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” Past The Margin “

Flashback to the heavy blog era-

Before all the Instagram clout chasing and social media scrambling- Mediafire, Usershare, Divshare and other audio sharing players were in full effect mode…

So many informative Hip Hop blogs were popping up all over the place- to be honest I preferred that era over the current IG era because you could catch so many gems if you knew where to look, without all the posturing and narcissism….

Straight from Australia emerged the UNKUT blog by Robbie Ettelson…

Not only does Robbie have a great ear for hardcore, no frills type of Hip Hop – he also unveiled many unheard demos on his site that you wouldn’t find anywhere else at the time..

Even though he slowed down his output somewhat,UNKUT is still up and rocking…He recently dropped the “Past The Margin” hardcover which looks beyond official (Had to place an order on general principle- and I am extremely proud my name pops up in the book – HA)…


One response

  1. Alter aka the dark druid....etc

    I agree.i was looking for rubberroom from Chicago sector rush…… when I found your old blogspot before you went to this site…I remember asking heads of they could re up links my old lap top a pill head beat me for it…….that was before 2006-7… there’s mad biting cyborg cloud chasing ego narcissists… salute always.big ups…….

    February 1, 2023 at 8:21 PM

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