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” Ayatollah : World Premier 2016 “

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*In above flick – Ayatollah, my dude FDRZ & myself…

Today I’m going to bless ya’ll with this new AYATOLLAH project entitled “The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth”…..Nine instrumental tracks, plus one joint with Ayatollah on the bars as well….So if your attempting to jump start your week do the right thing….FREE DL LINK (Make sure you spread this around troopers) –

And while your at it, peep this two hour interview with Ayatollah & myself (THE BOXCUTTER BROTHERS) with those DROP A GEM ON EM dudes out in Queens NYC…..We go into detail about our creative process, Hip Hop history , production equipment, legendary sessions, and TRAGEDY KHADAFI even pops up for a surprise appearance so do not snooze…*Show starts the 10:00 minute mark…


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” Scratch Overdose 15 “

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If you have been rocking with HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD over the years, than you already know that San Diego’s DJ TENSHUN has always received much burn on this side….


Dude constantly comes to the table with aggressive, bugged the fuck out drum chops, fresh scratch sentences, and a I don’t give a fuck attitude (Which I appreciate wholeheartedly)…..On the “Scabz & Bruises” mix he lets loose an avalanche of BBoy chaos that will force your antennae to activate…DONT SLEEP.

” Craig G : Newness “

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Former Juice Crew repper CRAIG G is back on the set with some 2016 treats….”I Rap & Go Home” is the first leak off of his new project that is dropping May 5th..

Peep the visuals.

” Alma Doce : Brasilian Sweet Soul Mix “

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I’m not going to hit you with a gang of adjectives when it comes to describing this “Brasilian Sweet Soul Mix / Comp” by the AMBASSADOR – just trust me that this session will give you a nice boost of soul power….

WHEW….Living proof that music is a language of it’s own…..

” Flick Of The Day “

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This is an oldie but goodie…

Right after GURU passed away, my dude KHUFU ONERZ (GFC / NS / NSA /) went for broke and paid respect by flexing his skill trade…FRESH IS THE WORD..

” Boxcutter Brothers Steez “

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This Thursday AYATOLLAH & I ( The Boxcutter Brothers) will be on the very fresh “Drop A Gem On Em” podcast with SPEAK NO EVIL & LEO…Past guest include Chyskills, Big Twinz, Positive K, Krumbsnatcha, JS1, Tragedy Khadafi, Prince Po, Royal Flush, etc…

Were going to drop all types of jewelry so make sure you tune in 5:30 pacific time…


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” Strictly Hardcore Week : 5 “

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Based off of a couple show stealing features on EPMD’s “Business As Usual”, people were fiending to hear a Redman debut album…It wasn’t quite “ILLMATIC” expectations but I do recall the anticipation level and the buzz around “Whut? Thee Album” being extremely high at the time…..

FFWD to the new millennium – I still believe REDMAN can rhyme with the best of em – my only problem is that his ear for beats has been questionable for quite sometime, but out of nowhere in 2005 he dropped an atom bomb with the release of the “GILLA HOUSE CHECK” 12 inch….Not sure who produced this joint (it’s not listed on the wax that I have) but they kept it raw which fits REDMAN’s style perfectly…..

” Strictly Hardcore Week : 4 “

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 3.30.13 PM

Even though ROZEWOOD flows over an esoteric / heavenly backdrop on “Niggas To Gods”, don’t mistake this tune for not being hardcore with lines like – “You have not a clue what they do to our babies / say its for the flu, won’t be surprised if it was rabies”….”Same enemies that created crack babies / took our names and our gods when they enslaved me”…

Produced by Bozack Morris…

” Strictly Hardcore Week : 3 “

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 10.31.28 AM

I’m going to splash you with some dangerous frequencies that you won’t find ANYWHERE else on the internet….“Silverhawk” on the dubplate tip rocking strictly NINJAMAN & SHABBA RANKS…..This is not that happy go lucky dancehall shit – this is that certified rudeboy flamethrower special flying at your grill…..

Put on your best screwface and prepare for more pressure !!!

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” Strictly Hardcore Week : 2 “

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 10.01.30 AM

When it comes to hardcore GODFATHER DON created his own lane….On “Tribute To Godfather Don” French DJ THE WORST lets loose a barrage of GD joints that deserve repeated listening…..


1.Intro 01:13
2.Listen Close 02:43
3.Frontin Ass Ducks 03:18
4.Burn (Remix) 02:39
5.I Was Forgotten 02:22
6.Memories 02:53
7.Properties Of Steel 02:24
8.Do My Thing 03:17
9.No Competition 03:03
10.Styles By The Gram 02:27
11.Y 02:11
12.Interlude 00:44
13.Lex Lugor 03:35
14.Pick Up The Mic 02:38
15.Stuck Of The Realness 02:44
16.Special EFX 03:32
17.Here To Make A Difference 02:55
18.Seeds Of Hate 02:50
19.World Premiere 02:12
20.Do You Know 02:39
21.Interlude 02:42
22.Dip Dip Die!!! 02:23
23.Inverted 02:54
24.Kaos 02:17
25.Piece Of The Action 02:33
26.Forever (My Lady) 02:01

” Strictly Hardcore Week : 1 “

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 9.49.07 AM


Relentless, uncompromising, unapologetic, abrasive, loud, aggressive, bold, are just a few words that describe a certain frequency of Hip Hop that has captivated my attention for the majority of my existence……A common misconception is that you have to talk about guns or jail house stories in order to be classified as hardcore in the Hip Hop world – which is untrue in my opinion…..

This week I will bless you with strictly hardcore joints new and old….So walk with me as I kick up dust, grime, and all that other filthy shit….First up to bat is this mix by SECRET WEAPON DAVE that rocks all types of rare Baltimore / Bodymore 12 inches…..


1) Ring Side – Precise & The Boys ft. Marty Cash
2) Chocolate Dip – Labtekwon
3) Sunshine – The Runaway Slaves
4) Penz n Needlez – Pen Powz
5) Competition Catch Speed Knots – Constant Deviants
6) Physics – Sparrow
7) Remember the Days – Trifwound
8) The Shop – The Arx
9) Final Analysis – KRB
10) Coptic Jihad – Labtekwon
11) Class is in Session – DJ Class
12) Just Gee’n – Junie Jam
13) I Don’t Think You’re Gonna Make It – Precise & The Boys ft. Marty Cash
14) Analyze The Style – Khaos & DBA

” Strictly Hardcore Mix : Re-ups “

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 11.21.27 AM

* Posted up this mix mid February, but since next week will be a “strictly hardcore” affair  I might as well get your ear drums prepared for severe turbulence..

-This is what Mr.Crate Killer (Drasar Monumental) had to say about the recent mix he rocked for us at VVHQ-

“I was recently summoned by the wild dudes over at VENDETTA VINYL headquarters for some 2016 hardcore turntable action…..Lately I have been so entrenched in the production side of things, it was nice to assemble a dangerous set of grimy selections, remixes, blends, doubles, twist and turns and all that other explosive shit….
The tracklist alone should motivate you to download this session – but their are some tracks that were not mentioned because they were only used as spices and extended layering, so don’t snooze….
Anyway, big shout out to everyone that respects the wreck, it is appreciated to the fullest….Turn the volume past ten, strap on your collision helmets, and prepare for another round of severe pressure on your ear drums duke…
Feel free to spread around”-

1..Drasar Monumental & Blacka Dread – “Heathen Dead 2 Dubplate”
2..MF GRIMM & Drasar Monumental – “The Bear”
3..Candystore – “Jewels Heist”
4..Architects Of Intellect – “Syndrome”
5..Live Wire – “Tables Turn”
6..P.Brothers featuring Boss Money – “Cold World”
7..Cliffhangerz – “Ready 4 War”
8..Roc Raida & Wayne O – “U Dont Stop”
9..Big City – “Disgusting”
10..Shamus featuring Flu – “Tight Team” Drasar Monumental remix
11..Deda Baby Paw – “Cant Wait”
12..The Legion – “It’s Thorough”
13..B-1 & Ayatollah – “Hustle”
14..Lord Finesse – Funky On The Fast Tip, original version
15..Capitol D – “1984”
16..Showbiz & AG – “Stand Strong”
17..Call Of The Wild – “Sometimes The Neighborhood”
18..Scum – “Taking No Shorts”
19..Al Tariq – “Crime Pays”
20..Beneficence – “Aim,Fire,Spit”
21..Sam Hill – “Project Misery”
22..Godfather Don & Sir Menelik – “Life Aint The Same”
23..Drasar Monumental – “Apex Predator Blades”
24..MF GRIMM & Drasar Monumental – “Rhymes Against Humanity”

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 11.22.54 AM

” Friday Jewelry “

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 11.01.28 AM

Since it’s Friday it’s only right that I hit you off with more legendary heat…

“Wane is truly a gentleman and not only is his painting pedigree rock solid, so is he. The topics that he discussed are pretty badass and truly an awesome positive point of view. This is a long conversation, so hope you’re ready, because he comes with it. Thanks again Wane for doing this. As always there’s a bunch of pictures on the site that he passed on to us. I’ll post some teasers later today, but go and check them out”.


Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 11.02.11 AM

” DJ Mike Smooth Speaks “

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 10.49.30 AM

Lord Finesse’s former dj (MIKE SMOOTH) comes equipped with critical jewels on the DROP A GEM ON EM podcast….He goes into detail about the formation of DITC, his opinions on Serato, legendary sessions, etc….Do yourself a favor and give this one a thorough listen….

*While your at it check out their recent Q&A with POSITIVE K…


” DJ Supreme & Curoc “

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 9.59.02 AM

The original DJ SUPREME from Hi-Jack recently linked up with CUROC (SON OF NOISE) for a round of 2016 international wreckage….

* Big shout out to SUPREME for not switching up and keeping it rugged after all these years..


Taken from DJ Supreme’s forthcoming single “Supreme Legacy V1.5”

OUT 25th APRIL 2016

Directed by Pritt Kalsi w/ Andy Higgs (Tibba Media)

Produced and Mixed by DJ Supreme
Lyrics Written by Curoc
Scratches: DJs Mada, Supreme, Renegade

Executive Producers F.Aman and Naked Ape

(c) BackBone Records 2016


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