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” Tuesday Shots “

Picture 5

Some people try to downplay LIL DAP’S & THE NUTCRACKER’S lyrics, but the duo actually complimented PREEMO’S beats with their brand of BK street talk in my opinion….Plus, how can you front on greasy bars like these, “So much anger built inside / so don’t stop to say hi, motherfucker just die”…..That has to be one of the best lines I have ever heard in my life (It also accurately describes how I feel 95 % of the time HAHAHA)….

Anyway one half of the GROUP HOME (Lil Dap) links up with the very fresh London bred producer LEWIS PARKER for some 2014 limited edition vinyl treatment…

A: Code Of Silence
A: Code Of Silence Instrumental
A: Code Of Silence Accapella
B: Self Esteem
B: Self Esteem Instrumental
B: Code Of Silence Remix
B: Code Of Silence Remix Instrumental

Cuts on “Code of Silence” by Pings.
Artwork/sleeve design by Bee.


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