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” Camouflage Large Steez “

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Gotta give props to UNIK ONE for posting up rare info and pics of the 90’s outfit CAMOUFLAGE LARGE that I have never seen before….I copped those two singles when they initially dropped, but even with the aid of the internet it is damn near impossible to track down articles pertaining to the group who appeared to have a promising future together…….


” Let The Beats Rock “

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Here is the instrumentals of the “City Slick” album by Decay & Fluent….Decay’s rhymes on this project were solid, but here is your opportunity to catch a strictly beat zone…

HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD’s top picks – “Black Composer” gets the championship belt, “One”, “The Emcee”, and “Whatever”…

” Specs Wizard : Cool Mike Repost “

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Every once in awhile I have to repost certain joints that I feel did not get the proper burn when I initially rocked them…..It’s a shame that we get bombarded with so much new music that it is virtually impossible to sift through everything we are constantly bombarded with…

If you add to the fact that the majority of these so called Hip Hop blogs are on a quest to only provide brand spanking new releases – it becomes rather easy to fall through the cracks….With that being said, I suggest you give this EP by the Seattle enigma SPECS WIZARD some proper rotation action if you missed it the first go round….206 STAND THE FUCK UP !!!!!

” Ice T : Cipher Show 2018 “

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At this point I’m quite sure the majority of the HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD readers are well versed in ICE-T’s storied career…Many of you have grown up right along with him, and have witnessed his contributions in a chronological fashion, heard numerous interviews, heard the bulk of his albums, seen the documentaries, and watched the bulk of his films….

So you probably think you know it all when it comes to this west coast powerhouse ?

Do yourself a favor and take a listen to this thorough interview with him on the Cipher Show with Shawn Setaro…It might just surprise you (I know I was thrown for a loop when Shawn unearthed the previously unreleased “Congo Rap” on the show)…..


” Sunday Rocking “

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I already posted part one and two of the excellent “Merritone Rock Steady” collection..Now here is your chance to delve into part three that covers the glorious years of 1966-1968..


1.Tomorrow’s Children – Bang Bang Rock Steady 02:13
2.The Renegades – Mr. Hops 02:44
3.Hopeton Lewis – Everybody Rocking 02:14
4.Lynn Taitt & The Jets – Why Am I Treated So Bad? 03:23
5.Hopeton Lewis – Cool Collie 03:00
6.Henry Buckley – With A Girl Like You 02:48
7.The Paragons – We Were Meant To Be 02:00
8.Joe Higgs – You Hurt My Soul 01:57
9.Henry Buckley – Thank You Girl 02:43
10.The Ethiopians – We Gonna Be Free 02:52
11.Eddie Perkins – I’m Coming Home 04:24
12.Lynn Taitt & The Jets – Rocking Mood 03:10
13.The Tartans – Rockin’ Chair 02:38
14.Henry Buckley – Take Me Back 02:54
15.Merritone Singers – Rude Boy A Wail (Take 1) 02:57
16.The Tartans – It’s Not Right 02:13
17.Lester Sterling, Lynn Taitt & The Jets – Check Point Charlie 03:29
18.Henry Buckley – You Never Could Be True 02:40
19.Henry Buckley – I’d Like To Know 02:33
20.Roland Alphonso – How Soon (Take 2) 03:06
21.The Paragons – We Were Meant To Be (Acappella Mix) 02:00
22.Eddie Perkins – I’m Coming Home (Acappella) 04:24

” Paul C Revisited “

Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 10.21.16 AM


“Some few years ago I made a film about the legendary Queens Producer and Engineer Paul C McKasty. Although his life was cut short his hands and ears worked on some of the most revered hip hop albums of all time.

He also mentored many including Organized Konfusion and most notably Large Professor. When I made the original film I put it out via my site to get the attention of some people who originally where very difficult to get hold of. Partly to schedule and also that Paul passing has left deep wholes in many peoples lives. I’m an outsider making a film about someone that passed on long before his time.After seeing my film and how I told the story many came forward to contribute. In 2015 I met up with Large Professor in the UK and filmed a piece towards the project. DJ Cool V shot a piece him self and sent it to me, as did Phase from the group Phase and Rhythm not forgetting K Cut from Main Source who I able to shoot whilst on the Main Source Tour.

I had always intended to revise the film but as I was working on my new film my computer had no space to complete the film. I since purchased another mac to handle other projects, since I never went back to NYC this year I took the time off to work on my projects and deliver a film about a man who the world can benefit from knowing about his contribution to this wonderful world of music.

I would also like to thank Reno from the Paul C Movie project that offered to clean up the audio for me and also allowing me to use some of the pics from there Instagram Page.Note this is a very low budget production that came about as I had accumulated so much footage over the years whilst working on my projects that I took to putting a film together.

Here is the revised version of the film, Memories of Paul C McKasty..Revisited. i would like to thank all those that supported the film Jim Slice for allowing me to use the footage from his film Skull Snaps. Marc Davis, Lindley Farley and Casanova Rud CJ Moore and Large Professor for their constant support”.

” Italian Groove Morale “

Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 9.20.45 AM

If your on the hunt for some more groove morale in your life – make sure you give this insane body of music by the genius William Antonini a thorough listen..Big up to Sonar Music for consistently putting out quality releases..


1.Cambridge 02:54
2.Bristol 02:45
3.Omicron 03:17
4.Oxford 03:15
5.Sigma 02:49
6.Birmingham 02:57
7.Manchester 03:53
8.Delicatamente 03:23
9.Liverpool 03:04
10.Fuga Nella Cattedrale 01:16

“Very RARE ‘cult’ Library album by maestro William Antonini and his orchestra recorded with the deep sounds of Dirmaphon studios in Rome. Very small Library and Orchestra production from the pianist Antonini during his career as session man, this is the unique long-playing we have and for sure a lost collectible gem. Excellent studio orchestra arranged by the maestro. Expect some strong Blues Rock influences with loads of Killer Psychedelic sounds all over the place / amazing Jazz-Funk and Blues Funk vibes / heavy Progressive riffs with Big Band Swinging Jazz and Jazz-Rock tunes / huge bassline with stoned flute and deep Tenor sax / amazing early ’70s Freakbeat clubbing tunes”.

” Roc Marciano : Built To Last “

Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 9.00.07 AM

Here is the third installment in the ROC MARCIANO mix series by those BUILT TO LAST dudes out in France…PEEP-


01 – By the book
02 – Murdah Type Thinkin’
03 – Wit No Pressure (Remix)
04 – Jaws
05 – Scared Straight
06 – Let’s make a toast
07 – Avalon
08 – Her vice
09 – Drama
10 – Same ol same
11 – Caviar
12 – Bust the Work Down
13 – What they want
14 – Momma’s Song
15 – The Black Diamonds
16 – How the Gods Chill
17 – Give it to y’all
18 – Game of Death
19 – Long time coming
20 – Thug Poets
21 – Ten Toes Down
22 – Valley of Kings
23 – Me & Henney

” Brazilian Heat : Madlib Medicine Show “

Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 9.30.19 AM

If your in the mood for scorching Brazilian flavors in your life, look no further…MADLIB recently unleashed a 80 minute session that is laced with all types of action on the “Madlib Medicine Show 2 – Flight To Brazil” joint…

Check in duke !!!!!


” Back To The Future : Kankick “

Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 7.59.49 PM

The man with a million beats in the stash, MR.KAN KICK hits the vaults again for more of that 1996 hazy, dusted out, vibey production steez on “WMT 96″….

Do yourself a favor and check in duke !!!!

W.M.T. = Worn Master Tapes
Recorded in 1996 (Farm)
Mastered: DJ Romes (LootPack)
released January 14, 2018

All Produced/Mixed:Kanstructivist

” Midweek Flavors “

Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 8.48.48 PM

Straight from Spain comes this session by the YELLOWROCKERS CREW…

Give it a listen and catch a zone!!!


– ASSASSINS-TIME TO DIE (prod: Jade Emperor-Jade Badger)
– THATS LIFE (prod: Patrick Luke / mc: Official Burnt Toast)
– BLACKOUT (prod: Adrian Younge / mc: Ghostface Killah & Raekwon)
– JAZZ TRAIN (prod: Youtaro)
– CAN I GET A WITNESS (prod: Eric Lau)
– F.A.L.A. (prod: DJ Premier / Guru)
– VIOLENCE-Who’s Afraid? Pt.2 (prod: DJ Cutt / mc: Supreme)
– UNRELIABLE (prod: Godfather Don)
– THE BOSS (prod: Pete Rock)
– SOLAR CHAIN (prod: Remulak / mc: M9 & Skriblah Dan Gogh)
– ANOTHER DEMO TAPE (prod: Madlib / mc: Quasimoto)
– SHORTIES WATCHING (prod: Ray West / mc: Kurious)
– SEED OF MEMORY (prod: Apollo Brown)
– CHILLIN’ (prod: CientÌfico)
– HAUS KATZE (prod: Aver)
– 27 (prod: Crabbman & Jamma)
– CELESTIAL CONNECTION-Astral Projections (prod: Alpha Centori)
– INTRO… more
released January 6, 2018

No Commission is produced, executed, mixed and mastered by WholeTrain (Format).
Created in WholeLab in the last months of the year 2017.
Artwork by Change Gonna Come.

” Artifacts : 1989 – 1992 “

Screen Shot 2018-01-07 at 9.43.25 PM

Those brick city kids are on some back to the future shit with the release of THAT’s THEM “The Lost Files 1989-1992” on Smoke One Records…


” Boom Shots “

Screen Shot 2018-01-07 at 9.27.30 PM

If your into musical archeology like MR. HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD, this documentary from 1981 (SOUND BUSINESS) that details the trials and tribulations of running a London based sound system will definitely perk your ears up…It’s crazy to think that in 2018 we still face many of the same obstacles that they did back then…

This is kinda ill- don’t sleep…

” The Cipher : Percee P “

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 1.40.03 PM

It’s seems just like yesterday when I heard PERCEE P literally tear the mic to shreds on the “Yes You May” joint from LORD FINESSE’s seminal second album (Return Of The Funky Man)….That single verse instantly put him on my radar as the next dude to check for because his multi syllable approach was slightly different from G.Rap, but it was just as potent and dangerous….

The Bronx rhyme slayer recently joined Shawn Setaro on the very informative and thorough CIPHER PODCAST….Do yourself a favor and check in for a round of heavy jewelry dropping!!!!

“Percee P is a rapper whose reputation and influence far outpaces his relatively small recorded output. The Bronx-born artist grew up right alongside hip-hop – he started rapping as a young kid right as the first rap records were coming out, and was in the mix as hip-hop was being created in his neighborhood. Whether it was watching DJ’s at park jams, being around noted graffiti writers, or watching up-and-coming groups rehearse their routines, Percee was right there.

His first record was 1988’s “Let the Homocides Begin,” which was featured on an EP put out by Gotham City Records. That track, along with others like “Now They Wanna See Me” and some guest verses on tracks by Lord Finesse, Kool Keith, and others built up Percee’s reputation as a pioneer of fast-rapping virtuosity.

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 1.49.32 PM

In later years, Percee took to selling music – both his own and from his voluminous collection of early hip-hop tapes -all around New York City, particularly in front of the influential Fat Beats record store. Contacts he made there ended up getting him signed to Stones Throw, and he released his long-awaited debut album Perseverance in 2005, along with an album of remixes. At around that same time, video was unearthed of a 1989 battle between Percee and Lord Finesse, giving new shine to his early career.

And make sure to stay tuned after the Percee interview for a very special bonus. If you miss it, it’ll be the greatest mistake of your life”.


” Royal Flush : Spotlight “

Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 8.11.48 AM

Here is a short collection of songs by ROYAL FLUSH to get you pepped up for a new release in 2018 (It’s labeled as a mixtape but it doesn’t rock one single blend, so its more of a comp type situation)….


1.Iced Down Medallions
2.Clap Ya Hands Ft. Big Punisher & NORE
4.Worldwide, Pt. II Ft. MOP
6.Angel Dust Ft. Mic Geronimo
7.Royal Flush Ft. Big L