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” Musical Youth “

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If your on the hunt for some beat morale, STRICTLY BUSINESS concocted this excellent compilation that has your name written all over it…..Plus it features one of my all-time favorite drum breaks (The Mike Curb Congregation – Mickey Mouse March)…..


It’s compilation time again, and we have something a little different this time around – Strictly Kids.
This is the Strictly Biz top 25 funky childrens tracks.
Funky basslines & breaks galore here, all plucked from childrens LPs, once again from the well known to the obscure.
Most of these have either been picked up from charity shops, or just lifted from the web, so the sound quality varies a bit.


Banana Splits – Doing The Banana Splits
Banana Splits – Soul
Banana Splits – The Loving End
Bob & Merry Chimbel – Find Your ABCs : R
Bob & Merry Chimbel – Find Your ABCs : T
Bugs Bunny – London Oh London
Harrell & Sharron Lucky – Carpet Drill Team Routine
Harrell & Sharron Lucky – I’ll Walk On The Line
Harrell & Sharron Lucky – Pease Porridge Hot
Harrell & Sharron Lucky – The Body Clap
Joe Beard – It’s OK To Say No
Leo Muller – Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag
Leo Muller – The Party After Landing
Playaway – The Party Is About To Begin
Playschool (Lionel Morton) – Fearless Fred’s Amazing Animal Band
Playschool (Malcolm Carrick) – Come To The Shops
Playschool (Rick Jones) – Bang On A Drum
Ragtime (Miss Sponge & Mr Jelly) – Motorists Are We
Susan Sings Songs From Sesame Street (Loretta Long) – ABC Song
The Brady Bunch – Drummer Man
The Mike Curb Congregation – Mickey Mouse March
Unknown – Baa Baa Black Sheep
Unknown – I Can Fly
Unknown – Period Portrait 1
Unknown – Unknown Childrens Exercise Tracks


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