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“MF GRIMM : American Hunger Rebirth”

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How and the hell do I start this off ? Alright, I’m going to keep it brief and to the point….ARCHITECT, FDRZ and I took four tracks each from MFGRIMM’S “American Hunger” album and remixed them with his blessings….I can’t even front, the way we freaked our joints turned “A.H.” into a brand new album to some degree….

Three 7inches, three different producers paying homage to one of the illest MC’s to ever bless the mic device….Pre-orders pop off on March 31st, so prepare yourself for more limited edition wax treats….

*I will post up flicks of the lunchbox that is part of the package next week !!!


Nuff respect to everyone out there that knows what time it is-

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” Smith & Wesson Steez “

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Next week will be a strictly brand spanking new, 2017 type of week, but until then take a thorough listen to this session by the BUILT TO LAST CREW out in France that highlights the very impressive SMITH & WESSON catalogue…

*Extra points for making a mix with actual blends (Seems like a lost art these days surprisingly)…

” Drop A Gem : Lord Finesse “

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LORD FINESSE is the special guest on the latest broadcast of DROP A GEM ON EM (LEO & Speak No Evil)…Over two hours of heavy gems being dropped so please do not sleep…


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” Architect Live : 3/12/17 “

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Here is the link of my cuzzo ARCHITECT destroying the airwaves on KZSU (Stanford) with a barrage of beat chaos….Over an hour of nonstop pressure banging out the speakers…Salute to TECH for always having heavy production on deck !!!!

*His segment begins at the 128:00 mark…


” Tone Liv : 2017 Steez “

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New Jersey repper TONE LIV (Green Llama Crew) just dropped some newness for 2017…”Catching Flies With Chopsticks” packs a few heaters on it that will catch your attention…


” Big Jacks : OG Recipe “

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I have been out of the office for a hot minute due to a few BCB4 release parties but I’m fully charged up and ready to burn…..HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD is back to it’s regular programming of high caliber post so make sure you check in on the daily….Big shout out to everyone that has supported BOX CUTTER BROTHERS 4- we are on the verge of selling out (Less that 30 vinyl pieces left)….

Peep this superb mix by BIG JACKS “OG Recipe”….Perfect for playing “Sample Source Jeopardy”, “Name That Tune”, and all that other fly shit….

Highly recommended troop-

” Jazzy J : 45 Wreckage 2017 “


It’s not everyday that you get to witness the breakbeat maestro JAZZY J go for broke on the 45 tip….Back in the day I would have done almost anything to get a glimpse of this type of footage, so consider yourself blessed to the highest degree…30 minutes of nonstop action on deck…


DJ Jazzy Jay – Walk in the Park – Episode 1 from pritt on Vimeo.

” Bozack Morris : Black Zodiak 2 “


All the way from Canada comes this session that is flooded with all types of soul power goodies….BOZACK MORRIS (The producer for the sinister MACK 90 cut with Conway) brings very heavy selections to the table so please do not sleep trooper…


5 years ago, I dropped “Black Zodiac”. A mix of 70’s slow burning soul bangers I was all about. Joints that stood on its own for fans who liked their music to knock. Now I present the new installment, “Black Zodiac Two”. Nothin sweet about this soul right here.

*All selections from my personal vinyl collection*
*Don’t sample my tape to make beats*

” KRS Drops Jewelry “


I can remember a time when it wasn’t cool to be ignorant about certain aspects of life…Matter of fact, dudes like T LA Rock, Chuck D, KRS, and many others were using such a high vocabulary at the time that it inspired me to read more books and expand my mind…..

It seems like in this new era dudes are content with spitting remedial rhymes with no substance or poetic value whatsoever…..Fuck that shit, I refuse to dumb down my standards regardless of current trends or how low the bar is currently set…Alright, let me get off my soap box and bless you with some new KRS gems that celebrate Black History Month (The shortest month of the year – coincidence, I heavily doubt it)…

” Box Cutter Brothers 4 Steez “


Next weekend I’m going to be leaving the dungeons of Vietnam, California for a few BCB – 4 release party fiestas….March 5th @ Future Shock PDX (Portland), 6th Everyday Music in Seattle, and on the 7th the Vermillion in Seattle….If your anywhere near these areas come through and celebrate with us as we go into full blown berserker mode with the samplers, decks, and all that other high caliber shit….

Salute to everyone that is supporting the new album it is appreciated to the fullest…

1st flyer designed by POLAR and myself…

2nd flyer designed by KUFU ONERZ…

3rd flyer designed by WIZ….

*Click on the flyers to fully analyze the goodness…. 



” Milano Constantine : 2017 “


*Update – My top ranking cut is, “Waited So Long”….

Like I said a few weeks ago, 90% of the time I review something fully before letting it fly on HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD…I”m not thirsty to put up random shit just to boost the activity rate over here – I’m more concerned with quality not quantity…

With that being said though, when you see a brand new MILANO CONSTANTINE project (The Way We Were) you do the right thing and rock that shit with a quickness….I really wish he would of used SHOWBIZ or the P BROTHERS for his first official album, but I guess that wasn’t in the cards…Regardless I’m going to give this some decent burn and I will tell you what I think at a later time (Fingers crossed)….

” Butter Soul : Repost “


I don’t repost shit to often on HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD, but every once in awhile I have to revisit joints that deserve more burn….For instance, my cuzzo ARCHITECT is far from a slouch when it comes to transforming his sampler into a instrument….

If you missed this the first go-round, give it a thorough listen and get your mind right and exact….

” Group Home 2017 “


LIL DAP is back on the set with some 2017 boulevard slick talk with “American Pimp”…Give it a listen…

” Just – Ice : House List “


You know it’s going to be a good day when you get the opportunity to hear JUST-ICE speak his mind for almost two hours straight…..

On this episode of ‘The House List’, Peter Agoston travels to the top of The Bronx for a rare conversation with one of Hip-Hop’s unsung legends, JUST-ICE. Born in Brooklyn, reared in the Bronx, Just-Ice is New York City personified. We talk about the earliest inclinations of what would be the genre of Hip-Hop, Justice’s vast record collection, his seminal works with Kurtis Mantronik on the Fresh/Sleeping Bag imprint, getting lit with T-La Rock & Laurence Fishburne, playing ball with BDP’s Scott La Rock, and much more. This is an essential listening for any purveyor of Classic Hip-Hop. All recorded in Just-Ice’s home in the Bronx.

” Two L’s Up Steez “


I’m officially back after taking a two week hiatus due to the BOX CUTTER BROTHERS 4 release…Much thanks to everyone that went out and supported the wreck it is appreciated.

RACK LO recently dropped a heavy jewel with “Lo-Life: An American Classic”…Go out and cop the book if you know what’s best for you troop!!!

Lo Life: An American Classic takes the reader on a trip to New York City in the early 80s—a time when crime and violence ran the streets. The famed street gang, The Lo Lifes emerged from this tumultuous time. Formed by crews of teenagers from the Brownsville and Crown Heights neighborhoods of Brooklyn, they made a name for themselves by dressing head to toe in highly coveted Ralph Lauren clothing or “Lo.” Polo apparel—and other preppy 80s fashion brands like Guess, Nautica, and Benetton, among others—presented an aspirational lifestyle for these kids from rough neighborhoods just struggling to get by. Fighting for style and survival, the Lo Lifes targeted these brands, and would acquire them by any means necessary—including stick-ups, shoplifting, and hustling. A reign of terror ensued, when your new winter coat could make you the target for a robbery or worse.

What started as an informal gang uniform, organized around clean designs and bright colors, became a devotion to a lifestyle brand, and eventually created an association between the streets and luxury that would fundamentally change the foundation of the fashion industry.

Lo Life: An American Classic documents the personal collections of archival Polo apparel and never-before-seen vintage photographs amassed by the crew. And through countless interviews with original members, as well as individuals from the worlds of fashion, hip-hop, and art, presents the first comprehensive oral history of this notorious New York collective. It tells the remarkable story of how a small group of teenagers fighting to make a name for themselves eventually made themselves seen, heard, and emulated globally.