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” More Fire Friday “

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AHHHHHHHH, what a long grueling week it has been…..It’s times like these that I get my mind right to sessions such as this….BAZOOKA JOE & KOOL TONY (Heavy Crates) bless us with a strictly vinyl Reggae avalanche on their latest podcast..


” Paul C Lives “

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The Grown Man Rap Show (Toast & Paul Nice) recently paid homage to PAUL NICE’s bornday by constructing over 3 hours of Paul Nice related tunes…MIKEY D is the assistant host this time around, so please do not sleep…

” Flick Of The Day “

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My cuzzo MFGRIMM just sent over this legendary 1993 flick he spotted on LORD FINESSE’S instagram page….I see KRS, Bobbito, LORD FINESSE, GRIMM, and BONZ MALONE, let me know if you if you recognize any other heads…..

Here is the audio of GRIMM’S verse from this historical day in Rock Steady Park. (It’s dated 94, but from what I understand this took place in 93)…..

” Rudeboy Flames “

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Since it’s Friday it seems fitting to bless you with this crucial “Rudie Get Bail” 45 session by DJ BLUEWATER….Over an hour of nonstop groove morale on deck….


Where Can He Go – Oswald Sewell Deh Pon Dem – Hopeton Lewis
Stop Making Love – The Gaylads
Going Along – Lloyd & The Groovers Let Him Go – The Wailers
You’re Gonna Need Me – Errol Dunkley Bye Bye Baby – Zoot Simms
The Same Song – The Paragons
If I Were A Carpenter – Ernest Wilson Fat Fish – The Soul Vendors
SHI – Glen Adams
Let Me Go Girl – The Uniques
Say You – Ken Booth
Rougher Yet – Slim & The Soul Vendors Rub Me Khaki – The Tennors
Seems I’m Losing You – Dobby Dobson Little Nut Tree – The Melodians
Money Gal – Larry Marshall
Travel With Love – Justin Hinds
You Have Caught Me – Lyn Taitt


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” Large Pro : Here We Go Remix “

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Awwwwww shit…

Personally, I’m sick and tired of dudes complaining about Hop Hop’s current state of affairs…If your not actively seeking out new shit to rock, either your not a true believer or you are an extremely lazy type of cat…I grew up pre- internet and had to damn near scour the earth for information – with the aid of the net their is practically no excuse for ignorance when you have a tremendous amount of access at your fingertips….

Anyway, let me get off my soapbox and give you proof that Hip Hop is alive and well in 2016…..Here is some brand new 2016 shit by Mr. Large Pro that is a bonafide sure shot single if you ask me….(Be on the lookout for the 7inch)..

Large Pro and Southpaw Chop team up once again with a follow-up to their first collaboration “Here We Go” on the 2010 “Never Stop Sampling” EP. The new release, due out in Late Summer 2016, features a remix by the man himself, Large Pro.

The original version of “Here We Go” appears on the B side, featuring Large Pro’s tight flows over top of a classic production by Southpaw Chop, with big horn swells and a hard hitting break. The A side, showcases Large Pro’s skills on production as well, with the ”Here We Go (Large Pro Remix)”. Large Pro shows a delicate sense of balance with precise sampling of guitar and horns, and a tight beat pulling the remix together. Both songs feature samples of RUN DMC’s “Here We Go”, with cuts and scratches by Southpaw Chop. The digital release will also feature the instrumental version of the remix.

Featuring a team-up of two of the strongest producers from the United States and Japan, this release brings back the vibe of the classic era, with a timeless display of production techniques and respect for the craft of Hip Hop. Large Pro and Southpaw Chop come correct with another

” 45 Live “

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SUPREME LA ROCK is the special guest on the latest episode of the “45 Live” show that went down 7/15/16….Do yourself a favor, check in and catch a groove….


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” Tony D 2016 “

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RIP to Tony D…..We all know he was very ill with his production prowess, but he doesn’t get enough credit for his hand in bridging the gap between Hip Hop & Reggae/dancehall….Here is a batch of unreleased instrumental that you can cop now on cassette HERE…


1. Professor X Intro
2. BJ Beat
3. Jazz Thing
4. My Pen
5. Tight Chops
6. Ya Killin Me
7. Do The Math
8. Dreads
9. The Ginsu

10. Funky Bassline
11. Everything Will Be Fine
12. Hot Water
13. Quick To Flip
14. Got That Soul
15. Spaceman
16. 4 Yo Self
17. Born Ducks
18. Tru Music

“Beats From The Golden Era” is a full length instrumental album by the legendary NJ Hip Hop Producer & Emcee Tony D. This album displays Tony’s depth as a producer with tracks filled with deep bass & melodic samples accompanied by hard hitting drums, staying true to the Golden Era soundscape that he was known for. All tracks were produced by Anthony “Tony D” Depula, who passed away on April 4th, 2009. This album was previously only available digitally, now available for the first time on a limited edition cassette perfect for blasting in your Walkman, Boom Box, Car or Stereo System!.

” Monday Hardcore “

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After trying to track down SIEGE’S “Drop Dead” album for many years at a decent price, I finally stumbled upon it on a recent trip to Chicago…This group of hell raisers upped the ante in the early 80’s with a very rugged, ultrafast, grimy approach to hardcore that shredded many eardrums….If you think I’m bullshitting check this rare clip of SIEGE going for broke in 1984…

” Architect : Butter Soul Instrumentals “

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My brother ARCHITECT (Homeless Derelix, Stones Throw, Encore, Hiero, etc) just released a instrumental project entitled, “Butter Soul” that is straight up monstrous on numerous levels…For those of you tired of lazy, uninspired, predictable, bozo chops – I highly suggest scooping this up because his sound is the total opposite of all that mediocre bullshit dudes pass off as beats these days..

Peep the snippets –

And while your at it, pick up a physical copy if you truly know what time it is…ORDER

*Make sure to spread the word and the links around, salute in advance!!!!….

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” Dug Infinite Speaks “

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Chicago producer DUG INFINITE recently emerged from the shadows to give us an update on his new instrumental project, a recent move to San Fransisco, NO ID, his Hip Hop pedigree, and all types of other shit that will hold your attention..

FSD: As you mentioned, “The Real Weight” was on the b-side of Common’s Ice Cube diss song “The Bitch In Yoo.” Were you worried about being thrown into the beef because you were lumped into the release? Cube was very powerful at the time — and still is, of course.

Dug Infinite: Other people in my ear were worried, not me. I knew it was a chance that it might happen — us getting wrapped up in the beef — and Cube had power, but it was worth the risk. I was never worried or scared.

When Relativity’s A&R told No I.D. that he had to turn the record in by the end of day to make it on the flip side of “The Bitch In Yoo” or be released next year, I was all in, I was like “I’m with you on this.” We recorded that song right there, at that moment, and got it turned in. Back then No I.D. thrived under that type of pressure.

FSD: After that, I was expecting a full-length solo album from you, but you took a step back from the spotlight. Why?

Dug Infinite: No I.D., Peter Kang, and Luxie definitely made sure the opportunity was there if I did a demo, but I was really living up to the Infinite title. At that time a recording artist had to do a six month promo tour, and lots of travel, but I had just bought a burned out building from the City of Chicago for a couple hundred bucks and I was on the hook to fix it within one year. I also was part owner, with my pops, of a skateboard shop which was doing really well back then. Those factors plus all the production I was doing back then is why I didn’t focus on a full-length. I’m a producer first, no doubt about that, but I did do a full length later on, and never released or shopped it. Maybe my kids will one day.


” Beat Of The Day “

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When this initially dropped earlier this year, my first thought was who and the hell made this beat that is tough as nails….The producer is Canadian, BOZACK MORRIS – and if he has this type of sinister shit on deck, I’m going to be checking for what he has up his sleeves….

” Decay : 2016 Newness “

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Just like many of you out there, I have a lot of opinions and anger regarding current developments in the US, but UNLIKE many of you, I’m not in the mood to air out my feelings publicly…..For some reason cats think this is something new – nah, it’s a continuum, the only thing that has changed is video cameras are practically everywhere, the invention of social media, and the astounding numbers of newfound armchair revolutionaries….

If you take the time to listen to any musical endeavor I have been involved with – you probably already know how I truly feel (And that’s good enough for me)…

Just returned to Vietnam, California after a visit to the lovely city of Chicago, so it’s only right that I post up some 2016 Chiraq flavors….GREEN LLAMA rapper DECAY is back on the set with a new album (D)…..Give it a listen troopers….


” Battlefield In Soldier Field “

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* It’s an interesting feeling when you spot one of your records while digging (GMV2)..Im just thrilled it wasn’t in the bargain bin section….HAHAHA…Only one left at Reckless Records.

Ok, enough of the shenanigans, where do I begin ?

I have been in Chicago all week so regular post will resume  on Monday…..It’s a shame that this city get’s a bad rap due to all the violence and whatnot, but to be completely honest, Chicago is one of the best cities in the entire world….

Amazing food, beautiful scenery, architecture, museums, history, culture, true diversity, epic record spots, thorough public transportation,  and down to earth people from all types of backgrounds make this city pulsate on a very high level……My wife was born and bred here, so we have made a conscious effort to travel from California to CHIRAQ at least once a year and soak up the vibes – whether  it’s a below zero Winter situation – or a sweltering Summer, I have grown to appreciate the assortment of blocks that define this city…..

DONT GET IT TWISTED – Just like any other city, you have to move a certain way and respect the laws of the land….Anyway, here are a couple flicks to marinate on until Monday….Big shout out to my ace SELFISH (Green Llama Crew) for always checking me in properly when I touchdown…

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 8.34.45 PM

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 8.32.18 PM

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 8.33.14 PM

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 8.32.38 PM

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 8.33.59 PM

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 8.31.57 PM

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 8.32.57 PM

” Golden State Warrior “


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It’s a god damn shame that E-RULE’S name is not mentioned more often when cats are talking about west coast Hip Hop shit….I stumbled onto an article by Deven Morgan that goes into serious detail about the significance of E-Rule’s contributions that is highly recommended…


And while your at it take a few minutes to scope out a slept on E- Rule gem from 2008 entitled, “Please Listen To My Demo” if you missed it the first go-round!!

” Blaq Poet : The Most Dangerous “

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At this point it seems unlikely that we will get the chance to hear BLAQ POET over Premier production in the near future…Which is a shame because in my opinion the BLAQPRINT album was the best work Premier has done since the GANG STARR era….

Anyway, “BP” is back on the set with more of that boulevard barbarian rap for us in 2016 with the release of a new project (THE MOST DANGEROUS)…PEEP…


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