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” Ray Foges : Sag 73 “

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When dudes hit me over the head with all that “Hip Hop is over, ain’t nothing fresh out” talk – I just laugh to myself…If these cornballs would just put in a fraction of effort they would find some new jewelry to rock out with…I guess cats just want all the goodies handed to them, but in this new millennium it just doesn’t work that way….

I was coolin out the other day at a spot that was playing the new J-Cole album (Only heard one of his tracks previously), and I have to admit, it was some of the worst bullshit that I have ever heard in my motherfucking life…Long tirades about absolutely nothing, fluffy beats, and a real cheesy vibe to say the least..If you guys are content with accepting easily available nonsense like this, no wonder you are having trouble locating new Hip Hop that has some guts…HA.

RAY FOGES is a cat that has some NEW heat on deck…Be on the lookout for the “Sag 73” album…


One response

  1. Alter

    There’s always some flava ad long as it’s not watered down… strictly boom bap…..big ups my hommie….. strictly raw elements

    December 8, 2018 at 12:13 AM

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