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” Box Cutter Brothers 4 Steez “

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*ABOVE FLICK – MYSELF, AYATOLLAH & HOGON PLUS at the Box Cutter Brothers 4 release party earlier this year..

A few days ago wordpress took down my site claiming I didn’t pay for the domain..I was extremely puzzled because not only did I pay my annual fees, I actually paid twice- but yet for some reason they requested more funds to keep the domain (What part of the game is this)…

So I had to pay three times to keep HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD up and running…

Let me tell you cats something – I have no problem paying money to help spread, promote and broadcast this Hip Hop shit..This art form has given me so much I feel it’s not only necessary but almost mandatory for me to do this..So many dudes sit around and complain about the current state of things, but do these same people take time out to big up artist that are staying true to the grain ?

Do these perpetually disgruntled slouches seek out new shit to put in their rotation ?

FUCK THAT – Hip Hop is alive and well in 2017 if your a die-hard fiend like myself, and please do not let these suckers convince you to think otherwise…Alright, enough of the preliminary shit- let me get to the certified heat that you come here for…BCB4 is now available on SPOTIFY, ITUNES, AMAZON,TIDAL and all those other digital outlets…..If you copped the wax, thank you it is appreciated- and for those of you that haven’t heard it yet- you can now listen to it in it’s entirety on You Tube…



” Breaks For Your Face “

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I’m going to take you all the way to the Boogie Down BX for a batch of explosive breaks courtesy of SOLO 138 (TBB)..It’s always lovely to hear a session that isn’t flooded with the same old breaks you have heard already a million times…

This is the type of shit that will put a little pep in your step !!!!!!

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” No Religion “

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“We just want to make dollars, we don’t want to make cents (sense) / we don’t want to pay attention, we just want to pay the rent”.

“No Religion ” is my top ranking cut off of “The Hegelian Dialectic (The Book of Revelation)” album from Prodigy…I’m not going to even front, I had this album for several months, but I just couldn’t bring myself to listen to it for various reasons…Last night I took the time to sit down and thoroughly absorb it from front to back and it was refreshing to hear him speak with substance, urgency and intelligence….Produced by MO BETTA.


” Golden State Warriors “

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Two of the founding members of the highly influential LA Graffiti crew LTS (Siner & Mark 7) sat down with the Legends Thursday podcast for a heavy dose of gems…DO NOT SLEEP..

Episode 132 is with Mark7 and Siner from LTS. Two of the original members of LTS from LA. This crew had a huge effect on the scene nationally and beyond. It pains me greatly when I hear of younger writers who haven’t heard of them. For those of you who don’t know get familiar. Siner @sinerlts and Mark7 @mowk7 were so kind and it wouldn’t of been possible without Arbe @arbekoglts hooking it up. The crew did so much good work. Whether it was the mid 80’s all the way up to now they had so much effect on painting and raised the bar national. Truthfully their influence on me and my friends thousands of miles away is intense, but not just limited to us. This episode focuses on those two members and their experience with writing and life. Where they came from and who they’ve become. I really can’t thank them enough for welcoming me into their home and lives. If all goes correctly there will be another LTS episode in the coming weeks before the podcast is done. There’s a bunch of pictures on the website, so as always check that out. Plus the intro and close songs were KRAM – NEVES and KRAM NEVES ARCHIEVES TAG BANGER by MARK 7.


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” Big Nous : Outcome Ep “

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Awwww shit.

HOBO JUNCTION were a criminally slept on crew from Oakland that made heavy waves in the mid 90’s to the early 2000’s…Many are familiar with SAAFIR but the other crew members definitely held their own weight when it came to BBoy street action, nasty wordplay and all that other fly shit…As much as I appreciated RASHINEL, EYEQUE and the WHORIDAZ – it was the mysterious MC named BIG NOUS that had me bugging the fuck out..His bars were laced with all types of sinister images that forced me to hit the rewind button and keep his verses in heavy rotation….

It’s very unfortunate that I haven’t heard any new music from him for well over a decade, so it’s only right that I take you back to 2006 and post up the extremely rare “Outcome” EP for all of those that know what time it is…..ENJOY.

Props to Etienne for the heads up!!


The Outcome (Street Version)
The Outcome (Radio)
The Outcome (Instrumental)
The Outcome (Accapella)
Warnin Shots
Mount Vernon


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” The Bass That Ate Miami “

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First of all RIP to FRESH KID ICE…

Many cats associate 2 LIVE CREW with all that raunchy, wild shit, but when they first started they were straight BBoy to the core..Matter of fact their first batch of singles still bang very lovely to this day…It’s only right that I post up some Florida shit to get you in the right frame of mind…

“The Bass That Ate Miami” documentary is heavy duty archeology on many levels…Aren’t you tired of Hip Hop docs that focus on the same shit over and over again ?


So do yourself a favor and stay glued to the screen and catch some rare gems that will activate your Hip Hop antennae…

Produced by: Alex Weir, Chris Walton, Scott Libengood, and Rick Sosa.
Dreamhouse Studios and Cut It Up Def Entertainment are excited to announce the debut of their latest creation, “The Bass That Ate Miami, The Foundation”. This independent documentary is based on the evolution of music in South Florida and the untold story of the hip hop genre known as Miami Bass. South Florida artists, producers and music executives helped evolve this sound into its own unique hip hop dance genre. Miami Bass dominated the airwaves and car speakers from the mid 1980’s to the mid 1990’s. The Miami Bass sound continues to influence many of today’s hottest artists.

As hip hop grew and took over different regions of the U.S.; South Florida gave birth to a new style of hip hop that most people don’t realize evolved there. The fast, bass heavy drum beats that are used in pop culture today were created on the street corners of South Florida with huge speakers and massive street parties.

The documentary features segments on Kraftwerk, Electro-Funk, breakdancing, turntableism, drum machine programming (the 808 & the SP1200), the process of record making, car audio exhibitions and of course high energy dance moves.

Some of the main creators of this genre are interviewed including; Afrika Bambaataa (The God Father of Hip Hop), Pretty Tony (The Inventor of Freestyle), Mr. Mixx (One of the Forefathers of Bass), Jim Jonsin, Afro-Rican, Dynamix II and many more producers, deejay’s & artists from the old school to new schoo

” Kankick GIA Steez “

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Here is some unreleased KANKICK action for you to put in your rotation..”GIA” is on the upcoming Kan Cassette project that you can pre-order HERE

released July 13, 2017
Produced:KAN KICK
Recorded: Funk Farm (mid 90’s)
Mastered: DJ ROMES (LootPack)

” Fluent : Alternate History “

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It’s been a minute since I have heard anything from FLUENT, (Green Llama) so it was a pleasant surprise to spot this brand new remix project “Alternate History”..34 joints deep laced with hazy, dusted out lo-fi chops on deck..

Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 7.33.52 PM

” X-Ecutioners Wreckage On Deck “

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I gotta be honest, the X-Ecutioners straight murdered the Russian Scratch Crew in this recent battle..This is not even remotely close to the epic X-Men vs Scratch Picklez that went down in the 90’s era…Regardless it would be in your best to watch the “X” get down for their crown at the 6:50 mark with a avalanche of turntable abuse…

” Architect : Red Light Radio “

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My cuzzo ARCHITECT just got back from a heavy European tour with Souls Of Mischief…He hit all types of spots – France, Germany, London, and also Amsterdam where he recorded this hour long beat set alongside his partner in crime Opio…..

Give it a listen and spread the word-

” Buze Bruvaz Steez “

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Even though I have heard all types of BUZE BRUVAZ joints throughout the last 5 years or so, “Adebesi Hat” is the first OFFICIAL album from the aggressive Philly duo…90 % of the time I properly absorb and listen to the music I post – but I will make a exception today because I know for a fact their will be a handful of burners on this…


1.Revolver ft. Tug McRaw prod.Rocksteady
2.Long Barrel prod.Giallo Point
3.Rugby prod.Lord Beatjitzu
4.Tango & Cash prod.Claymore
5.U.S. Embassy ft.Ruste Juxx prod.Hamorabi
6.Sportsmanship ft.B Bill prod.EDK
7.Kangol Kru prod.Kyo Itachi
8.Tranzor Z prod.Lord Beatjitzu
9.Hunnid Proof ft.Sadat X prod.Gosilla
10.Fireproof Viking Helmet prod.Him Lo
11.Clash of da Titanz ft.Solace prod.WIK101
12.Special Agent prod.Giallo Point
13.Daily Bread prod.Cool Kennedy
14.Theme for a Hitman prod.Giallo Point
15.Courtside at da French Open prod.Nigga From France

” Like Father Like Son “

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Do yourself a favor and peep this documentary (In My Father’s House) if your on the hunt for some Friday night jewelry….

Addis Pablo, in a somewhat expected step has taken up a career as a performer and producer following in his father’s footsteps, a brave and challenging move considering the status and work which his father achieved and still maintains to this day across the world. However, having been raised by his father in a musical environment on Orange Street, receiving the teachings and morals expressed by Augustus Pablo, and continued to be instilled by his Mother who is and was very instrumental at the time of his Father’s passing.

Addis has ever since played his melodica and produced music with the same effect which his father has had and has been getting great reception to his attempts thus far, he knows it’s a far way to go and is willing to put in the time and effort to get his skills to the highest levels with the help of his beliefs in the Principles of his Father’s Spiritual Religious upbringing through the teachings of His Imperial Majesty Haile Sellasie King Of Ethiopia .

In 2013 Addis Teamed up with Amsterdam based Roots Rock Reggae Powerhouse Jahsolidrock for his debut album. The dutch label who are known for their modern day classic albums from Apple Gabriel, Brinsley Forde and the massive Chezidek releases, are definitively the right partners in this musical project called ” In My Father’s House” .In the same tradition as Augustus Pablo and his Rockers International label/crew, the dutch label and Addis Pablo will take you on a musical journey where Roots Reggae meets Rastafari mysticism and first class musicianship.

” Skore 79 Speaks “

Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 10.10.31 PM

When it comes to new school style masters I would have to include Germany’s SKORE 79 in the mix…He rocks a very aggressive, sharp, heavily detailed approach that is downright nasty…The elusive writer sat down with MURDOK (12 OUNCE PROPHET) for a little Q&A..

For me its more important to have a good swing in the letters, as to have very sharp and cutted outlines. Another important thing is to have good and fresh combination in between the letter structure. Trying to stay fresh and original is my motto. The science of letters. It has no borders. You can add anything you want to it, to bring your letters to life, graffiti helped me find some very good friends and crew-members over the years.


Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 10.08.55 PM

” Killer Ben : Midweek Shot “

Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 3.36.12 PM

“The Descendants” ft. Montage One is my top pick off that new KILLER BEN “SUMMER OF VINCE CARTER” project…Killer Ben has always been nice, even back in the “Emcee Killer / Exercise” days I felt that he brought some grimy bars to the table…PEEP.

” Hip Hop Holiday “

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I’m quite sure many of the Hip Hop Battlefield readers have heard the classic by the first Lo- Life on wax BOOSTIN KEV, “That Be Boostin” – but have you ever seen the video?…I seriously doubt it because it was uploaded for the first time a few weeks ago mysteriously….


This is truly a piece of Hip Hop history here, a certified archeological testament to the power of timeless music…..