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” 2016 Rockets “


Toronto, Canada rhyme slinger DANIEL SON has been releasing note worthy material for the last few years at this point….On “Don Sanzarelli” he flexes an avalanche of disgruntled bars (Which we appreciate on this side)….Beat by Giallo Point.

” Big Meridox : 7th Division EP “


Monday is already here, so it’s only right that I jump start your week with some under the radar momentum….BIG MERIDOX & RA STONE come equipped with a few heaters on the “7TH DIVISION EP” that dropped awhile back, give it a listen troopers…


” Bronx Grimiest : Repost “


It’s been awhile since I have heard any new material from the FREESTYLE PROFESSORS, so it’s only right that I transport you back to 2007 when the HEAVY LISTENING SHOW out in France paid tribute to FP with this session…


1- Intro
2- Hear what I hear
3- Down with the Freestyle Professors (Showbiz remix)
4- Rap Mathematician
5- Hot Damn!
6- Steppin’ on roaches
7- Your pockets been picked
8- Corporate America
9- Sweet Tooth
10- Interlude
11- Take it back
12- A lil sum’ em sum’ em
13- Testify (exclusive)
15- Dear Hip Hop
16- Pelon iz on da set
17- Flow time
18- The hardcore villain
19- Let me tell you something (exclusive)
20- Outro


” 45 King Box Set Action “


When it comes to rocking clean 45 doubles – it’s should be no surprise that 45 KING is on point…Peep this clip of him flipping his brand spanking new 45 box set joints (Get your order in while supplies last)…

” Skinhead Foundation “


It’s somewhat comical that many so-called SKINHEADS do not even know that the original SKINS appeared in Jamaica in the late 60’s – early 70’s….How and the hell did this movement morph from ska loving rude boys, to certain factions forming nationalist, racist squads that have total disregard for the original foundation?

The pioneer Mr. Don Letts has a new documentary that answers these puzzling questions on “The Story Of the Skinhead”….Highly recommended..

” Schoolly D On The Breaks “


Back in the year 2000 one of my heroes SCHOOLY D dropped the boldly titled album FUNK N PUSSY…I wouldn’t necessarily claim the project as one of my favorites in his heavy catalogue, but it definitely had some joints including the very explosive slept on instrumental “Techno Funk”….If this BBoy avalanche doesn’t make you want get up and move around a lil bit – you & I will NEVER see “eye to eye” in life….HAHAHAHA..


01. Yahmean (feat. Chuck D, Lady B & Rasheed)
02. Our Own Style
03. Seven Eleven
04. Do It, Do It
05. Make Your Money
06. Funkvibe Get Loose
07. Can You Feel It
08. Yes Yes Y’all
09. Doodoobutt
10. Funk and Pussy
11. Me And My Sistas
12. Achydick
13. Get Butt Naked
14. Mr. Big Dick 2000
****15. Techno Funk
16. YahMean #2


” Under The Radar “


It’s crazy that after all these years of being a straight up fanatical Hip Hop head, I still stumble upon ill shit from days of old that slid past my radar..For instance peep this late 90’s wreckage from G.I.T. ft. Street Preachers “The Warning” 12inch….WHEW..



The Warning
The warning (Instrumental)
The Warning (Acapella)


” Real Live Wreckage “



Do yourself a favor and watch this recent 30 minute clip of the X-ECUTIONERS (Precision, BoogieBlind, MistaSinista, and Rob Swift) tearing shit down at the Highline Ballroom 10/3/16….Please do not sleep….RIP ROC RAIDA

This is what ROB SWIFT had to say about this epic evening –

Yo, on some sincere shit. Last night was probably the proudest I’ve ever been to be a part of the X-Men / X-Ecutioners collective. I run wit’ the illest muhfuggas, period! And I say that shit wit’ the utmost respect towards every crew that has existed before and after us.

I don’t want dudes to think I’m on some ego shit cause I’m not. It’s just the way I feel. Like, we haven’t come together onstage like this since Roc Raida (RIP) was alive. That’s a total of 8 years dudes haven’t so much as practiced together. And so when the Invisible Scratch Piklz asked us to join them and jump on the Highline Ballroom bill 6 days ago (*yes, up until 6 days ago the X were going to attend as fans not as performers), the way my niggas #Precision, #BoogieBlind, #MistaSinista, #SeanCee, #DiamondJay brought it, on little to know preparation for such an epic show, doesn’t really surprise me.

I am so proud of my crew!

Big shout to all the DJs who touched the stage last night.

” Akbar : Shatterproof “


You gotta give AKBAR daps for still putting out material after all these years.He recently dropped a cut entitled “Shatterproof” with FRED ONES that is worthy of some decent burn…

*Also if you missed the interview I rocked with him a few years back I highly suggest that you CHECK IN…

” Good Morning Vietnam Trilogy “


When MF GRIMM & I made the GOOD MORNING VIETNAM trilogy I knew that we created a challenging, original, uncompromising body of work..This is not my ego talking, this is a life long dedicated Hip Hop student talking here…We put so much research and energy into those three albums that it’s somewhat mind boggling when I think back on those sessions….We are currently in the lab banging out some new shit – but we already have some vinyl treats on deck to drop before 2016 comes to a close (SSSSSHHHHHHH)….

Anyway, the GMV trilogy got some well deserved review treatment by Werner Von Wallenrod (Who has been writing reviews for over 15 years and runs a very informative site)….I’m very thankful he took time out to go-in depth with our music, but I have to clarify a few things on general principle…

1..For some reason he alternates between calling GRIMM – “DOOM” a bunch of times..?

2..ARCHITECT produced the excellent “Butter Soul” project, not me…

3..The GMV series received a ton of press (He insinuated that it didn’t make the rounds) everyone from GRAND GOOD, EGOTRIP, UNKUT, CONSPIRACY RADIO, CIPHER PODCAST, LOST TAPES, GOLDEN ERA HIP HOP, RAWDRIVE, FUNK WHAT YA HEARD, HIP HOP DX, and countless others championed those three records…..FACTS…

4..As far as the BOXCUTTER BROTHERS project with AYATOLLAH, it clearly states 1-6 produced by DRASAR, 6-12 produced by AYATOLLAH – I’m not sure how anyone could be confused….

5…GMV 3 came out at the very end of 2014…

Other than that, it was a slam dunk…..CHECK IN….

” Imam Thug : King Tut “


“Why the turtles run up on us like they know what’s up / tracked my cell when I was mixing coffee in my cup – Doo rag tied , unopened mail high / mad at self cause your a bitch that should have died”.

When IMAM THUG was clicking with TRAGEDY & AYATOLLAH they made certified classic material (Go back and listen to that Iron Sheiks project if you think I’m bullshitting)….In the early 2000’s IMAM & AYATOLLAH put out the very sinister cut “King Tut” that slipped past many peoples radar, due the song not receiving the wax treatment it deserved….


” More Hardcore : Major Stress Repost “


*Originally posted all the way back on 12/1/10, I’m surprised the link still works..

If your growing tired of listening to sensitive busters on the mic, let me take you back to 1997 for a healthy dose of hardcore that will make you clench up your fist……Salaam Remi had a short-lived record label called Norfside…..Out of all the groups he put out, “Major Stress” showed the most potential in my opinion..They released a couple singles, and eventually put out a poorly distributed album in 1997 called “Up Against The Wall”.Good stuff…….Plenty death threats, boulevard bully rhymes, stick up kid narratives, and very raw production supplied by Mr. Remi before he switched up his steez.

Here are a couple highlights…..

“Snakes To Burn”……Wow, if this doesn’t get your blood pumping something is fucking wrong with you…….HAHA….

“Tell Your Crew”………….Even with the off-kilter hook, this song still cooks……..

TRACKLIST (Against the Wall album)…

1.Snakes 2 Burn (4:35)
2.Cook Dat (4:05)
3.Gimme Sum (3:22)
4.Sippin’ Yo’ Mo’ (3:59)
5.Smokin’ & Fu**in’ (4:45)
6.If U Like Dis (3:28)
7.N.Y. Knickelbaggaz (4:51)
8.Crime Related (4:10)
9.Me & My Son (2:28)
10.Luv 2 Bag Ya (3:42)
11.Lighters In Da Air (3:37)
12.A Day In Da Stuy (4:32)
13.My Life’s A Fairy Tale (3:45)
14.Shot’s Landing (4:02)
15.Tell Yo’ Crew (4:16)
16.Reality Check (3:26)
17.1-2-Trees (Extended Mix) (4:32)
18.More & More (4:11)



” Krumbnatcha 2016 “


It’s been a minute since I have heard any new material from former GANGSTARR Foundation member – KRUMSNATCHA…After a brief search I stumbled onto some newness, “Iron Will Ninja” featuring HECTIC that deserves some mixtape burn even with a slightly annoying chorus…

Give it a listen troop..

” Vinyl Liquidation Steez “


Things are getting a little creepy out here….

Recently I heard the news that the biggest record store in southern California (Amoeba) will be closing it’s doors in the near future..Everytime I went in there over the years they were fully stocked with tons of people in the aisles, so I’m not sure why things are coming to an end…

After 15 years of business – ACCESS HIP HOP in San Diego is also throwing in the towel….Not only did the owner Mark allow GRIMM & I to rock a few in-stores, he made sure to cop anything I released over the years and made sure to spread the word….With more and more people frequenting sites like DISCOGS (I do this as well, but I still enjoy independent record stores) you are going to see a lot of shops going under unfortunately…ACCESS is having a major liquidation sale so head over there and do the right thing cuzzo…


” Illegal Broadcasters : Azie Faison “


I’m quite sure I don’t have to break down to the HHB readers who AZIE FAISON is…But how often do you get to hear him drop nonstop jewelry for over an hour? Do yourself a favor and listen to him go in depth about 80’s NYC, the crack epidemic, conspiracy theories, and much more on the illegal broadcasters podcast with Hakim Green & General Steele….