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” Drasar Monumental : Interview Steez 2022 “

Out of all the interviews I have done over the years, this Q&A with WERNER WALLENROD (NJ) has to be one of the most thorough, thought provoking, and introspective sessions I have taken part in…I’m grateful their are still cats out there that are willing to give current music heavy critical analysis…

“Yeah, there’s a really rich, layered sound to what you’re doing.  It doesn’t sound like that typical: here’s a beat with hopefully a catchy sample, now write a quick rhyme to it and maybe we can agree on a hook that gives it a fancier concept.  Everything informs everything else, like back and forth, as opposed to where usually one element sounds like it’s been completed and locked before they started on the next one.

Thank you. Yeah, I know exactly what you’re talking about. Obviously, I’m heavily influenced by that era stacking breaks, EQ’ing breaks and getting the poly-rhythms going at specific times in the song. That’s my shit. I grew up B-boying, so when you hear certain breaks and shit start really stacking, motherfuckers start spazzing. And I’m a DJ, you know what I’m saying? So that’s funny you said that, because I try to do that; but I wouldn’t use a typical drum break that everybody used. I apply that same dynamic you’re talking about, but just on some bugged out shit with the composition, you know, I mean layering.

Yeah, another part of what I’m thinking of, I guess, is how your songs often change up mid-instrumental, switching loops and all.  If you’re not following the lyrical theme, it can be hard to even tell what song you’re on.  Like, if you’re just listening casually doing other stuff, and you look at the track-listing, it’s like, “is this still track 3 or are we on song 5 by now?”  But if you’re paying attention, it’s clear because each song is about something distinct”.


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