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” Attack Of The Killer Demos # 18 “

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Haven’t hit you with an “Attack Of The Killer Demos” in quite awhile, so let me dig in my bag of goodies and see what I can find…AWWWWWW those eccentric South Bronx kids CAMP LO have consistently dropped their brand of Uptown unorthodox,flashback street flair since the mid 90’s….If your interested in hearing how they sounded before dropping their debut “Uptown Saturday Night” do yourself a favor and check in…



1. Sugar Streets
2. Coolie High Is Life
3. Short Eyes
4. Camp Lo (Bust Ya Down)
5. World Heist
6. Hollywood At the Disco
7. Superfly
8. Bubblin’
9. A Piece Of The Action
10. Crystals & Istols
11. This Is It (Luchini) (Sedgwick Ave. Demo)
12. Sparkle (110th St. Demo)
13. Say Word
14. Krystal Karrington (Demo)
15. Get It Inta You Featuring – Jungle Brown
16. Black Connection (110th St. Demo)
17. Coolie High Gotcha Wide (Demo)

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” Agallah : Grain Of Sand “

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“I’m not the type that you want to compare / I’m real rare, Malcolm X mixed with Ric Flair”…

AGALLAH has been on a wild run as of late…

Be on the lookout for the “Brownsvillain” album in the very near future – until then, take a listen to the first leak entitled “Grain Of Sand” and catch a zone duke!!!!

” Midweek Heat “

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People constantly hit me up and ask if I have a Soundcloud page? The answer is yes, and if you are floating around in cyberspace and are in the need of more Hip Hop ammo in your life- head over to my SC page and catch a heavy zone…


” Oakland Black Out 2 “

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KUFU ONERZ (GFC/NSA/ BOOM SKWAD) is responsible for the majority of the artwork we have dropped on our records..The difference between him and a lot of writers is that he was born into the artform (His older brother is J-Swift who is the MC behind the rare “Dealing With Aces” holy grail 12 inch)..If your in the Bay area head over to the 14street art supply shop in Oakland and pay homage to his explosive hand styles, color schemes, and all that other wild shit!!!!!!! – SIDE NOTE- This MF GRIMM and DRASAR 7inch sold out with a quickness back in 2013…Be on the lookout for a new assault by us in the very near future…

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” Tuesday Firepower “

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Do yourself a favor and take a listen to the newest installation in the “No Gimmicks Rap Shit” by BAD COP…


01. Jamal – The Game
02. Ghettolandz – Getcha Open
03. Evidence Feat Alchemist – Hot & Cold
04. Craig G – Sing-A-Long
05. Ill Al Skratch – Stick-N-Move
06. Thirstin Howl III – Watch Deez
07. Adagio – Adagio Intro
08. Da Youngsta’s – Backstabbers
09. Heltah Skeltah – Place To Be
10. Milano – Drama
11. Mobb Deep – The Money
12. Company Flow – BMS Digital
13. Indelible MC’s – Fire In Which You Burn
14. Ol’ Dirty Bastard – Shimmy Shimmy Ya (Sensi Remix)
15. Now Born Click – X-Fyles
16. McGruff – Destined To Be
17. Superstar Quamallah – To Whom It May Concern
18. Evidence, Joe Scudda & Alchemist – It’s Gon’ Pop
19. Black Moon – One Two
20. Juggaknots – I’m Gonna Kill You
21. Pudgee Feat Bas Blasta – Down For My Crown
22. Q Ball & Curt Cazal – Down For Mine
23. Skitz Feat Phi Life Cypher – Fingerprints Of The Gods
24. Mass Hysteria – Professional Joints
25. Erule – Mind Wars (Remix)
26. Superstar Quamallah – Wit It
27. Nitebreed – Beep Out The F-Words

” New Shit On Deck “

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SKELZ & Flee Lord pop up with that greasy boulevard warlord talk on “Collect Call”- produced by ZOOMO….


” New Acid Test : Jus Allah “

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Whenever I’m on a long drive I tend to look for interesting podcast to check out…Sometimes we take it for granted but we are extremely lucky and fortunate to hear some of our favorite artist fully open up in great detail about what makes them tick..I can vividly remember a time when the public had very limited access into artist lives…

That wild dude JAK PROGRESSO has a podcast (New Acid Test) that is kinda bugged out in a off kilter- impromptu, scatter brain type of way…He recently had JUS ALLAH as a guest and it was interesting on many levels….Jus breaks down why he left JEDI MIND TRICKS, views on today’s Hip Hop climate, history, future, and all types of shit that should keep you locked in….

***Ten points deducted from JAK for interrupting JUS nonstop through the course of this interview….HAHAHAHAHA

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” Heavy Dub Pressure “

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When it comes to DUB my top ranking three rock in this order…




These three heavily influenced the way I view production, creativeness, and true dedication to the craft….Those dudes out in Japan (Dub Vendor) just tapped into King Tubbys’ vaults to unleash more goodness on the Dub massive…DO NOT SLEEP !!!!


1.Chalist Dub 02:43
2.Staga Dub 03:11
3.Stepping Dub 03:19
4.Swal Field Dub 02:45
5.Rasta Dub 02:45
6.Who Is The Dub 02:56
7.Red Gold And Green Dub 02:40
8.Dred Dub 03:27
9.Mistry Dub 02:33
10.Peace And Love Dub 03:07

1976 rare dub album consists of robust Techniques rhythms dismantled and reconstructed by King Tubby to its perfection
Long-expected reissue of one of the most sought after dub albums.

” Kick Rocking “

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Ever since the birth of my second child (Kingston), I have to admit that my shoe copping days have nearly come to a close…Luckily for me my stash game is pretty monstrous…With the recent release of these scorching Puma / Bobbito joints I might have to come out of retirement and set dudes on fire on the ave…

If your thinking along the same lines-


Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 4.44.15 PM

” 90′ Canadian Hip Hop Mix 2 “

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DJ FILTHY RICH pays homage to the rich heritage of Canadian Hip Hop by unleashing a session dedicated to our brothers across the northern border…


National Anthem – O Canada [Filthy Rich blend]
Maestro Fresh Wes – Let Your Backbone Slide ALT MIX [Filthy Rich blend]
Split Personality – Try and Stop Us
B Kool – Gotta Get Over
UBAD – The Legacy
Thrust – Emcee
Redlife – The Night’s Young
Choclair – 21 Years
Choclair ft Marvel & Solitair – Conversations
Thrust – Rage (Didn’t Have To Go)
UBAD ft Nas-T-Howie – Rugged and Nasty
Nefarius – Pondering
Bishop Brigante – Kipling 2 Kennedy
Mathematik ft Bahamadia – Following Goals
Thrust – Do You Understand (Scam RMX)
Saukrates ft Common – Play Dis (Soxx Soul Mix)
Dan E O – Dear Hip Hop RMX [Filthy Rich blend]
Saukrates – Paperchase [Filthy Rich blend]
K-OS ft AZ – Rise Like The Sun RMX [Filthy Rich Crossborder ReFix]
Kardinal Offishall ft Saukrates – On Wit Da Show (OG Version)
Sekou Toure – Almighty God
Dan E O – Mic Surgery (Originally unreleased)
Rascalz – Blind Wid Da Science
Maestro – Pushin Wiggz Back
Frankenstein – The Rain Is Gone
Ghetto Concept – Much Love
Sic Sense (ft Dub-Ill & Boom) – Hill Topics
Diamond X (aka Diemen X aka The D.X.) – What I See
Brass Tacks – Icebreaker Classic (Original Serious Mix)
Citizen Kane ft Mathematik – Elements Of Mind (Black Rain RMX)

” Super Duty Tough Work #122 “

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On the latest episode of SUPER DUTY TOUGH WORK (Blueprint & Illogic) the duo delve into the changing face of Hip Hop production…It’s not too often I get to hear conversations like this, so it was a interesting breath of fresh air in many aspects (Even though I do not agree with some of the things mentioned)…

“In the winter of 1996, Blueprint bought his first sampler and began his journey as a hip-op beat-maker. During the last twenty years, things have changed tremendously; some for the better and some for the worse. In this episode, we dive deep into what the landscape looked like 20 years ago and how much it’s changed for the people who are making beats now”.


” Meyhem Lauren Heat “

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I’m feeling this MEYHEM LAUREN & MUGGS joint “Niggas Is Pussy”…


What’s not to love about disgruntled bars such as, ” I don’t care about your rhymes, I don’t care about your raps, I don’t care about your guns, I don’t care about your gats- niggers is pussy”…It also helps that the visuals to accompany the track are stone cold !!!!

” Kings On A Mission “

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Do yourself a favor and take a listen to this BBC Radio broadcast….

“In 1974, one of America’s most celebrated cultural figures declared graffiti as “the great art of the 70s”.

Back then, thousands of teenagers were vandalising New York, in particular the subway system. Yet Norman Mailer described their “passion”, their “cool”, their “masterpieces in letters six feet high”.

Who were the teens behind the “tags” – now the veterans of the scene? Why did they create this movement? Were they even thinking about art, politics, protest – or simply writing their names on trains?

BBC Radio 4 meets some of those who defied the law (and their parents) and diced with death including pioneers such as Riff 170, Jester, Coco 144, Flint Gennari, and Tats Cru. Their efforts have been replicated far beyond New York – in art galleries and in the hands of Arab Spring protesters – and yet their aspirations were largely apolitical: they were chasing fame and the acceptance of their peers.

The programme explores the city’s complicated relationship with graffiti, which it appears to condemn and celebrate in equal measure. Former artists – or “writers” as they prefer to be known – revisit their old haunts and discuss why they believe they had a right to “tag”, “bomb” and “destroy” New York with markers and spray paint.

The programme paints a vivid picture of a city that became a canvas at a time when, according to Norman Mailer, “it looked as if graffiti would take over the world”.

Produced by Steve Urquhart
A Falling Tree production for BBC Radio 4.

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” 2018 Newness “

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By now I’m quite sure you know what your in store for when you peep a THIRD SIGHT project : insane rhyme patterns, morbid tales of killings and murder, battle raps, lo fi beats, and all types of off-kilter shit with a San Jose Hip Hop sensibility…..Truth be told JIHAD has mastered his lane for a few decades at this point, and on his latest release the “Red Herring” mixtape he keeps his brand of originality on full blast mode….

JIHAD gives a nice glimpse into the making of this album on the WITZARD website (Beats, Lyrics, Cuts, & the Inside Story)…

“Red Herring is made up of tracks I recorded between 2008-12; production duties are held down by Mr. Aeks, Du-Funk, Drumboy, and Maestro Gamin. The cuts were performed by DJ Vandal from The Netherlands and there are two guest emcees: Maestro Gamin & Drew Fairweather (Crudbump.) The tracks were languishing on my desktop, until Awkward offered to master them. He mastered Orchids & Corpses (2016) the same way. He also, did tracks for Third Sight’s IV. In addition, he is remixing a narrative/comic book album, The Red Sentence, for me.”


” Kan Kick : Quaker State “

Screen Shot 2018-08-23 at 2.53.34 PM

KAN KICK continues his consistent beat tape assault with the release of his latest “Quaker State 2″…Turn the volume up a few notches and catch a zone…