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” Monday Momentum “

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Even though J-SCIENIDE released the “Actual Heat” over a year ago, I never sat with the album and gave it decent burn…After throwing it in the rotation last night a few joints instantly caught my attention….

Gotta give him daps for keeping it raw with no additives and preservatives….The wax is now available so scoop up a copy…

” Italian Groove Morale “

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DUALISMO SOUND is a re-issue label that specializes in uncovering under the radar Italian flavors from 1976-1982…Andrea Dallera is the main dude and driving force behind the imprint…Recently he sat down with BAN BAN TON TON for a interview and also a guest mix spot that is flooded with all types of gems…

“In Italy, in the ’70s, experimenting was the norm. A lot of musicians – especially “institutional” musicians – used to have various side projects where they could freely create whatever they wanted. In the late ’70s you could find a Jazz maestro like Enrico Intra composing a “Sci- Fi Disco Funk” track with Tullio De Piscopo. Using just a Fender Rhodes and some heavy breaks. See Starbus. Franco Bonfanti, a television composer, going fuzzy with the Monk’s Group, which I think also included Sergio Farina. Rigol – Duilio Radici, another Jazzcat – with the conductorship of Atta creating the Jazz Funk joint, Human Strength. Paolo Zavallone was working with television orchestras, doing TV appearences and making Pop hits. But, when he joined with De Piscopo and Gigi Cappellotto – a legendary bassist, they created the masterpiece Yellow Fever. A curious fact is that I’ve recently spoken to both Zavallone and Intra for some interviews and both of them insist they it was they who discovered De Piscopo, when he was stationed in the North of Italy during his military service.

Recently I got really interested in Neapolitan Disco sounds, after hearing some mixes by local DJs such as Dnapoli and Famiglia Discocristiana. Napoli has a unique background in Italy, and it has always been the country`s “funkiest” city”.



Renzo Di Jaso Group – Un Disco E Noi

Eduardo De Crescenzo – Alle Sei Di Sera

Paolo Zavallone – Yellow Fever

Gruppo 2001 – Stratosfera

La Nuova Formula – Caffè Espress

Enrico Intra – Starbus

Giancarlo Chiaramello – Voce E Notte

Rigol & Atta – Human Strength

Quark – Samba Dancing

The Monk’s Group – Substance

Beppe Cantarelli – Milano Madrid

La Comune Idea – Cuore di Serpente

The Spitfires – Move Your Ass Gringo

Enrico Intra – Insieme

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” Ragga Rap 3 : Return Of The Dread “

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Some of those explosive 90’s dancehall tunes sound just as good today as they did back then…Whenever I spin out and starting hitting motherfuckers over the head with a heavy dose of this era, it’s pure pandemonium in the spot without fail…

Luckily for us SUPERIX & JIMMY PLATES hit us with certain selections that aren’t played to death (You won’t hear Hot stepper,etc – HAHAHA) on the Ragga Rap mix….I don’t co- sign EVERY joint, but there is enough rare joints to perk your ears up a bit ……


” Juggle Jewelry “

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Do yourself a favor and peep this clip of ROB SWIFT breaking down the finer points of Beat Juggling 101…

“I’ve been coming across a gang of youtube tutorials on “Beat Juggling” lately and while some are informative, All of them lack proper historical context on the techniques being disseminated. One in particular taught the “Strobe” aka “Chase” pattern and never once mentioned the pattern’s author. I’m not gon’ name names or anything like that as I know a lot of y’all feel my words are polarizing and such. So instead of shuttin’ dudes down like I be doin’ every so often, I decided to be more constructive”.

” Monday Power Boosters “

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This is the first time in the history of HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD that U GOD received back to back burn, but since I talked about his book on the last post, it’s only right that I post up my favorite song from him thus far “Semi Automatic Full Rap Metal Jacket” (Even though DECK steals the show with venomous lines like – ” I set the mic in flames, bomb like fighter planes / Mc’s are shot down long range, with sniper aim…..No question marks, the session starts with sparks / my flows explode like hand grenades through your parks”)…GOD DAMN!!!!!

Once again RZA was at the height of his powers at this time- one could only wonder what the end result would have been if CAPPADONNA, DECK & U GOD debut albums were fully produced by him….

” Reading Is Fundamental “

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Remember when the WU started gaining heavy momentum and it appeared as if the RZA could do no wrong it when it came to the beats ? You have to admit that Prince Rakeem had an incredible run before things went left…METHOD MAN, ODB, GZA, RAE & GHOST fully capitalized and benefited from having access to the Abbot’s beats at this time for full length projects, top to bottom….For some extremely ODD reason when it was turn for DECK (Who is my favorite from the Clan when it comes to flat out rhyming), CAPPADONNA, and UGOD they only had a few RZA produced cuts on their albums, which hurt them tremendously in my opinion…

In U GOD’s new book “Raw” he goes into detail about the up’s and downs of the industry, the history and future of the Clan, Family, tour life, disputes with the RZA, and all types of shit that surprisingly kept me reading it from start to finish in one sitting..


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” Roc Marciano : Take It Personal Ep 26 “

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PEEP if you need a power boost….

On episode 26, we’re joined by the man responsible for saving New York hip-hop, Mr. Roc Marciano. Fresh off Rosebudd’s Revenge Part 2 (The Bitter Dose), we discuss the past, present and future with Roc Marci. We check the status of the Metal Clergy project with Ka. We dig into his production style and sequencing. We touch on his influence on today’s rappers and even find out his opinions on certain rappers like Black Thought, Eminem, Jay Electronica, Podsnous, Kool Keith and GZA. We learn he’d like to work with Rick Ross and that his pimp hand is very strong.

We got a heavy dose of Roc jawns on this episode too, as well as music from Meyhem Lauren, Crimeapple, Apathy, Oddisee, Freeway, Breez Evahflowin’, Brother Ali, Recognize Ali, Westside Gunn, Murs, Daniel Son, O.C., Showbiz & A.G. & Phonte to name a few. Plus, DJ 360 cooks up a marvelous Marci remix. Keep it locked!


1. Roc Marciano – Respected
2. Freeway & Jake One – One Thing feat. Raekwon
3. J.U.I.C.E. – It’s All One
4. Roc Marciano – Snow (Remix) feat. Sean Price
5. Daniel Son & Giallo Point – Big Remo
6. CRIMEAPPLE & Big Ghost Ltd – Grey Poupon
7. Recognize Ali – Shiny Ski Mask feat. Daniel Son, Eto & Vic Spencer
8. Showbiz – City of The Gods feat. A.G.
9. O.C. – John Wick
10. Phonte – So Help Me God
11. Casual, Vordul Mega, Tragedy Khadafi & Roc Marciano – Think Differently
12. Roc Marciano – Emeralds
13. Roc Marciano – Corniche feat. Action Bronson
14. Meyhem Lauren – Ventian Loafers feat. Conway
15. Ill Al Skratch – Don’t Shut Down On A Player
16. Craig Mack – Get Down (Remix) feat. Q-Tip
17. Heltah Skeltah – Letha Brainz Blo
18. Fresh Daily – Video Gaming
19. Oddisee – Own Appeal
20. Murs – A Lean Story
21. Apathy – Obi Wan
22. Westside Gunn & Conway – Fendi Seats
23. Roc Marciano – Power
24. Blu & Nottz – Atlantis
25. Breez Evahflowin’ – Break The Wheel feat. Cryptic One
26. Brother Ali – Best@It feat. Freeway & Joell Ortiz
27. Kool G. Rap – Wise Guys feat. Lil Fame & Freeway
28. The P Brothers – Outta Control feat. Roc Marciano
29. Arch Druids – Scorched Earth Policy feat. Roc Marciano & Planet Asia
30. Ras Kass, Heltah Skeltah & Canibus – Uni-4Orm
31. Meyhem Lauren – Crossroads feat. Roc Marciano
32. Roc Marciano – Don Shit
33. Roc Marciano – Warm Hennessey (DJ 360 Remix) feat. Hus Kingpin

” A.G. : Magical World “

Screen Shot 2018-05-09 at 11.23.05 AM

AG is back with a solid effort on “Magical World” with production by Bossman, who I have never heard of before, but he does an outstanding job by the way…If this is any indication of what he has in store on the upcoming “Taste Of Ambrosia” release I most definitely will be checking for it…


” Burn Your Face Off “

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Every once in awhile I have to post up some serious burners by my brother KHUFU ONERS (GFC / TMT / BOOM SQUAD / VENDETTA VINYL)…..Something about his joints scream Hip Hop, anger, determination and dedication, which makes perfect since because in real life that’s his M.O……HAHA…..Click on these flicks to fully analyze the wreckage because it is plainly obvious that KHUFU is not playing any motherfucking games….

Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 1.22.47 PM

Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 1.23.46 PM

Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 1.23.07 PM

” Boxcutter Brothers 5 : Repost “

Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 1.09.48 PM

*These are sold out at the VENDETTA site- head over to 77RISE RECORDINGS TO GET A COPY…

This is going to be a little long winded, so bear with me as I let my vocabulary spill..

Yeah man, Ayatollah & I are five joints deep with this BOXCUTTER BROTHERS shit..Today is the release of BCB5 on cassette, which is a little surreal for me, especially coming up in the boom box era…Feels like motherfucking 1987 again for the kid !!!! Luckily for me I still have a diesel ghetto blaster that I could pull out on dudes and really shock the house if necessary , HA…On the real side of things though, BCB5 is straight up nasty, and after five releases I honestly rank this one as one of the best…..

So if you have been rocking with HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD for the last ten years, I sincerely ask you to pump this at maximum volume to absorb the full effects….Thank you for your time, energy, and attention : As for me, I’m about to celebrate this release with a few libations….FEEL FREE TO SPREAD AROUND.

Big shout out to VENDETTA VINYL & 77RISE RECORDINGS in SF for making this happen…

” Cratery 81 : The Island Episode “

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It’s been awhile since I checked on those dudes out in Toronto for the CRATERY podcast, so after popping back up I came across this excellent “Island Episode” that lays down some serious tunes…Do yourself a favor and check in !!!


1. The Chosen Few – People make the world go round
2. Derrick Harriott – Rasta is love
3. Augustus Pablo – Rockers meets King Tubby in a Fire House
4. Prince Buster – Free love
5. Syd and the Troubadours – Aquarius
6. Don Carrington Trio – Dingus
7. Wayne McGhie and the sounds of Joy – Fire (she need water)
8. Blue Rhythm Combo – Tango Boo Gonk
9. Trinidad Tripoli Steel Band – Sissy Strut
10. Jimmy Lindsay – Ain’t no sunshine
11. Wild Fire – Try making love pt 2
12. Byron Lee and the Dragonnaires – Groovy situation
13. Jackie Mittoo – Darker shade of black
14. The Light of Saba – Sabayindah
15. The Paragons – The world is a ghetto


” The Nonce : 1990 “

Screen Shot 2018-04-28 at 12.16.14 PM

SACH recently dropped a book that I posted about last week, but he also unveiled the previously unavailable NONCE “1990” project for all the die-hard supporters out there…14 stashed joints that were a precursor to their highly regarded debut ” World Ultimate “……

“The discovery and release of The Nonce 1990 is an important milestone recorded during the Golden Age of Hip-Hop. Recognized as innovators of the LA Hip-Hop Underground, The Nonce was formed by two 17- yearolds; Nouka Basetype aka Sach and the late Yusef “Afloat” Mohammed. As The Nonce, the duo was part of the Project Blowed collective.

Just after high school graduation in 1990, the young duo was given the chance to go into a professional studio. Their dreams of a record deal were soon dashed after the production company raised objections to their artistic choices. Unwilling to meet the demands, The Nonce walked away from the project, leaving behind the masters of the very tracks that make up The Nonce 1990.

Daniel Borine, of the independent Family Groove label, discovered the lost material for this album in 2017. Borine rescued the master tapes from the studio where they were first recorded and subsequently misplaced, (but not forgotten), since 1990. Sach had assumed the tapes were destroyed or thrown in the dumpster bin”.

” AZ : Memphis Sessions Repost “

Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 6.34.30 PM

“Very few flaws, heavy Chevy two doors / candy paint will give a nigga the blue balls”….HAAAAAAHAAAAA…

Since the overwhelming amount of links have been killed on HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD pre – 2010, I decided to go track down the “Memphis Sessions” that I mentioned on the last post…Have dudes rocked over Al Green loops before ? YES…Have some people rocked over some of these joints before ? YES…Have some cats flipped some of these movie samples before ? YES…

Normally I would blow the whistle over rehashed themes and beats, but for some reason AZ sounds perfect on this project…

Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 6.32.39 PM

” AZ Documentary “

Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 5.55.10 PM

For some reason NAS & AZ never gave the fans what they truly want/ wanted – a collaborative album….It seems so simple, grab all the producers that made “Illmatic” such a masterpiece, and go in the booth and totally black out…If these two ever decide to link up and actually make this happen, it will not only please the die hard supporters, I believe it will alter the trajectory of the current Hip Hop landscape in some shape, form, or fashion…..

Regardless, AZ has always been nice with it, but some of his production selections are somewhat questionable for a MC of his caliber in my opinion…On my favorite project from him (Memphis Sessions) he sounds right at home over simple yet effective bare bones loops….Go back and peep that joint if you missed it…

Recently the 27 minute “Doe Or Die” documentary dropped seemingly out of nowhere….I highly suggest you check in….

” The Legion : 1980 Something “

Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 2.17.16 PM

Those Bronx Bombers dudes THE LEGION are back on the set with some more wax treats for those on the hunt…The “1980 Something / Heard We Quit” 7 inch is currently available on Ill Adrenaline so snatch up a copy before they disappear for good….