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” Box Cutter Brothers # 5 – Repost “

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To be honest with you, it always feels somewhat narcissistic and corny when I try to promote myself or describe certain things when it comes to my musical output…So if you haven’t heard the most recent beat tape by AYATOLLAH & myself (BOX CUTTER BROTHERS 5) take a look at how LEXI GLASS FROM KFJC – SAN JOSE waxed poetic about this project…

“2018 beat tape, the fifth in a series from the Boxcutter Brothers, a collaboration between California beatmaker Drasar Monumental and Ayatollah, a prolific producer from Queens. On Side A, Drasar represents the West Coast with five tracks of dense and adventurous sampling, (including some Bollywood dance tunes on A3, dark piano loops and electro beats on A4 and A5). But despite the beautiful backing tracks, the feel on this side is aggressive, violent, and razor sharp. Side B cuts the other way – Ayatollah delivers the more laid-back of the two sides, but it still crushes. Killer soul samples, heavy beats, and a couple of cameos from Sun Ra (B5- amazing) and Barry White (B6). From VENDETTA VINYL & local SF label 77 Rise. FCCs on A1, A4, A5”

Side A
Drasar Monumental

1. Death Trap Chops
2. If This Blade Could Talk
3. Bollyhood
4. Smoke Gentrification
5. Disco Razor Tag

Side B

1. No Biting Allowed
2. Feature Presentation
3. Rae Anime
4. Think It Through
5. Black And White
6. We Wont Know

Screen Shot 2018-11-30 at 12.31.03 PM

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