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” Vitamin D : Mama’s Basement “

Screen Shot 2019-11-03 at 8.06.31 PM

I miss the days when people would actually take time out to absorb an album before critiquing it and giving their little two cents…I’m well aware that with new technological developments most people are in full blown multi-tasking mode- which makes it somewhat difficult to focus on one thing for an extended period of time…

But I truly believe great records unveil different jewels with repeated listening…After giving Vitamin D’s latest record “Mama’s Basement” some decent burn front to back, I have to give the triple threat from Seattle the two thumbs up treatment….

*Wish he would of kept the singing / sanging off certain tracks which is a personal pet peeve of mine..HA!

“This album is a tribute to my old neighborhood (The CD) & a description of how it was when I lived in my mom’s basement. I employed a lot of the production methods that I used in the late 80’s when I 1st started messing around with records & samplers. You may notice skips,clips,things going off time or the fact that most of this stuff is not on a tempo grid. This is intentional. I allowed the same mistakes I made when I was 1st learning how to do this. Even used a hand held on a couple songs. It felt good to be this free. I hope you can feel the love”. Enjoy! – TallHomey

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