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” Cayman Island Wilding “


This time last year I was in Georgetown, Cayman Islands visiting my family, attending the highly charged festivals that were taking place, wilding out with my cousins while drinking copious amounts of white overproof rum, sweating profusely, and all types of other Caribbean shenanigans…

I was asked to come down to CAYMAN 27 for a series of interviews (Which caught me completely off-guard)……The links have been deceased for a minute, but they just reposted the interviews on You Tube today so it’s only right that I give these more burn……


” DJ Shige : Full Tune 7 “


*Props to whoever flipped the MF GRIMM “So What You Want Nigga” logo (I See You)…

This under the radar type mix by DJ SHIGE should put a little pep in your step..After one look at the playlist-I’m quite sure you will be scooping this one up with a quickness…

*Props to LTBB..


Lethahedz / Act 1. Hip Hop Rally
Show And The Celebrity / Things That I Remember (Live)
Showbiz & A.G. / Still Diggin’
Razorblayd Feat Shawn ‘rizky Biz’ T / Get Ya 411 Straight
Flavor Rap Productions / Act Like You Know (Funk Mix)
Dalush And The Click / I’m A Bad, Bad Ni_ _Ar
The Henchmen / Blame It (Evil Twin Brothers)
Show And The Celebrity / Mama Tought Me Better
Show And The Celebrity / Mama Tought Me Better (Mama Made … Version)
Showbiz & A.G. / Fat Pockets (Radio Remix)
Showbiz & A.G. / Fat Pockets (LP Street Version)
Show And The Celebrity / Mama Tought Me Better (The Third Verse)
Asphalt Poetry Feat Rock Man / Lyrical Decay
Diamond D And The Psychotic Neurotics / Step To Me
Lord Aaquil / Check It Out
Lex Street Academy / Cheat’n
Oxtail / Styles
Oxtail / Styles (Mr, Magoo Cartoon Mix)
Da Bandit / Neck Snapper (P.S. Raw Mix)
Lord Finesse / Set It Off Troop
Lord Finesse / Hand In The Air, Mouth Shout
The Beatnuts Feat Gab / 2-3 Break
Shorty Long / Say My Name
Chino XL / Dark Night Of The Bloodspiller (Edit Mix)
Get’m Up (Skit)
Mysyenceprojek / Step Off
Tasc4ourse / Talkin’ No Shorts No More
Tasc4ourse / Sound In Your Ears
Ba Ba Kidz / Bad Boyz
Artifacts / Attack Of New Jeruzalum
Double X Posse / Addicted To The Game
Mysyenceprojek / Invisible Man
Breaking The Illusion / What Is BTI ?
Lethahedz / Mama Said. …
Propo’88 & Blabbermouf Feat Ellmatic / Pass It Ova Here !
Lord Finesse Vs. The 45 King / You Know What I’m About (DJ Shige Remix)
Lord Finesse Vs. DJ Shige / You Know What I’m About (Raw Beats Remix)
Kurious / Spell It Wit A J (Yes, Yes Jorge)
Shaleek & The 2nd Family Vs. Maestro / Competition Iz None (Remix)
Show And The Celebrity / Radio Active
A.D.O.R. / From The Concrete


” Roger Rivas Heaters “


On a recent trip to the City Of Angels I heard a couple ROGER RIVAS cuts on the radio…Never heard of this cat before, but what I heard blew my mind instantly…He is a member of the Southern California Rock Steady outfit, The AGGROLITES and his overall approach to the genre is explosive to say the least…

On the “Brothers Of Reggae” album he goes for broke with critical compositions, breezy LA backyard boogie selections, and all types of flavorful tunes that will force you to add this to your rotation….This goes out to my cuzzo MAD MIGUEL..

Highly Recommended…

” Third Sight : IV “


When it comes to vocabulary, scientific murder spree’s, complex rhyme patterns, and straight up originality – JIHAD THE ROUGHNECK MC should be right up your alley….He is a member of the trio THIRD SIGHT along with legendary scratch maniac D-STYLES & producer DU-FUNK and they have managed to drop some note worth off-kilter, dusted out material over the years……On their latest release “IV” they bless us with more of their brand of wildness…


” Kutmaster Kurt : Q&A “


After listening to the hilarious KOOL KEITH “Your Mom Is My Wife” EP, I stumbled onto this recent interview with one of the west coast most slept on beatsmith’s- KUTMASTER KURT….

When did you meet Keith?

I met him in ’87.

What do you remember about that?

I was at this thing called the New Music Seminar in New York… They used to have an MC battle, and Keith was in the MC battle. I remember approaching him and talking to him. He was not that interested in talking to me… Later on, I saw him hanging out with MC Hammer. In 94, after Hammer got really large, Keith and I were invited to a party at MC Hammer’s house, when he had that crazy house up in Freemont. At the party, Keith went up to Hammer and said, “Hey man, remember me?” Hammer looked at him like he didn’t remember who he was. Keith was like, “Man, I was one of the only guys in New York who hung out with him and gave him respect back then. Everybody else was laughing at him!”

When did you and Keith start to record demos together?

We started recording right around Fall of ’93. I had a relationship with Loud Records… They did a demo deal with me for a group called Zero Tolerance… I was in New York, and I was like, ‘Hey Keith, I’m out here working with this group.’ Dan the Automator was out there with me, helping me record, and doing something else of his own. Keith came over to where we were set up… in ’94 we did an official demo. We did like seven songs that got us a deal in LA, and we moved to LA.


” Out Of The Office “


I have been on the road all week, and I will not be back to regular scheduled programming on the battlefield until next Monday (the 28th)….Currently I am in Venice Beach, California visiting family and friends and taking a much needed break…Please remember that if you are in the Sacramento or bay area – I will be at the GFC / VENDETTA / NS celebration catching major wreckage this Friday (the 25th)…

Big up to everyone that checks in on the daily….

” 2016 B-Boy Morale “


When I first started HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD many moons ago (8 and a half years at this point), my plan was to include politics in the mix…But after awhile I figured it would probably be best to keep certain opinions to myself…WHY?

1..You come here for music, most of you could care less what my personal views or outlooks are…

2…You never know who is reading this shit…

3..I would rather share that type of information with COMPLETE STRANGERS only if I’m asked, to many people are quick to shove their agendas down peoples throats…

4..The internet is no place for political activism…Education and studies yes, but definitely not activism…

Anyway, I’m very thankful that I spent a huge part of my youth decoding racism, bigotry, and injustice or these recent elections would have me puzzled and confused about the reality of my surroundings as a man…I guess for some people – they truly believed we lived in a post-racial America so they are apparently falling apart at the seams…

Here is a little piece of advice to anyone reading this – stay focused, stay true to yourself, and most importantly stay human…..And if you live anywhere near the bay area make sure you come to this GFC / VENDETTA VINYL / NS event that I’m spinning at Saturday, Nov25th for a boost of B Boy morale…*Click on the photo for further analysis…

**Superb artwork by my brother KUFU ONERZ….

” Friday Firepower “


If you need a little pep in your step for your weekend shenanigans, give this DERRICK HARRIOT “Reggae, Funk & Soul” album a thorough listen…..Renditions, nonstop flavors, and heavy tunes on deck….


1.Preacher – Black Moses 03:43
2.Chosen Few – People Makes The World Go Round 03:20
3.Derrick Harriott – Psychedelic Train 02:59
4.Crystalites – Stranger In Town 02:52
5.Karl Bryan & Crystalites – Slippery 02:53
6.Derrick Harriott – Message From A Black Man 04:13
7.Chosen Few – Am I Black Enough 03:14
8.Bongo Herman & Les – Home Sweet Home 02:34
9.Bongo Herman & Les – Hail I 03:50
10.Pat Satchmo – A Handful Of Friends 03:16
11.I Roy – Tougher Than Tough 03:11
12.Derrick Harriott – Brown Baby 04:05
13.Crystal Generation – Hell Below 02:23
14.Ramon & Crystalites – Golden Chickens 02:44
15.Chosen Few – Going Back Home 03:08
16.Noel Brown – Phoenix 02:14
17.Kingstonians – Right From Wrong 03:23
18.Chosen Few – I’m Sorry 02:27
19.Kim Harriott – Just Want To Be Your Joy 02:40
20.Junior Murvin – Rescue The Children 03:45

” Scratch Overdose : 20 “


The winner of the IDA (International DJ Association) scratch battle is DJ PROLIFIX…Please check out this clip of him going for broke with an avalanche of nasty patterns, hand styles, funk, and all that other wild shit!!!!

If this doesn’t inspire you to get your cut game together, I don’t know what will..

The 2016 Scratch Category Champion: DJ Prolifix
2nd Place: Kurteek
3rd Place: FlipFlop

Judges: Excess, Toadstyle, DStyles
Prize Sponsored By:
The Beat Junkies
Battle Avenue

Many thanks to everyone who supported our return to the United States! 2017 is around the corner which means..IDA USA is comin’ to your city.

” DOC TC5 : Jewelry “


I noticed that I have been posting a gang of podcast lately, so this will be my only one this week…This is a motherfucking doozy – the legend from TC5 Doc (Arab) popped up on the LEGENDS THURSDAY GRAFF podcast for a insane amount of jewel dropping….Highly recommended…

Episode 106 is with Doc TC5. This is the first of two episodes with him. We recorded this one in Manhattan the second one near Brooklyn. He’s got so many good stories and really shows you how dope he is. The history you’ll hear from him is awe striking. Stories from the perspective of a writer who was there. From the start of this project I’ve said “the person who will be able to tell their story the best will obviously be them.” Doc brought up a really good point in this episode. It’s strange how some documentarians get more attention than the actual artists who did the work. It’s a fine line to dance when you think about who deserves the respect and spotlight. Thanks again to Doc. The song he picked was The Roots – What They Do (Instrumental) and don’t forget to check out the flicks he sent that are on the website. He’s also got a lot of historical graffiti pictures on his IG so check that out too. (On this particular day I was really under the weather, so bear with me on that.) Cycle was nice enough to hook this up.



” Imam Thug Speaks “


IMAM THUG & AYATOLLAH are the recent special guest on the DROP A GEM show out in Queens NYC…This is hands down the most thorough interview I have ever heard from IMAM so do yourself a favor and check in cuzzo…

I make an appearance at the 1:40:13 mark to discuss the upcoming BOXCUTTER BROTHERS album, and all types of other shit…HAHAHAH..


” Byrdland : Filthy Mixtape “


Alright folks here is a exclusive blast courtesy of my dude ARCHITECT….The “FILTHY” mixtape features BYRDLAND on the mic device, ARCHITECT on the production with legendary MISTA SINISTA on the wheels of steel..30 minutes of lo-fi, dusty sequences on deck!!!!!!


” Flick Of The Day “



My cuzzo KHUFU ONERZ (The man responsible for all of the GMV artwork) is relentless when it comes to catching massive wreck on the field…No repeated fill ins, no repeated outlines, no repeated color schemes, no nonsense – just unpredictable master craftsmanship….

This piece was dedicated to our brother PRIZE ONE who was taken away from us before his time, unfortunately…REST IN PAINT, we will never forget you…

” Tone Liv : Housing Authority “


GREEN LLAMA / TEAM TALL CANS repper TONE LIV is on the verge of releasing another project in November…Here is the first leak with producer LATE BLOOMER…



” New Shit On Deck “


I’m digging this new joint by AL.DIVINO “Villains In Villas”, but I have to admit that it carries a heavy ROC MARCIANO, WSG, HUS KINGPIN vibe which isn’t necessarily a bad thing…..

Do yourself a favor and peep his Soundcloud page for more treats..