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” Dancehall Murder “

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Are you ready for some explosive dancehall flames ?

Look no further, those good dudes over at DUB VENDOR just dropped another heat rock for the massive…King Jammys Dancehall 3 : “Hard Dancehall Murderer – 1985-1989″….BLAM,BLAM,BLAM….


1.Gregory Isaacs – The Ruler 03:46
2.Nitty Gritty – Butter Bread 03:08
3.Echo Minott – I Am Back 03:51
4.Echo Minott – Trouble Nobody 03:29
5.Johnny Osbourne – Chain Robbery 03:41
6.Banana Man – Musical Murder 03:16
7.King Kong – Can’t Ride Computer 04:20
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8.Robert Lee – Come Now 03:42
9.Pad Anthony – By Show Down 03:33
10.Nitty Gritty – Rub A Dub Kill You 03:37
11.Wayne Smith – Like A Dragon 04:10
12.Tonto Irie – Ram Up Every Corner 03:19
13.Pad Anthony – Murderer 03:12
14.Admiral Bailey – Mi Ah The Danger 03:11
15.Robert Lee & Bunny General – Midnight Hour 03:27
16.King Jammy – Dangerous System Version 04:05
17.Prince Jammy – I Am Back Version 02:16
18.Prince Jammy – One Time Girlfriend Version 03:15
19.King Jammy – Chain Robbery Version 03:33
20.Prince Jammy – Musical Murder Version 02:49

Murder in the dancehall tonight! Jammy’s leading artists boost up the sound system. The heart and soul of dancehall – singing about the sound over crucial rhythms, challenging a sound boy to come test Jammy.

” Molecules : 2017 Steez “

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Alright folks-

This is the moment many of you have been waiting for, the “BRONX TALE” album by Molecules & Showbiz….I only listened one time front to back so I’m going to have to give it some decent burn before I state my opinion….However it is very inspiring to see these two Bronx bombers still making noise in 2017….

*Hip Hop Battlefield top picks thus far – “Heist”, “Hardcore”, “Jungle”, and “Methadone Rap”….Molecules was smart to put some of those Rare Breaks joints to good use that SHOWBIZ rocked awhile back….HAHAHAHAHAHA…

” More 45 Action “

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Since it’s Friday I might as well slap you with some breaks to put a little pep in your step….KING OTTO live ((101 Breaks Part 2).

This is Volume 2 of my Breaks 101 series. This is all live on 45 rpm records. No cue point, no buttons no relative mode. I simply dropped 45s and changed them up as quickly as I could. There’s plenty of drums and samples here from dollar bin goodies to a grail or two. Stay tuned for Volume 3!!!

” Architect : 45 Live “

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If you need more beat morale in your life – take a thorough listen to my cuzzo ARCHITECT going for broke at Standford (KZSU) last weekend…..His set begins at the 2:00 mark (2hr)…

This past Sunday night of MHz on #KZSU it’s the return of The Architect @architecthhp & Mad B @madb10thwonder live in the studios with another live beat performance! Opening the show w/ @djqbert classic: Demolition Pumpkin Squeeze Musik & DJ Joe Quixx’s (Oakland Faders) Heavy Duty volume 1. With you host @raymundomix and the rest of the #mhzmassive

” Danny Dan Wreck “

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Legendary DJ, DANNY DAN is the special guest on the WE FUNK radio show (Episode 872).He contributes a special set but he also does some heavy Q&A so do not snooze !!!!

*Do your self a favor and FFWD to the 15 mark when Danny Dan starts his set….


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” Drama Overdose “

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The first time I heard someone flip one of David Axelrod’s compositions was on “Take Em To War” with Kool G.Rap, B1 & MFGRIMM….The producer of that track (T-Ray) didn’t add much to the original sample source and sometimes you shouldn’t if the loop your freaking has all the right elements without any additional programming (I could write a book on this dynamic with the greatest of ease but it might bore motherfuckers to death – HAHA)…..

Anyway, when I first heard this beat the only thing that came to mind was DRAMA…It didn’t hurt that GRIMM & company were spitting some of the most sinister shit on top of it, but even without the lyrics this particular beat raised the bar when it came to pure , unadulterated evil sounding shit…David Axelrod was a genius on many levels and it’s unfortunate that he is no longer with us in the physical form (He lost his battle with lung cancer earlier this year) – thankfully he left a incredible discography for us to absorb and delve into….

Here is a dedication mix by WALLA P (Music Is my Sanctuary) that deserves your attention….


” Under The Radar Treats “

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After all these years of being a die hard, true blue Hip Hop fiend – plus an avid record collector, it’s somewhat amazing that I still stumble on gems from the mid to late 90’s that I never heard before…I recently found this collection of rarities on the VV12 Hip Hop site (For The Diggers Vol .1) and my Hip Hop antenna instantly activated (I’m only familiar with half of these joints, I’m not going to even front)….Take one look at the playlist if you think it’s a game duke !!!!!


01 03:35 Intrepid Stylez – Kasualties
2 04:10 Tha Chamba – Essence
03 04:37 Street Connect – Rollin’ Over You
04 04:36 Major Stress – A Day In Da Stuy
05 03:24 Definite Vacation 4 Suckaz – Thieves In The Temple
06 03:31 The Green Regime – Money Green
07 05:17 Duane E – Fuckem All
08 05:31 Sugacane – God For All
09 04:58 Kornerstonz – Front On Me
10 03:24 Unknown Prophets – Represent
11 05:01 Strick Feat. Rhetoric & Ace – Paper Chase
12 04:11 Sparrow The Movement – Inheritance
13 03:55 Knoxx Feat. Trauma Mobb – Pynch Nerve (Raw Mix)
14 04:34 Madd Mischief – Representing
15 04:03 Slum Brothers – Stop Frontin
16 03:45 Rocswell – Straight Up (K-Boogs)
17 04:53 Lucci & Celinski – Kakalaq


” In Full Gear “

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When it come to gear I was never into all that NASA spacesuit shit, some of these trendy brands do way too much with their designs…PRITT KALSI (King Of The Beats) has the right idea : simple, effective and straight up BBoy without all the extras…


Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 1.55.40 PM

” Out For Fame 2 “

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I gave KRS – One’s newest offering “The World Is Mine” a decent listen a few days ago and sure it’s not the illest album in his very impressive catalogue, but he did sprinkle some gems in there….If it was up to me, I would rock “Out For Fame 2” for some 7inch or 12inch vinyl treatment….


” Pressing Matters In Jamaica “

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This is what happens when you abandon tradition and recklessly adopt current trends of culture and technology…Truly sad on many levels…

” Dj Spinna : 96 Beat Tape “

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If you need more instrumental flavors in your life, give this a listen and catch a zone…

The “1996 beat Tape” is the “Real McCoy”. All music was produced before computers, before accessible home studios and before instrumental hip hop was a category. Many of the beats were made with vocalists in mind. Constructed on turntables, the EMU-SP1200 and the Akai S950, historians will appreciate the album cover designed by Joe Buck which depicts intimate photos of Spinna in his studio with the actual gear used to create the album’s contents. This is only the first volume and the debut venture between Redefinition Records and Spinna’s own Correct Technique Records. With 2 plus decades of unreleased material, who knows what the future holds, but history shows that when DJ Spinna releases an instrumental album, they sell fast. Get your copy on colored vinyl or cassette now.

” Loop Mechanics On Deck “

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“Heard your new single, I can’t stand the shit / dropped your album off at waste management”…..SAY WORD..

URG 7 & BIN SKULLY connect for some 2017 Hip Hop morale….I like how the duo keep it nice and dirty instead of going the typical over produced route I hear to often these days….Over an hour of treats on deck !!!!


” Battlefield In Cleveland “

Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 8.49.55 AM

MF GRIMM & I were the special guest on the “Different Drum” show with Matt Hooke out in Cleveland last week (WRUW)…We go into detail about the GMV trilogy, our recording process, production , history, and our latest release “American Hunger Rebirth” with ARCHITECT & FDRZ…Starts at the 4:50 mark –


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” Daniel Son : Remo Gaggi “

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 10.19.53 PM

You gotta give daps to that kid DANIEL SON for constantly hitting us with a onslaught of solid material….It’s not the illest shit I have heard by any means, but I respect the work ethics involved and I also recognize that he does flip some colorful wordplay (He is like a hybrid of WSG / Bronson / Roc / Hus / with a Toronto accent twist)….

Here is his latest release “Remo Gaggi”….Give it a listen troopers..


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” Architect : SP 404 Wreck “

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 4.02.38 PM

My cuzzo ARCHITECT has been on a straight killing spree with the beats the last couple years…Even though his first commercial release was in the early 90’s, he has steadily progressed and updated his approach to production in a very original, explosive fashion….Truth be told, he is a motherfucking problem !!!

Here is a recent interview he did with the good folks at HECKLER (Salute Riff, I see you Captain)…..

H: You’re on the MF Grimm’s American Hunger remix album. How does doing remixes differ than working with the artists.

A: Well the crazy thing about American Hunger was I did a lot of American Hunger itself in the original version. I think maybe three or four songs on there so I had the vibe that I was already familiar with Grimm. It wasn’t very hard to remix it. You know. I got to do the remix of the songs that didn’t do in the first place and I know Grimm personally so knew the vibe. I knew Grimm from years back from the early 2000’s working with him on music and he did the “Good Morning Vietnam” project with Drasar Monumental and he was like “Yo, you got to holler at my man.” So when I hollered at Drasar, It was just a no brainer. We were both on the same vibe, same ill style of beats, and same outlook on the game. So it was like a no brainer. We just got together and I had “[Hot] Butter Soul” I was working on. Butter Soul comes out of my beat set. It’s basically a version of my beat set live. I just basically did it live on the fly. I put beats on there that I come through on my beat sets. So it’s like all new beats that people have never heard. I just went in with the drum machine and the Kaos pad.


*And while your at it, take a listen to the brand spanking new SP404 project…

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 9.45.02 PM