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” Donald Fagen Speaks “

Screen Shot 2019-11-04 at 5.33.14 PM

When I think about the diverse palate of music I was subjected to in my household growing up, I feel extremely lucky….One day my father could be deeply submerged into Reggae tunes…The following day he could be rocking some off the wall Jazz fusion shit..

I vividly remember analyzing Steely Dan album covers in my living room…Whenever he would play one of their selections I can a recall a heavy feeling of melancholy rush over me…Something about their material always reflected deep sadness and reflection to my ears….

After all these years of being a fan of the group I have never heard Donald Fagan speak until now (Grabbed his book Eminent Hipsters a few years back, go track that down if you know what’s best for you)….I highly recommend that you peep the legend delve into all types of jewelry for 45 minutes….RIP Walter Becker.


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