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“Royal Flush : Grand Capo”

Picture 2

If I had to decide which song I would choose from ROYAL FLUSH’S new album “Grand Capo” as the lead single, I would have to go with “Hip Hop” as the front runner…


1..The beat by GRAND PAPA TRA is straight up retarded….

2..Royal Flush starts the bar avalanche with disgruntled wordplay such as, ” Is it me or does everybody want to rap now / there is a lot producers with that wack sound , All these niggas coming up, just play the background / cause I’m a real legend in the game listen to how it really sounds “…..

3..This joint features guest vocals from ATLAS & NOKTI, with the latter rocking one of the ugliest voices I have heard on tracks since BIG TWINZ….


One response

  1. Guest

    no one mentioned this release, in the whole daamn internet, thanks HHBF. Keep The GOOD work UP

    March 14, 2014 at 8:26 PM

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