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” Vitamin D : Bornday 3 “

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I just listened to this brand spanking new album by VITAMIN D “Bornday 3”, and I gotta admit, their are some motherfucking heaters on here…Maybe its the pacific northwest isolation factor that has enabled Vitamin to cultivate a truly original approach to the artform?….Maybe its the fact that he makes beats, rhymes, and engineers his own shit?…Or maybe you can attribute it to his unyielding dedication to Hip Hop for over 20 years?….

Regardless do yourself a favor and check in with a quickness, but I recommend rocking it in its entirety, please disregard any of the singing that takes place….HAHAHAHA….

HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD TOP PICKS- “The New Central”, “All That Jazz – this is incredible”, “Mama”, “Half A Fool”, “As Long As they Buying It”, “Speed On”, “Practice”, and “Don’t Cry”…..

” P Brothers 2018 “

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I have been patiently waiting for the P Brothers to release some new material….Looks like the wait is over troopers, on the horizon we have the “Mentaltainment EP” vinyl release dropping in May….By the sounds of the snippets this should be another heavy hardcore blast from the Nottingham duo…

*On another note, I couldn’t help but notice they flipped the same drums on the first song that I rocked for “Good Morning Vietnam” back in 2012…I have never heard ANYONE use those damn drums but me….Probably another case of great minds thinking alike, because it could be that they have never heard our joint…

” CL Smooth Drops Gems “

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This has to be the most thorough, comprehensive, and jaw dropping interview with CL that I have heard thus far….The Mecca Don is the special guest on the newest episode of the DROP A GEM podcast with Speak No Evil, LEO, and I even popped up for a brief moment HAHHA…

If you ever wondered why CL Smooth & Pete Rock haven’t recorded any new material, or wondered why CL was so quiet over the years – do yourself a favor and tune in because this is one for the books without a fraction of a doubt..

Over two hours of nonstop jewelry…


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” DJ Pump Spotlight “

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I’m going to transport you back to 2000 for a round of pure turntable abuse….

When I first saw this routine by the Canadian DJ Pump, I was not only amazed by his clean transitions, I also took note that he uses the same two records for the duration of the set…..

Juggles, scratches, scratch sentences, and drumming on a serious level even by todays standards….Pump is still doing his thing, but this is one of my favorite routines by him without a fraction of a doubt….

” Coca Cobra : Under The Radar “

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The Soloist & Per C.Wells came together for the recent “COCA COBRA” release…I definitely heard a few tracks on this joint that are worthy of adding to your rotation…Peep..


1.Re-Enter 02:59
2.Paycheck to Check 03:07
3.Different Pages 03:03
4.The Jones 02:24
5.Peace of the Sky 03:08
6.Flow of Life 02:25
7.P.R.I.D.E. 02:01
8.Don’t Be A Fool 02:26
9.Still Inspired 03:04
10.The Other Side 02:07

” Joint Of The Day “

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Haven’t had a chance to rock Toronto’s FUTUREWAVE album as of yet, but I did come across this BOZACK MORRIS remix for “Ignorance” that perked my ears up…With lines like “Come through with a pocket full of bullets, loaded to the fullest / don’t you hear my pockets clincking and shit”, I instantly locked in..

J Scienide & Asun Eastwood (Who stole the show) on the vocals…


” Box Cutter Brothers 5 “

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*This is going to be a little long winded, so bear with me as I let my vocabulary spill..

Yeah man, Ayatollah & I are five joints deep with this BOXCUTTER BROTHERS shit..Today is the release of BCB5 on cassette, which is a little surreal for me, especially coming up in the boom box era…Feels like motherfucking 1987 again for the kid !!!! Luckily for me I still have a diesel ghetto blaster that I could pull out on dudes and really shock the house if necessary , HA…On the real side of things though, BCB5 is straight up nasty, and after five releases I honestly rank this one as one of the best…..

So if you have been rocking with HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD for the last ten years, I sincerely ask you to pump this at maximum volume to absorb the full effects….Thank you for your time, energy, and attention : As for me, I’m about to celebrate this release with a few libations….FEEL FREE TO SPREAD AROUND.

*Happy bornday to my BCB brethren Ayatollah….Big shout out to VENDETTA VINYL & 77RISE RECORDINGS in SF for making this happen…





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” King No Crown : Blueprint “

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To be honest I never really heard too much of BLUEPRINT’s music, but I have checked out his podcast and read excerpts from one of his books….It’s obvious that he is a talented brother that can easily articulate his years of experience touring, putting out independent music, and dealings with the up’s and downs of a forever changing musical landscape….

I recently peeped a movie he dropped last year, “King No Crown” that was interesting….If you haven’t peeped it yet, you can now check it out in it’s entirety…

” Monday Power Boosters : Green Mix “

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Just peeped the newest mix by those JAZZ SPASTIK dudes…The Green Mix rocks some rare, b-side, under the radar type flavor that is worthy of a listen.Peep.


01. Lastrawze – Care Free
02. Trauma Center – Game Goes
03. Homeliss Derilex – Cash Money
04. Trauma Center – Spilling What I’m Feeling
05. Homeliss Derilex – Daily Operation
06. Keith Murray – World Be Free
07. Omniscence – Nuff Love
08. Artifacts – To Ya Chest
09. Trauma Center – Bad Territory
10. Reggie Capers – Suspect
11. Trauma Center – Just A Little Rage
12. ????
13. ????
14. Al Tariq – Crime Pays
15. Artifacts – Attack Of New Jeruzalum
16. Dead Poets Society – Don’t Quit
17. Omniscence – I’m On Mine
18. Omniscence – Wrecognize
19. A Tribe Called Quest – Phoney Rappers
20. Strickly Roots ‎– Beg No Friends
21. Heavy D & The Boyz – Blue Funk
22. ?????
23. Omniscence – I Gotta Maintain
24. ?????
25. J.V.C. Force – Sandee
26. ?????


” Dualismo Sound : Enrico Intra Mix “

Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 9.40.12 AM

The last few post have been centered around Italy, so to close out the Italian vibes I’m going to slap you with this session by the founder of Dualismo Sound Records Mr. Andrea Dallera for “Funk Sessions In Milan”…..55 minutes of all types of groove morale on deck troopers…


Rigol & Atta – Love and Tedium
Sergio Prandelli – La Paloma
Armando Cusopoli – Ain’t no Sunshine
Shaba – Sambamanao
The Monks Group – Music, Music, Music
Enrico Intra – Starbus
Enrico Intra – Insieme
Paolo Zavallone & His Orchestra – Yellow Fever
Gruppo 2001 – Stratosfera
La Comune Idea – Cuore di Serpente
Odeon – Disco Boy
The Yetians – Funky Disco Sound
Manhattan Express – I Came to Dance
Oscar Rocchi & His Orchestra – Jane
Enzo Minuti & His Orchestra – Happy Band

” Friday Firepower “

Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 3.26.49 PM

Once again I’m headed to Italy for some goodies – for this post the Italian Sonar Music Edition label hits us with some official treats….

“Sonor Music Editions presents one of the most elusive records of Italian Library field and an insane piece of trippy mood music. The mental Psychedelic artwork reflects the hallucinogenic sounds of this crazy music production from 1971. Weird Lounge intervallos and deeply Experimental Avant-garde themed music with loads of different moods for background use and sound sensations. Early atonal and Psychedelic extreme Library music from the Italian 1970s golden production”.


1.Nello Ciangherotti – Attento! 01:59
2.Nello Ciangherotti – Desolazione Cosmica 01:54
3.Roversol – Raggio Di Luna 02:01
4.Nenty – Passi 02:33
5.Roversol – Mattino Stanco 01:45
6.Nello Ciangherotti – Viaggio 02:09
7.Nenty – Scooter 01:35
8.Nello Ciangherotti – Orbita Lunare 02:13
9.Nenty – Ezechiele Lupo 02:34
10.Roversol – Borgata Triste 01:23
11.Nello Ciangherotti – Arsenio Lupin 02:04
12.Nenty – Stelle Vaganti 01:32
13.Roversol – Chemin De Fer 01:54
14.Nenty – Cripta 01:46

” Sage Infinite : Air Em Out “

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 2.43.19 PM

Straight from the Italian label TUFF KONG comes this lo-fi, hazy, extra slow BPM joint by Sage Infinite “Air Em Out” produced by Cuns….Check it out and catch a zone…


” Midweek Wreckage “

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 1.30.09 PM

Originally posted June 11th 2015….

Alright how do I start this one off ? I guess the only way to begin this post is by stating that MFGRIMM was one of my all time favorite MC’s years before we met up and started recording….I copped the majority of his vinyl pieces, watched the rise of MIC with admiration, bought a copy of his book, listened to those ill freestyles on Stretch & Bobbito, and truly thought he was one of the most intriguing figures in Hip Hop…..

Never in a million years did I think we would record many albums together, and form a friendship…Every other day people hit me up and ask, “Yo when is the new GRIMM & DRASAR” coming out? “Are you guys going to make Good Morning Vietnam 4” ?……Trust me when I tell you- we have all types of wild shit already recorded and we have many plans and strategies to hit people over the head with a onslaught of some of the most dangerous music ever created….TRUST ME…

In the meantime, take a listen to this “MFGRIMM BORNDAY MIX” that I put together awhile back if you missed it on the first go-round….Salute to my cuzzo MF GRIMM REAPER for constantly dropping heavy jewelry….


Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 8.49.39 PM

” Unreleased Heat : Tim Dog “

Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at 11.13.26 AM

Even though I naturally gravitate towards listening to top notch lyrical MC’s, I truly believe you do not necessarily have to be the most technically skilled to make straight up banging projects….SCHOOLY D wasn’t the most gifted rhymer, but I would rather listen to “Am I Black Enough For You” over any EMINEM, CHINO XL, SUPERNATURAL (Insert other rappers that focus on verbal gymnastics over substance and making thorough albums)….

Some might even say that EPMD were not top tier MC’s (I tend to agree somewhat) but their is no denying that they knew how to construct some of the illest shit when it came to getting busy in the lab…PERIOD….

Remember when “every one and there momma” tried to downplay GROUP HOME’s role in the crafting of the classic “Living Proof” album ? All you heard was “Premier” is the reason why it was dope, Premier this, Premier that – I could make a case that LIL DAP & MELACHI the Nutcracker (Even with their verbal shortcomings) might have been smart enough, and in-tune enough to have made one of the best albums that the “GANGSTARR FOUNDATION” ever put out….

While I’m on this train of thought, I have to bring up the SOUTH BRONX bomber, TIM DOG….”Penicillin On Wax” is one of my favorite albums ever made…The beats, blatant disregard, anger, and overall entertainment value of this joint is astounding, even by 2018 standards…..Whenever I get overwhelmed by all the soft, weakling Hip Hop that we are all constantly bombarded with – I revert to this album for a nice dose of rawness….HA….Recently I stumbled on to the previously unreleased video of “Bronx Nigga” which gave me even more admiration for Tim Dog…With all the shootings, police killings, and nudity in this video it’s no wonder why MTV RAPS or VIDEO MUSIC BOX never gave these visuals any air time…..


” Bumpy Knuckles 2018 “

Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 9.50.09 AM

When you have been around for 30 years on the mic, and you still have that hunger to represent yourself creatively – you not only deserve unwavering respect, you have to be mentioned alongside many others as truly great…PERIOD..

BUMPY KNUCKLES is the special guest on the latest episode of the NO IDEAS ORIGINAL SHOW, don’t sleep….


Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 9.50.49 AM