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” Flicks Of The Day “

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I vividly remember checking out the ESTRIA Graff battle back in 2009 in the city of Oakland…The competition was stacked to the rim with super heavyweight contenders from all over the globe with noteworthy names like VOGUE, KUFU, BAZ, LOST, DIME, FURY, REFA and NYC powerhouse DOVES (TCK / FC)….Everyone came to the table with their “A” game but in the end DOVES came out the victor…The win was somewhat debatable, yet it was impossible to front on his talent.

Check out a couple flicks of DOVES getting biz…FRESH IS THE WORD.

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” Molecules & Showbiz “

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Thankfully for us the long awaited project between MOLECULES & SHOWBIZ “Bronx Tale” is finally seeing the light of the day…..Here is the first leak “Bad Guy”..


” Banned From TV “

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Now with the aid of YOU TUBE any ten year old can watch videos that were once banned on MTV, BET, etc…..I recently stumbled onto a video by the GRAVEDIGGAZ (Diary Off A Madman) that I would have done almost anything to see back when it initially dropped in 94….RIP POETIC.


” Box Cutter Brothers 4 Steez “

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AYATOLLAH & myself were the recent guest on the SOUTHERN VANGARD radio show out in ATL….It was truly a honor to be alongside guest such as SEAN PRICE, OC, LORD FINESSE, BABY PAUL, RAS KASS, etc…..Almost a hour of jewelry on deck!!

BANG! @southernvangard #radio presents the Box Cutter Brothers AKA Ayatollah & Drasar Monumental interview session! While both of these two outstanding gentlemen have extensive resumes on their own – they came together a few years ago as the Box Cutter Brothers, and have been dropping a a slew of instrumental hip-hop releases ever since. They just released Vol. 4 of their Box Cutter Brothers series, which finds them flipping the script a bit as they’re RHYMING over their own production! We talk about how they connected, why they decided to get out the pen and pad on Vol 4 and the origins of the group name. Individually, Ayatollah gets into a little bit of history while growing up in Queens and making a name for himself in the NY and worldwide hip-hop scene. Drasar breaks down his history with MF Grimm and their work to date, the approach with the Vendetta Vinyl imprint and the recently released “American Hunger” remix project from Grimm – a face melting package that includes three 45s, lunchbox, comic book and all kinds of other goodies. Meeks even gets into a little production nerd talk before Doe had the chance to ask! If you’d didn’t know, we can tell you everything here – so push play, cruise over to and cop something…….

” Absouljah : Deadly Profession “

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Here is some more 2017 Hip Hop morale for you to rock out with…ABSOULJAH “Deadly Profession” produced by B-SUN….Truth be told, dude sounds like NAS with his patterns but still has his own flair so I’m going to let it bang…


” Nowaah The Flood : Daily Newz “

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It’s always refreshing to hear brand new hardcore frequencies instead of the typical, watered down nonsense a lot of dudes pass off as Hip Hop these days…Never heard of this cat NOWAAH THE FLOOD before but after peeping “Daily Newz” I’m going to start checking for his material….

Produced by Chapter 19..

” Last Emperor Speaks “

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Damn, it’s been a long time since I have heard anything from Philly rhyme slinger LAST EMPEROR..Lucky for us those DROP A GEM dudes brought him out of the dungeons of rap for a nice, lengthy Q & A session….He goes into detail about the Rawkus era, working with Ayatollah, Philly history, current projects, what he has been up to during his hiatus, etc…..


” Bad Cop Steez “

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DJ BAD COP has a Soundcloud that is literally flooded with all types of heavy explosives….Under the radar joints, demos, remixes on deck…When you head over there make sure to tell him the grimy dude from HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD sent you jack !!!!!!


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” Breaks For Your Face “

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Are you tired of hearing the same played out breaks over and over again ? Do you need a little pick me up this Monday morning after your weekend shenanigans?

I highly suggest giving this mix by DJ FORREST GETEMGUMP a thorough listen trooper, massive heat on deck….


” Flix Of The Day “

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When PEZO & KUFU (Pream) assembled this MT. CRUSHMORE burner fest it made me extremely proud they would take the time to include me in the mix…I seriously doubt I will spot another piece today that will have this type of impression on me for obvious reasons…

RIP PRIZE – You are still here with us….

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” Box Cutter Brothers In The Mix “

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*Above pic – AYATOLLAH, HOGON PLUS, FDRZ, WIZ, SPECS ONERZ, and myself in Seattle a few weeks ago after the BCB4 release party…

Alright, how should I kick this off?

This is going to be a little long winded, so bear with me as I drop jewelry….I was listening to the latest episode of the OFFICIAL CRATE MUSIC podcast, and almost spit out my coffee when I heard DJ JON DOE straight murdering “Twinz” off the new BOX CUTTER BROTHERS 4 album….

Not only did they set the whole podcast off with that cut, (the 3:13 mark) he went in with a avalanche of doubles, cuts and all the extras….It’s a surreal feeling when you hear someone you don’t know personally catching absolute wreck on your shit…

If your unfamiliar with the song “Twinz”, HOGON PLUS is on the first verse, I’m on the second verse, and I made the beat……


I met HOGON when I was 13 years old in a rap battle (I actually rapped against him)….After that day we realized we shared a lot of the same beliefs regarding Hip Hop, we clicked up, formed a crew and have been rocking ever since…Truth be told, when it comes to bar work, he is truly in a class by himself..I have personally witnessed him tear numerous sucker MC’s to shreds without blinking an eye….

At this point in his life he is totally disillusioned with the so-called rap game, he believes the majority of dudes rhyming nowadays are cornballs, he also has no tolerance for tinker bell beats (Reminds me of myself, hahaha)..Anyway, I’m very excited that people finally get to hear one of the most dangerous MC’s in the entire world on wax for the first time……

HOGON PLUS, remember the name, I promise you will hear more from him in the future..

The BOX CUTTER BROTHERS 4 vinyl is almost sold out….Scoop up a copy if you know whats best for you – HERE

” MF GRIMM : American Hunger Rebirth “

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The wait is finally over troopers…VV will be shipping the MF GRIMM “American Hunger Rebirth” project worldwide this month…Remixes by Architect, FDRZ & myself…The triple 7 inch, comic book, CD, and lunchbox are currently available so scoop up a copy before they disappear (Orders are literally flying in so please don’t sleep…ORDER HERE…

And now the moment many of you have been waiting for- the motherfucking sampler for the project…It was crafted by my cuzzo PLANET ROCKA and it is high powered to say the least – PEEP

Big up to everyone out there that still believes in the true power of this artform….

***Award-winning writer and legendary emcee MF GRIMM returns to the music industry with “American Hunger: Rebirth” Epic in scope, the album is a timely commentary on our society and politically reverent in its exploration of the American dream.
Grimm assembles an all-star cast of producers for the project. Drasar Monumental, Architect and DJ FDRZ each brings their prolific sensibilities to the collaboration by creating organic and original sounds.
The 12-track release displays Grimm’s depth as a modern day J.D. Salinger, illustrating how America historically eats Its own through political, social and often economic injustices.
From “A mother’s heart” to “the path,” every track gives insight into Grimm’s outlook on society and the things he holds dear.
The album is an instant classic like its predecessor, and it’s now more relevant than ever due to the current political climate.
Album Artwork by Kufue 1 for KEMESTRY DESIGNS

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” More Hardcore “

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When it comes to sure shot mixes, Japan’s “DJ Koco” brings the goods to the table..Instead of taking the typical lazy route that I hear too often nowadays – he goes all out with a barrage of blends, doubles, well timed scratches, and explosive selections…

If you need more aggressive frequencies in your life take a listen to the high powered “Hardcore Hip Hop” mix Koco dropped awhile back….

-Big shout out to my manz UNIK ONE for the heads up!!!!

” Risen : Hell Razah Story “

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Here is the trailer for ” Risen – The Hell Rajah Story ” that is due to drop sometime in 2017…The documentary goes into detail about Razah’s recovery from a life altering brain aneurysm, Suns Of Man, Wu-Tang Clan, and all types of shit that will give you a deeper look into this MC’s past, present and future…


” Jamaican Soul Power “

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Since its Monday you probably need a little extra pep in your step….Thank me later !!!! The Techniques & Friends – Winston Riley’s Rock Steady & Early Reggae 1968-1969 courtesy of those heavyweight DUB VENDOR dudes.

Winston Riley started his production career as a singer with an enviable track record, having formed the Techniques in 1962 and hitting the top of the charts two years later with the splendid ‘Little Did You Know’ for Duke Reid’s esteemed Treasure Isle label. When the frantic ska beat slowed down and turned into rocksteady Winston remained the only permanent component of the Techniques, arguably Jamaica’s finest vocal group.

As the beat changed yet again from rock steady to the faster reggae format, Winston’s thoughts turned to production, and he decided to create his own ‘Techniques’ label. A serious man with a serious work ethic, the quality of his music was apparent from the start as he released hit after hit, producing and singing as part of the different combinations of singers and vocal groups that he worked with.

In 1970 he produced his biggest ever hit ‘Double Barrel’, a ground breaking track that went on to be the biggest reggae track of 1971, reaching the very top of the UK national pop charts in May, and peaking at number 22 in the US Billboard charts in August.

After this pop success Winston Riley continued working as he always had done, producing top quality reggae tracks with a host of Jamaica’s finest singers and musicians. After opening his shop in Chancery Lane, he continued on his quest for the best throughout the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and into the 21st century, never failing to bring his decades of experience and peerless production skills to bear on whatever contemporary music he was producing.

Winston Riley was at the forefront of the Jamaican music business for over forty years, an authentic reggae polymath who had embraced the roles of singer, songwriter, arranger and producer. He had been making plans for a new studio and museum in his Orange Street record shop right up to his death in 2012. He was truly one of Jamaica’s hardest working and most consistent producers, and these two albums represent only a very small part of his huge musical legacy.