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” Minnesota : Variables “

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When MINNESOTA sent me this new heat rock he has on deck (Variables) I damn near lost my motherfucking mind..I have been a fan of not only his beats for quite sometime, but I truly believe he is one of the greatest producers on the mic..


He has a uncanny way of sprinkling street parables and jewels into his bars that only a seasoned war scarred vet can do..”Variables” is one long quotable that has so much poetic value that it would translate well in written form just like the majority of his rhymes…No wasted words, no toying around, just pure uncut freshness from beginning to end..Be on the lookout for a few projects from him this year!!!!

Salute to you MINN and the entire MONEY BOSS PLAYERS for keeping me inspired over the years, when dudes went left and tried to take the grit out of this shit..


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” New Shit On Deck “

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Former School Of Sharks MC / producer LEX BOOGIE from the BX comes to the table with some newness on “Johnny Walker Black”… Be on the lookout for a full length in the near future duke…

” The Future Sound : Spotlight “

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In the Hip Hop world groups come and go with a quickness…You can have a major budget, a major label backing you, tons of press and publicity, radio play, and all types of extras in the mix and still disappear without a motherfucking trace..

Before ROCAFELLA records turned into what it eventually became – Dame Dash used to manage two groups; ORIGINAL FLAVOR & the heavily slept on mysterious duo THE FUTURE SOUND…I can vividly remember picking up the FUTURE SOUND debut album “The Whole Shebang” when it initially dropped in 1992 and liking a FEW cuts on it, but now when I revisit it, I have a deeper appreciation for their approach and overall unorthodox steez..Sadly, the duo only put out one album on Atlantic Records (East / West) and I never heard anything about them since.

I never knew they had any videos out until I recently stumbled across a gem on You Tube…You will even spot DAME DASH with a minor role HAHA..



” Boom Shots : Re-ups “

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When I started HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD ten plus years ago, social media wasn’t really popping off at the time…Certain blogs and sites were flooding the internet with all types of jewelry and links of material that was once under the radar..It was a very interesting era..Unfortunately many of those links and file sharing sites were deaded around 2013-2014, and in their place names like Soundcloud, Bandcamp, You Tube and others started popping up due to the heavy influx of streaming over downloading…

Half of the history of HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD is gone without a trace…I never really took the time to transfer all that shit to a hardrive because like many of us, we figured the links would be around for a longer period of time…That’s why I’m thankful that I always put supreme value on vinyl since a kid…This whole digital world is helpful for some things – but it could never replace the actual hardcopy in my opinion…

A link that was deaded by Mediafire was my “EVERY POSSE GET FLAT” mix from, 2011….Check the sidebar for proof HAHAHA…

” DJ Koko : Boiler Room “

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Once again the turntable wrecking ball from Japan (DJ KOKO) shows and proves behind the wheels of steel..On this 45 minute clip at the recent Boiler Room Las Vegas broadcast he hits us with a avalanche of breaks, trick mixing, 45’s, and explosive selections..

You know the drill !!!

” Drop A Gem : DR Period “

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The producer of heavy classics like “How About Some Hardcore” & “Broken Language”, the elusive Brownsville BK beat smith DR PERIOD joins the Drop A Gem On Em show for a round of thorough Q&A…Over an hour of treats on deck so do not sleep!!!


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” Strictly Extra P “

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The “Live guy with glasses” Mr.Extra P gets the full blown homage mix by BAZOOKA JOE..

“Picking up where I left off the 1st part of the ‘Fresh Produce’ series, this one is numero dos….still all about Large Pro productions once again but focused on the mid/late90’s and beyond including a lot of his solo material post Main Source as well as some of the less obvious productions he’s done over the years. I could have easily made 3 or 4 volumes of this because he has so much classic material but if you like what you hear do some research on his solo projects and so on… if you know…Got some mean features/tracks/verses from folks like Tragedy, Havoc, Pete Rock, Nas, Lord The Arkitec, Mad Skillz, Common, Ghostface, Raekwon, Roc Marciano, Busta Rhymes, Slick Rick, The U.N., X-Ecutioners, Grand Puba, Killa Sha, Fashawn, Styles P, AZ, Jeru Tha Damaja, Keith Murray, DJ Koss, Powerule, Mic Geronimo, Reks, Timeless Truth, Neek The Exotic, Black Rob, Cormega & Senor Kaos ft. P.So…rockwiddit”!

” Akwassa : In The Groove “

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I’m going to transport you back to Nigeria circa 1977, for some tough Motherland groove morale, interesting compositions, and a dash of raw soul power on this glorious Sunday afternoon…

“First official reissue ever! Nigeria had an utterly strong popular music scene in the 1970s, “Afro Beat” and “Afro Funk” were the hottest musical creations of the day and garage rock oriented bands like OFEGE or funky monsters AKWASSA were at the forefront of the movement. I deliberately call it their second album despite three albums that were released under the monicker HEADS FUNK BAND with exactly the same line up as AKWASSA from 1975 to 1978. However, the main difference between “In the groove” and the earlier records is a more slick and polished feeling and a strong reggae element. Next to this, there are definitely a few more up to date disco funk influences that outweigh the classic raw streetfunk we could find on the predecessors of “In the groove”. So the development in sound and style is obvious. ‘In the Groove’ has a more easy, more relaxed feeling. The atmosphere is bright and certainly reaches out for a wider audience. AKWASSA were stars in their palce. “In the groove” was a perfect album that would appeal to each and every fan of funky music. All the members of AKWASSA stayed with music after the band dissolved in the late 70s, some of them until recent years, others straight up into the 80s or 90s. Even though this important Nigerian band called out it’s quit somewhen, they left a rich legacy of music! Colorful and inspiring this album is made to last forever due to the memorable hooks and harmonies. While collectors spend 1.000 EUR for original copies, an official reissue of this monster rarity was overdue and Afro Funk lovers around the world will leap for joy as nearly all tunes could be played in a row to set the dance floor ablaze”.


1.Have Patience 04:03
2.No One Else 03:36
3.We Believe In Peace 04:02
4.Everybody’s Getting On 04:24
5.Love Me Now 04:11
6.Make Your Self (What You Wanna Be) 04:04
7.Give Me Some Funk 04:08
8.Jam All Night 05:46

” Myalansky : Drastic Measures 2 “

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Truth be told, the WU-SYNDICATE were one of the better groups to emerge from under the WU umbrella in the mid-late 90’s…MYALANSKY & JOE MAFIA were a potent duo who knew / know how to assemble solid songs that vividly detailed the trials and tribulations of street life in a authentic fashion…

On “Drastic Measure 2” MYALANSKY flips his multi – syllable style to new heights…



1.Its Crazy (Intro) 03:30
2.On The Grind ft. Joe Mafia 03:06
3.Lord God ft. Joe Mafia 03:44
4.Drastic Measures II 02:42
5.Juice 02:39
6.Champagne Toast ft. Joe Mafia 03:53
7.You Can Cry 03:20
8.Hustle ft. Joe Mafia 03:09
9.C.C.E. (Continous Crime Enterprise) ft. Shaka Amazulu The 7th 03:47
10.Speak Easy 03:33
11.Realism Of Actuality 02:30
12.Stormy Weather 03:20

“Myalansky dropped Drastic Measures like more than 10 years ago, his voice was different then and the initial plan was to redo the album all over again with his new voice but instead he thought he gives his fans something much better a whole new project with great production and staying true to his core concepts. Enjoy this 12 major jams featuring of course the usual suspect and syndicate partner in crime Joe Mafia”.

” Military Minded “

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This LORD FINESSE / MURO / BBP collabo Army jacket is just straight murder…Official patches, stripes, nice fabric, and a bold LF logo on the back for the GLASS SHATTERING SLAM DUNK..Salute to those dudes over at BBP JAPAN for keeping the flames consistently lit!!!!


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” Eaze Up Show :#17 “

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Many of the HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD readers are familiar with Jaz & the defunct COLD ROCK THE SPOT blog..That blog was serious when it came to under the radar heat, B-sides, remixes, and all types of flavors..JAZ has recently resurfaced with the EAZE UP SHOW where he continues in the tradition where CRDS left off..Peace to New Zealand.


01 Jay.Soul & Justo The MC – Crooklyn In Me (2018)
02 Sic Sense – Infinite B-Boy (Prod by Down To Erf) (1997)
03 Brand Nubian – The Godz (1992)
04 Larry Larr – Da Wizzard of Oddz (Prod by Chuck Nice) (1991) Esp dedicated to Raw Wattage)
05 Father Dom – Keep On Doin Watcha Doin’ (1991)
06 Slick Rick – Moment I Feared (Prod by Vance Wright) (1988) Esp dedicated to Killyshoot)
07 Da Phylava – Geechie Squaw (prod by Robert Dyches) (1994)
08 EPMD – It’s Going Down (1991)
09 Knucklehedz – Wuntz Upon A Time (Prod by Charlie Marotta) (1993)
10 Pudgee Tha Phat Bastard ft Kool G Rap – This Is How We…(Prod by Trackmasters) (1993)
11 MF 911 – 900 (Prod by C.Chubb) (1993)
12 The Good People – Headphones (2019)
13 The Roots – I Remain Calm (Prod by Black Thought) (1994)
14 Joe Sinistr Ft Terminator X And The Godfathers Of Threatt – Under The Sun (1994)
15 CERTAIN.ONES Ft Ghostface Killah, Kinetic 9, Bobby Craves & DZL- Escape From Albatross (Prod by Evi-Denz) (2019)
16 Norrick Rapper School – I Love (Prod by Matico Pro) (2018) (Peru)
17 Rxnde Akozta – Hasta la C de la V (Prod by Rodesens) (Cuba)
18 Dankery Harv x Tranzformer x Smash Bro$ Ft Solar. C (2019) (Canada)
19 The Settlers -Set It Straight (Prod by Tia Drummer) (NZ) (2019)
20 World Renown – Come Take A Ride (West Coast Vibe) (Prod by Blackcat & K-Def) (1994)
21 Souls of Mischief – In Front Of The Kids (Prod by Snupe) (1994)
22 NapsNdreds & Nottz – Black Suns Ft Andi-Ites (2018)
23 Children of Zeus – I.D.S.F.A.
24 Stezo – To The Max (Prod by Chris Lowe & Stezo) (1989)
25 Nowaah The Flood Ft Kool G Rap & Hus Kingpin – Outnumbered (Prod by Waylo) (2018)
26 Lazy Eyez – Sails (Prod by Edzilla) (2018) (UK)
27 Levelz – Rainy Day (Prod by Metrodome) (2018) (UK)
28 Lord Juco Ft Jamal Gasol – Last Call (Prod by Bohemia Lynch) (2018)
29 All Hail Y.T. x Tone Beatz – No Curfew (2019)
30 Ras Kass – Featuring Myself (Prod by Omid G) (2019)
31 Ca$ablanca x B-Sun – Thou $halt Be Done (2018)
32 Stanza Divan Ft Jafro – Warriors (2017) (UK)
33 Khruangbin – Evan Finds The Third Room (2018)
34 TESK – Burn My Mind (2018)


“2019 : In Full Gear “

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CMNY has been doing their thing for a minute now..I’m real selective when it comes to most of these NEW ERA companies, but this classic flip that I recently spotted is right up my alley…

If your thinking along the same lines check in..


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” Swet : Book Of The Year “

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Meant to post this book by KING SWET awhile back, but better late than never…You know the motherfucking drill!!!!!

“The king of swing “SWET” and Chemistry Publishing transformed a massive collection of painted walls and sketches together to a hand-bound book. In the last 15-20 years Swet painted around 300 walls a year but when you got the idea to make a book focussed on one year one piece a day becomes a goal.

The hard-cover book consist of 240 pages and the size is 240 x 285 mm. The printing (Offset) is done on some nice Munken Crystal Rough paper. The special pop-up spines are spray painted what makes every book a unique piece of art”.

Get your copy HERE

“Electric Burners : Drama/ DE “

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When it comes to dangerous, deeply rooted, electrifying burners, DRAMA / DE should be mentioned amongst the greats..Hailing from Southern California, this one man wrecking machine has not only showed and proved throughout the years – he continues to push the envelope and keep a high level of consistency in his work..

BOMBING SCIENCE recently caught up with the elusive writer for some Q&A action..


“Do you think the fact that you can just look on Instagram or the internet and find a style has homogenized graff at all? Do you think it’s possible to be completely original today and if so, how do you think people can do that?

This is the question that comes up a lot. I don’t have the answers. But I know that you can’t live your life looking in the rear view mirror. The internet is here to stay. It ain’t going nowhere. I think it’s definitely possible to contribute something original stylistically, to the extent of humbling yourself and acknowledging that everything has already been done before you. You might think you stumbled upon some new concept, then see an old mag where someone did your concept in 1981 on a subway car in NY. But you can shine that style through your own soul’s kaleidoscope lens and make a unique contribution in your own unique way. It just takes being brave enough to do it. I like brave graffiti”.

screen shot 2019-01-06 at 9.42.46 am
screen shot 2019-01-06 at 9.43.16 am
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” Rome Streetz : Noise Candy 2 “

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I’m quite sure you have noticed by now that for the last 5 years their has been a new crop of MC’s that were deeply influenced by ROC MARCIANO / WSG / ACTION BRONSON / CONWAY / THE GOD FAHIM….Some of them wear the influence on their sleeves – others straight copy the blueprints and run with them, while a few take bits and pieces and attempt to incorporate it into their music…

We are all influenced by others, but the goal is to try to add on and flip certain things instead of following in the next person’s footsteps….I’m hoping that in 2019 we will hear more originality, more new ideas, more new approaches in production, and more people willing to take chances…

I recently took a listen to the newest offering from ROME STREETZ, it definitely had a few head nodders on it.You can hear his influences for sure, but it is worthy of some decent burn..