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” Drasar – Darker Than A Million Midnights”

For the last year and change I have spent an enormous amount of time, energy, blood, sweat and tears crafting my upcoming release ,”Darker Than A Million Midnights”….Once again I handled the beats, mixing, rhymes and scratches….

I delved deeper into certain socio-political jewelry this go round, because I’m growing tired of MC’s spitting a bunch of remedial rubbish…It seems as if their is an influx of scatterbrain bars, and bozo punch lines that wouldn’t transfer very well if you read them on paper (HA)..

In order to keep the balance in the mix- I had to insert some ultra violent battle rhymes to even things out for all of the slouches that think this is some type of fucking game!…

The wax is in stock troopers- and we will begin shipping on the release date, June 12th, 2023..

Below is the sampler that I put together, and to tell the truth- the sampler sounds better than most of these Hip Hop weasels entire album…Feel free to spread around..

Happy Memorial day to all of the true Hip Hop soldiers that returned to the essence.

” Top Ranking Drama “

Marsellus Wallace comes equipped with a heavy dose of sinister material on the “Shelf Arrangements” session…The perfect backdrop on this rainy Sunday evening..


” DJ Sheep On The Breaks “

One of my personal pet peeves is when cats put out break beat mixes with the same played out breaks we have heard a million times…Fuck all that- surprise me with some secret society heaters- isn’t that the whole point ?

Australian power house goes all out with this session flooded with heavy drum break jewelry…Start your weekend correctly and hit the play button amigo.


” Roar In Harlem : Unique Mecca Audio “

Before I had a better understanding of who UNIQUE MECCA AUDIO was/is, I remember the image of his store immortalized on a Brand Nubian 12 inch (Love me, or leave me alone)….Unfortunately like many others from the crime riddled streets of NYC in the early 90’s – he got caught up in the drug kingpin grid and ended up spending 20 plus years behind bars..

In his recently released book (A Roar In Harlem) he goes into detail about the pitfall of hustling, violence, prison war stories, etc….

If you do a brief google search, you will also find his entertaining podcast that are laced with all types of crime boss jewelry….


” Specs One : Elevators “

Recently Seattle Hip Hop heavyweight SPECS ONE unearthed some secret society recordings from 1993 (Elevators)..Much respect to SPECS for keeping it innovative now and back then….

Consider yourself blessed.


1. Intro 
2. Elevator Music 
3. Sponsors 
4. No Info 
5. The Brain 
6. Back In It 
7. ELEVATE (bonus cut 1992) 
8. Practice Tapes (bonus cuts 1993)


released March 23, 2023 

SPECSWIZARD raps and samples 
E SHARP samples, programing and scratches 
overseen by B MAX and SUPREME

” Kick Jewelry : Air Max 270 Bowfin “

I have a few pair of the Air Max 270 Bowfin joints, and to keep it all the way funky- they are not only extremely comfy, but also light and durable at the same time…

Named after a fish that can breathe both underwater and on land, the Nike Air Max 270 Bowfin sneaker is designed with versatility as its focus. The upper construction of the silhouette features elements of trail shoes and water moccasins: laces that integrate with the webbing through a drawcord design, booties for a snug and secure fit and an Air unit for cushion.

If your on the hunt to add more ammo to your stash – I highly recommend these ridiculous came joints..


” Midweek Heats: Varon “

G.S. Advance AKA Varon let’s off a barrage of nonstop quotables on “Frankenstein”…If you know what’s best for you give it some decent burn troop..

Produced by X Ray.

” Killy Shoot : Live 95 “

If you close your eyes and listen to this cut by KILLY SHOOT & GIALLO POINT, you just might thinking your listening to a unreleased song off the REAL LIVE “Turnaround” album from 1996…

The nonchalant, dead pan flow that KILLY rocks is heavily reminiscent of LARRY O- which is not necessarily a bad thing when he unleashes lines like, “Pushing dope B, fuck the athletic shit / ego tripped a bit, on some Ultra Magnetic shit”..


” Air Stab For The W “

” Lo Estate : Unorthodox Rock “

LO ESTATE (MC), JIG IN THE BASEMENT (Producer), RAP SHOGUN (MC) & their close knit group of collaborators have been on a mean streak the last few years…When it comes to rhyming- LO ESTATE is truly in a lane by himself, I can honestly say that he doesn’t resemble anyone that I have heard before..

He put’s his shit together in such an abstract, stream of consciousness fashion that it’s nearly impossible to pin point what his labyrinth bars signify- but it sounds so original and refreshing that it keeps me locked in- when normally this type of approach would wear thin with me pretty quickly…

” Cold Wind ” is the HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD top ranking cut from the ” Car ” EP…

” Lisaan’dro – Repost “

Every now and then I have to bring back some HEATS from the HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD archives for all you forgetful motherfuckers out there…LISAAN’DRO first hit my radar when he appeared on Roc Marciano’s “Riding Around” track…

He didn’t even catch a full 16 at the end of the song, but he talked enough wild shit in a short span that I became somewhat intrigued…Not sure why I never heard him again on any of Roc’s future releases, but it is obvious he is ill enough to hold it down by himself with the right production..

Haven’t heard much from “DRO” in recent years- but back in 2019 he dropped the “M.A.D.E.” project that had some burners on it…


” Joint Of The Day “

While doing some heavy digging up in Vancouver, Canada awhile back, I came across this gem of a find for 20 dollars…If your on the hunt for this slab of wax in 2023 your going to pay 100 dollars or better on Discogs…

Canada has a deep rooted history when it comes to Hip Hop – everyone from the Dream Warriors, Maestro Fresh Wes, Meechie Mee, Rascalz, Checkmate, DRK, Black I, Dan-E-O, Mathematik, and so many others represented correctly and deserve the utmost respect…

On this episode of “Joint Of The Day”, Vancouver’s Incredible Ease get’s some well deserved burn..RIP.

” Eff Yoo : Auto Buff Redux “

I first heard “Auto Buff Redux” late last year, and the first thing that grabbed my attention was the buttery smooth production chops by ROB VIKTUM….To fully absorb the flavor of this beat- I highly suggest banging it in a decent system or you will miss the low end theory sciences popping off…

EFF YOO comes out the gate with all types of braggadocio comedic bars that fit the track lovely…


” Kenny Parker Speaks “

Lately KENNY PARKER has been making the rounds promoting his book, “My Brother’s Name Is Kenny”….The way he tells stories is not only mesmerizing and entertaining, but extremely comical at the same time….

Do yourself a favor and go scoop up the book if you know what’s best for you cuzzo…

” Grunge Gallardo : 2023 Heats “

It’s always refreshing to stumble across an artist that you never heard of deliver the goods…Opiod Era repper GRUNGE GALLARDO keeps the bars pressurized on this latest cut “Ill Street Blues” with production by UKAT…

With a title like “Ill Street Blues”, I had a feeling this would be noteworthy, and my initial hunch was correct…