.
The 5 songs where recorded over the course of 2 weeks, and a trip to Augusta to visit Tone, all while maintaining my day to day, handling my responsibilities as a man and living this ART life”.


“Shillz Da Realz 2019 “

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After a lengthy hiatus, that BK kid SHILLZ DA REALZ is back up and running on his hilarious, informative, street level, Polo flashback avalanche steez podcast…Do yourself a favor and catch a zone, but make sure to tell him that the grimy dude from HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD sent you duke!!!


” Lisaandro : M.A.D.E. “

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2019 has seen a slew of releases thus far…Strong Island repper, Lisaandro dropped the solid “M.A.D.E.” project awhile back…


Lisaan’dro M.A.D.E. (My Allies Died Early)

1) King Me – (produced by J-Es)
2) Niggas Got Plans – (produced by TCOR)
3) @Panamanian_Dro – (produced by Lisaan’dro)
4) NY Headlines – (produced by Leaf Dog)
5) Shaquille- (produced by e.l.e.m.n.t for Koncrete Jungle Muzic)*
6) Tek Buddy Bitch – (produced by e.l.e.m.n.t for Koncrete Jungle Muzic)
7) Sometimes I wish I was a Square – (produced by Sally Ghost)
8) Aromatherapy – (produced by JLVSN)
9) Unconditional – (produced by Leaf Dog)
10)The Helping Hand – (produced by TCOR)
11) I Regret It All – (produced by JLVSN)^
12) Real Nigga Vision ft. Flashius Clayton (produced by JLVSN)
13) My Allies Died Early – (produced by Flashius Clayton)

All songs written & arranged by:

All songs recorded mixed by : SP for Fose Images

“Real Nigga Vision” mixed by: The Last Composer

All songs mastered by : Joe Gibbs

Executive Produced by : Flashius Clayton

” Ced Gee Steez “

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First of all much thanks goes out to everyone that is going out and supporting MFGRIMM & myself’s latest release, “AMERICAN HUNGER REBIRTH 2″…It has truly been a humbling experience because the praise we are getting from this project is somewhat overwhelming…

Thank you-

90 percent of the time I review the music I post, but for someone like CED GEE- I have to let it fly without hesitation…Hopefully the BX legend hits us off with some next level shit on this beat tape of sorts “Future Of The Breaks”…


” Heavy Burn : AHR2 “

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*Like I said in the last post, I am taking the rest of the month off to let “AHR2″ get the proper burn it deserves, but I have to rock this one on general principle…See you on April 1st..

MFGRIMM was the special guest on the latest episode of Adventures In Stereo with J-Rocc (Beat Junkies) last night….This is a classic interview session on many levels..”AHR2” also gets the heavy burn treatment which made me extremely proud as a motherfucker…

Do the right thing and check in duke!!!!


Screen Shot 2019-03-16 at 10.03.56 AM

” AHR2 : 2019 “

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*The “Still My Love 45” is SOLD OUT…Much love and appreciation to everyone worldwide that snatched up a copy…

**Out of respect for the tremendous amount of energy GRIMM & I put into “AHR2”, I will not resume regular posting on HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD until April 1st….

“March 15th is upon us, so you know what that means troopers; AMERICAN HUNGER REBIRTH 2 is in full effect mode on all digital platforms when the clock strikes 12…We also have autographed CD’s on deck that come with a magnet and sticker of the cover art by SCOTCH 79TH in blue or gold…

VENDETTAVINYLVIETNAM@GMAIL is the handle to place your orders (20 dollars), currently shipping worldwide….


AHR2 will go down in the history books as one of the illest, creative, heartfelt projects to be released in quite sometime, so do yourself a favor and give it the thorough listening treatment that it deserves….
Salute to you and yours, much thanks-

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“American Hunger Rebirth 2 “

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“MARCH 1, 2019,—Underground rapper MF Grimm, together with Day By Day Entertainment and Vendetta Vinyl, announced today the release of the artist’s latest album, American Hunger: Rebirth Vol. 2 Trials, Tribulations, Humiliation and Elevation. The 11-track album, produced by Drasar Monumental, will be available worldwide across all major streaming platforms, beginning March 15. Once a date on the Roman calendar known for settling debts, ‘The Ides of March’ became synonymous with the assassination of Julius Caesar in 44 B.C. The Ides plays a recurring thematic throughout the album whose first single, Still My Love, is available now.

American Hunger: Rebirth Vol. 2 features digitally re-mastered vocals from MF Grimm’s 2006 release, American Hunger. The first triple-album in hip-hop history, American Hunger was highly lauded by fans and media alike.
“Most of us recognize the Ides of March for one of history’s most nefarious assassinations. What really resonated with me is that the crime was committed by someone close to Caesar, but still his legacy lives on,” said MF Grimm. “I know firsthand how trials and betrayals can take you down. But, these experiences led to the creation of this album – giving more depth to one of the greatest works of my life. This one is more personal, self-reflective and introspective.”
A New York native, MF Grimm has contributed to the hip-hop industry for more than 30 years as a rapper, producer and label executive. As an artist, he has released five solo albums, five collaborative albums and two compilation albums. MF Grimm has continued to create despite being paralyzed from the waist-down, the result of a shooting in 1994.

MF Grimm previously partnered with Drasar Monumental on a three-part conceptual series of albums including Good Morning Vietnam (2012), Good Morning Vietnam 2: The Golden Triangle (2013) and Good Morning Vietnam 3: The Phoenix Program. The EPs were released under Vendetta Vinyl & Day By Day Entertainment.
In addition to digital, fans may purchase the single Still My Love on 7-inch at Other American Hunger: Rebirth Vol. 2 tracks include Fuck You, American Hunger (?), Streets, Give, Right There, Page Six, The Whole World, Children of Abel, Simple Rhyme and Lift Me Up.

The album’s artwork was designed by Scotch79th”.

Screen Shot 2019-01-17 at 9.28.22 PM

” American Hunger Rebirth 2 “

Screen Shot 2019-02-26 at 9.31.22 PM


If you thought it was frigid outside, it’s about to get stone cold out here……

“Still My Love ” is the first leak from the “AMERICAN HUNGER REBIRTH VOL 2 – TRIALS, TRIBULATIONS, HUMILIATION & ELEVATION” album by MF GRIMM X DRASAR MONUMENTAL.Currently shipping the 7 inch worldwide (autographed, MFGRIMM sticker, hand numbered, plus inst- on the flip), –


Album sampler, cover art & tracklist will be revealed March 1st…Album release date March 15th…

Nuff respect to all of our supporters worldwide- Hip Hop is alive and well….

” Scratch Overdose Steez “

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DJ IQ (HANDROIDZ) recently uploaded this session of him and Q-BERT going berserker mode for 49:00 minutes straight…If your tired of hearing all these lazy DJ’s with no hands, go grab some popcorn, tilt your chair back, turn your phone off and catch a motherfucking zone if you know what’s best for you..