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” More Heat On Deck “

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DJ Dee-Ville’s mixcrate page is flooded with all types of treats….Supreme Nyborn, JVC Force, T La Rock, JVC Force, Antoinette, and even the Audio Two get the mix treatment.So head over there with a quickness, but make sure to tell him the grimey dude from HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD sent you jack !!!!!


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” Scratch Overdose : 15 “

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If your on the hunt for more 2016 scratch morale – you just found it trooper with this brand spanking new ISP footage…Invisbl Skratch Piklz are back performing together after over 15 years! Check out Qbert, D-Styles and Shortkut performing cuts from their new album ‘THE 13th FLOOR’ out SEPTEMBER 2016….

” Keith Shocklee Speaks “

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You know it’s going to be a good day when your lucky enough to hear dudes like KEITH SHOCKLEE drop jewelry for over an hour and change.Back in the days I would have done almost anything to soak up this type of info, so do yourself a favor and peep this recent episode of the Cipher with Shawn Setaro!!!!!

Keith is best-known as a member of the Bomb Squad, the historic production team that changed hip-hop in the late 1980s and early 90s with their incendiary work for Public Enemy, Ice Cube, Slick Rick, Bel Biv DeVoe, and countless others – not to mention their hit remixes for pop stars like Paula Abdul and Janet Jackson.

But before Keith was helping to create some of the greatest rap albums of all time, he was part of a successful mobile DJ crew called Spectrum City, based out of his hometown of Roosevelt, Long Island. The crew consisted of most of the people who would go on to form the core of Public Enemy and the Bomb Squad.

Tracks featured in this episode:

WBLS Ken “Spider” Webb RadioRewinder
DJ Divine, “Get Into the Mix”
Public Enemy, “You’re Gonna Get Yours”
Public Enemy, “Rightstarter (Message to a Black Man)”
Boogie Down Productions, “9mm Goes Bang”
Public Enemy, “Raise the Roof”
Public Enemy, “Miuzi Weighs A Ton”
Public Enemy, “Public Enemy No.1”
True Mathematics and the Invisible Empire, “After Dark”
Public Enemy, “Bring The Noise”
The Kay Gee’s, “Kay-Gees Theme Song”
The Nite-Liters, “K-Jee”
The Gauntlet Theatrical Trailer
MC DJ Flavor (Flavor Flav) – Party In My Pants (You’re Invited)(Unreleased Spectrum City on WBAU)
Public Enemy, “Bring The Noise – No Noise A Cappella”
Public Enemy, “Fight The Power”
Public Enemy, “Bring The Noise – No Noise Instrumental”
The Jackson 5, “Darling Dear”
Public Enemy, “Night Of The Living Baseheads”
Public Enemy, “Pollywanacracka”
Public Enemy, “Reggie Jax”
Sly & Robbie, “Jah In Dub”
Public Enemy, “Welcome To The Terrordome”
The Boys Choir Of Harlem, “Lift Every Voice and Sing”
Buffalo Springfield, “For What It’s Worth”
Public Enemy f/Stephen Stills, “He Got Game”
The Cipher Episode 87: Ron Isley, Remixed
The Isley Brothers, “Fight the Power – Pt. 1 & 2”
Public Enemy, “black is back”
Bel Biv DeVoe, “Poison”
Bel Biv DeVoe, “Poison”
Bel Biv DeVoe, “Poison”
Ice Cube, “The Nigga Ya Love To Hate”
Ice Cube, “The Drive-By”
Ice Cube f/Chuck D, “Endangered Species (Tales From The Darkside)”
N.W.A., “100 Miles And Runnin’”
Slick Rick, “Treat Her Like A Prostitute”
Slick Rick, “Indian Girl (An Adult Story)”
Slick Rick, “Children’s Story”
The Rolling Stones, “Monkey Man”
Young Black Teenagers, “Soul Wide Open”
Rush, “Tom Sawyer”
Young Black Teenagers, “Time To Make The Dough Nutz”
Young Black Teenagers, “Tap The Bottle”
Spectrum City, “Check Out the Radio”


” More Sunday Flavors “

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With an album cover like this you know Samuel Johnson was really in a zone…HAHAHA….

Stellar spiritual soul from Samuel Jonathan Johnson — an artist who only ever cut this one full album (in 1978 for Columbia Records) during his career, an album we’d rank right up there with the best ‘70s work by jazzy R&B contemporaries like Roy Ayers or Norman Connors! The record’s got a wonderful blend of mellow moments and more groove-heavy tracks — all handled with wonderful keyboards from Johnson, who gets nice and spacey at times.Very tasty, long-requested and oft-sampled ‘70s soul sounds!


My Music

What the World Needs Now Is Love

Sweet Love

Because I Love You

It Ain’t Easy


Just Us

Yesterdays and Tomorrow

Thank You Mother Dear

Reason for the Reason


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” Kick Morale “

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Paying 180 dollars for a pair of kicks is against my personal Hip Hop ethics, but I can’t front – these are kinda fresh !!!!!!

A BATHING APE® has teamed up with athletic label Puma to debut a collection that includes performance sports apparel and footwear, fused together to blend high-street style and sports.

From the A BATHING APE x Puma collaboration, the Puma Disc Blaze combines the best of the early 90’s sneaker innovation with new contemporary aesthetics. Constructed with premium leather and camo textile uppers, the sneaker sits on a Trinomic midsole with the iconic Disc Blaze lock system.

Leather Uppers
Synthetic Camo Fabric
Perforated Detailing
Disc Blaze Lock System
Trinomic Technology
EVA Midsole
Dual Branding to Heel


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” Architect : Live Steez “

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Architect is no slouch when it comes to production…..For instance here is a 7 minute clip of him rocking all types of beat chaos at a recent function in San Jose (Club Delux)….DO NOT SLEEP…

” Scaramanga : The Drop “

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I’m going to bless you with a joint that I seriously doubt many of you have heard before…..SCARAMANGA & BRONX ZODIAK “The Drop” is so fucking raw, that it sounds like it was literally recorded in the basement (Which is actually a good thing if you know what your doing – the rawer the better if you ask me)….

The first two verses are by “BZ” and on the final verse SCARAMANGA lays down more hardcore esoteric bars that deserve repeated listening….

” Turkish Funk Mode “

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Yesterday I came home to a record box with my name on it….

I’m used to records coming to my crib, but I can’t recall ordering any pieces for the last month or so….I guess I’m on some type of mailing list for JACKPOT RECORDS (PDX) so they took it upon themselves to ship out this Turkish funk reissue (Mustafa Özkent- Gençlik Ile Elele)….

WOW- Keep em coming fellas…..

• Turkish Psych/Funk Instrumental Classic
• First US Pressing on Vinyl
• Psychedelic Splatter Colored Vinyl

Originally released in Turkey 1973, Özkent’s masterpiece (creation) of an all instrumental Turkish Psychedelic Funk album, filled with classic beats and breaks still inspires long time fans and first time listeners. The funky rhythms, hypnotic percussion, and heavy break beats makes this a holy grail among DJs and music fans alike. Only a handful of copies from the original pressing are known to still exist making this reissue a welcome addition to any record collection.


” Joint Of The Day “

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I finally got around to listening to AG The Coroners debut release “Sip The Nectar”….If it was up to me “The Stick Up” would get the vinyl treatment – with some type of remix on the flip side..

*Wish the rest of the album sounded wicked as this….

” Kutmaster Kurt Speaks “

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Truth be told – My favorite album from KOOL KEITH since his Ultra Mag days is the “Masters Of Illusion” album with MOTION MAN….I’m not sure why this trio didn’t record a follow up, but one thing is for sure – KUTMASTER KURT did an excellent job behind the boards….Go back and listen to that joint if you think I’m bullshitting..

CULTURE CREATURE recently caught up with the elusive producer for an ill Q&A session that is worthy of your time……

Masters of Illusion is another one of my favorite projects of yours. How did that come together?

“I was always conflicting with Keith creatively about stuff. I became more vocal about it later… I was trying to go in a different direction. I was like, ‘Look Keith, I’ll help you do your projects the way you wanna do ‘em, and why don’t you do some rugged hip hop tracks the way I wanna do ‘em.’ It was kinda like a trade-off thing. So Matthew was sort of a trade-off for Masters of Illusion with him. I helped him make Matthew as a trade-off for him to do his vocal contributions to Masters of Illusion.

The vision of that record was totally my vision, and the sound conceptually and creatively. That’s why I made it ‘KutMasta Kurt presents Masters of Illusion.’ I wanted people to know this is how I wanted to do stuff with Keith, and Motion Man, who is my ace, and who I thought people needed to hear more of… It accomplished what I wanted. People who have similar taste as me would probably say that’s one of the better quality records that we’ve done together.”


” Real Live Action “

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If this doesn’t give you the shivers, you might need to go get your pulse checked…

” This is a recording of a Hip Hop jam that was held on Saturday 20th September 1986 at the Town & Country Club in Kentish Town, London.It features live performances from DJ Cheese & Word Of Mouth, T La Rock, Mantronix and Faze One. It was broadcast as part of an all day charity event called ‘Rock Around The Clock’ by the BBC.”

” Sleepless In Seattle-2 “

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After the check in Saturday @ EVERYDAY MUSIC – We are going to set up shop at VERMILLION ART GALLERY 1508 11th Ave,downtown Seattle….


” Solo 138 : Blackout 77 Mix “

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SOLO 138 (The Bronx Boyz) plays no games at all when it comes to breaks on this “Blackout 77” mix….Doubles, explosive percussion, and all types of turbulence on deck!!!1!

Running time – 1:11:33..


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“Hip Hop Treats “

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 11.58.11 AM

I was reluctant to get a so-called “smart phone” for the longest time…Matter of fact, I didn’t get my first joint until about a year and a half ago…


LIFE IS ALREADY DISTRACTING ENOUGH, why add more fuel to the fire by constantly staring down at your phone instead of actually paying attention to your immediate surroundings…Anyway, I went out and copped one and I can honestly say that I was probably better off without it….

But until the day when I throw my I-Phone 6s into the sea, I might as well go out and cop this TECHNIQUE 12OO case for a boost in my Hip Hop morale….If your thinking along the same lines PEEP….

” Vendetta Vinyl In The Area “

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2016 has been a very interesting year thus far…..

It’s about to get even more interesting when I leave the confines of Vietnam, California and head up to Seattle with my comrades for a few days of heavy digging, non stop joke cracking, a few radio spots, a couple DJ gigs – including this one at EVERYDAY MUSIC ON THE 28TH…..

MF GRIMM, AYATOLLAH, ARCHITECT (yes, that Architect who used to rock with Stones Throw in the their beginning stages with his group Homeless Derelix), and my dudes PEZO & FDRZ……So if your in the area come on through if you know what time it is….


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