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” AZ : Memphis Sessions Repost “

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“Very few flaws, heavy Chevy two doors / candy paint will give a nigga the blue balls”….HAAAAAAHAAAAA…

Since the overwhelming amount of links have been killed on HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD pre – 2010, I decided to go track down the “Memphis Sessions” that I mentioned on the last post…Have dudes rocked over Al Green loops before ? YES…Have some people rocked over some of these joints before ? YES…Have some cats flipped some of these movie samples before ? YES…

Normally I would blow the whistle over rehashed themes and beats, but for some reason AZ sounds perfect on this project…

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” AZ Documentary “

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For some reason NAS & AZ never gave the fans what they truly want/ wanted – a collaborative album….It seems so simple, grab all the producers that made “Illmatic” such a masterpiece, and go in the booth and totally black out…If these two ever decide to link up and actually make this happen, it will not only please the die hard supporters, I believe it will alter the trajectory of the current Hip Hop landscape in some shape, form, or fashion…..

Regardless, AZ has always been nice with it, but some of his production selections are somewhat questionable for a MC of his caliber in my opinion…On my favorite project from him (Memphis Sessions) he sounds right at home over simple yet effective bare bones loops….Go back and peep that joint if you missed it…

Recently the 27 minute “Doe Or Die” documentary dropped seemingly out of nowhere….I highly suggest you check in….

” The Legion : 1980 Something “

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Those Bronx Bombers dudes THE LEGION are back on the set with some more wax treats for those on the hunt…The “1980 Something / Heard We Quit” 7 inch is currently available on Ill Adrenaline so snatch up a copy before they disappear for good….


” Kwest The Mad Ladd : Bourbon Street “

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Contrary to popular belief, a lot of dudes that made their initial splash in the 90’s are fully capable of wrecking shop in 2018…For example on this new heater by KWEST THE MADD LADD- he takes his multi-syllable, dynamic wordplay style to dizzying new heights without losing a motherfucking step….Hopefully there is more new ammo in the clip because if this is any indication of what he has up his sleeves, it looks like the kid is going to shake things up once again…

Salute KWEST for keeping the flames lit after all this time without dumbing down his style !!!!

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” Doc Delay Spotlight “

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I was talking to my manz STATE about a particular DOC DELAY mix I posted up many years ago (Galactic Hot Tub Music) that we both still appreciate….That project is beyond description, genres, and categorization….It’s truly an original piece of work that is worthy of checking out if you never heard it before..

Screen Shot 2018-04-20 at 1.40.08 PM

And while your at it, make sure give this “MEDIUM RARE 4 MIX” that is flooded with rare, under the radar, secret society Hip Hop joints that will get your weekend started off properly….


” Fly Garment Rocking “

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Most of these new era, so called “Urban / Street / Hip Hop brands” are straight up hot garbage…Matter of fact, I can almost guarantee the majority of these trendy lames will not last for more than five years…One company out of Japan that doesn’t fall in that particular category is the very thorough BBP….Not only are they innovative, but they actually take time to make sure the fabrics they rock are durable, yet comfy like a motherfucker…


Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 10.15.26 PM

Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 10.14.52 PM

Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 10.17.13 PM

” Sach : Rhyme Book Bibliomancy “

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Reading Is Fundamental kids….

Congrats to the west coast powerhouse formerly of The Nonce – NOUKA BASETYPE AKA SACHILL PAGES for being ultra creative with the release of his first published book….I’m going to scoop up a copy with a quickness, if your thinking along the same lines you can cop


“Rhyme Book Bibliomancy is an attempt to capture the many facets of Lance Patrick Caldwell’s (sach illpages) creativity. The 46-page chapbook contains twelve of his poems and three of his watercolours. The poems in the collection span the latter part of sach’s career and, in turn, capture his writing at its most mature. While nine of these twelve poems are readily available on record, three appear here for the first time. Sach’s three watercolours are abstract pieces that highlight his concern for balancing spontaneity and symmetry. They also appear in public view for the first time in Rhyme Book Bibliomancy. The versatility of sach’s creative output is captured once more in the acrylic painting of a peacock featured on the chapbook’s cover.

Rhyme Book Bibliomancy is a look inside the composition book of West Coast legend sach illpages. This collection of “writtens” finds the MC in various modes: as a young boy falling in love with hip hop, as a mythical king, as a hermit-scientist, as a space-traveller, and as a prophet. While sach easily shifts between voices and forms, his vision remains clear and consistent. Sach not only sees the value of art as a balm for the mindlessness and consumerism of his age, but is also aware of its capacity to connect humankind with ideas and forces that are usually beyond its grasp. Underpinned by a sense of care and concern, Rhyme Book Bibliomancy provides words of instruction and inspiration to the reader willing to read, think, and apply”.

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” Smooth The Hustler : Drop A Gem “

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Just like many of you I was truly floored after I heard “Broken Language” for the first time…The way Trigger & Smooth tore that track into shreds automatically solidified their spot amongst Hip Hop’s elite at that time…

The Brooklyn duo were poised to take shit over on many levels, but somehow things didn’t pan out the way I thought it would…They had the talent, bars, history, affiliations, connections to pop off in a major way….What the fuck happened ?

If you want to find out the answer, take a listen to the latest episode of the DROP A GEM podcast with special guest SMOOTH THE HUSTLER as he goes into every detail about his career….


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” Breakbeat Mania “

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Be on the lookout for the PAUL NICE “Breaks For Days 2 : Lenny Roberts Changed My Life Mix” dropping on May 22nd…If you know what time it is you will get your pre-order on before these limited edition tapes disappear for good duke…

Tell him the grimy dude from Hip Hop Battlefield sent you!!!!


” Singapore Kane Spotlight “

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Back in 2009 Boston’s SINGAPORE KANE dropped the very flavorful “Don’t Take It Personal” single from the Living Militant project…I know for a fact I posted it when it initially dropped, but after giving it some burn in the rotation recently I felt it was only right to let it rock again….

Not sure whats popping with Kane at the moment (His last release was in 2012), hopefully we will get some new material from him in the near future…

” Masai Bey : Reference Text “

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” Each syllable displays more light / it sounds fresher live, than you do on a million dollar mic “….

REFERENCE TEXT is one of my favorite joints from MASAI BEY’s catalogue….


Nonstop jewels, disgusting patterns, disgruntled bars over a self produced schizophrenic sound bed that will instantly perk your ears up on just the originality factor alone…

” Midweek Heat “

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If your on the hunt for more hardware gadgets in your life – my dude ARCHITECT is offering a chance to cop a custom KORG VOLCA SAMPLE WITH 40 SOUNDS CURATED BY THE ARCHITECT WITH BLVCKMVDONNA SKIN…If you tell him Mr.Hip Hop Battlefield sent you over there it’s possible you could get a discount duke….


And while your at it, take a listen to the SP404 sessions that dropped last year if you missed it the first go round…..

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” More Breaks For Your Face “

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Tired of hearing the same played out breaks over and over again ? Take a listen to the Bronx Bomber DANNY DANN THE BEAT MAN unleash a heavy dose breaks that will perk your motherfucking ears up on the “Back On The Hunt” sessions….


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” Jah Shaka : Red Bull Music Academy “

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When it comes to sound system culture in the UK – JAH SHAKA’s name has to pop up in the conversation….Do yourself a favor and catch the abundant jewels he drops on this Red Bull Music Academy interview from a few years back…

Over two hours of nonstop goodness…

” Soul Power : Heavy Listening Crew “

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Not sure why those HEAVY LISTENING CREW dudes ceased to update their excellent show, but one thing is for certain : they dropped some sure shot heaters on their podcast….Everything from MONEY BOSS PLAYERS sessions, remixes, Graff based mixes, Freestyle Professors tributes, and this scorching hot “Soul Traveling” mix….

No tracklist homeboy – but trust me, this will jump start your week without a fraction of a doubt…..