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” Ranking Dread Highlight “

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When it comes to Hip Hop and Reggae the similarities are deeply rooted and intertwined in a myriad of ways…Some would even argue that without the foundation built by MC’s / toasters in Jamaica from the early 70’s that Hip Hop itself would not exist in it’s current form…

Unfortunately many in the Reggae world have fallen victim to the same social ills that have consumed some of Hip Hop’s brightest stars…For instance the very talented RANKING DREAD was once considered one of the most dangerous “yardies” residing in the UK..I’m not going to go in depth about what he was accused of
, but by most accounts that I have stumbled across the man was a certified BADMAN (Which is interesting because he never discussed such dealings in his music, unlike many MC’s today that are quick to incriminate themselves on wax – HAHA)…Regardless, RANKING DREAD had a truly unique style of toasting that was often duplicated, but never came close to the original…

Ranking Dread (born Winston Brown; c. 1955 – 1996)

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