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” Diceman : Denzel “

Screen Shot 2018-11-05 at 9.01.23 AM

DICEMAN from the South Bronx Bomber clique THE LEGION goes for self with the “POWER OF NOW” release on KING OF THE BEATS label from London….You already know what it is ; gritty beats, straightforward wreck, BX spices, solid tracks, and all that other good shit..


After 2 years working on this project. We are proud to present DICEMANS – THE POWER OF NOW LIMITED EDTION LP. With music production from Key Figures and J Depina. The second lp from the series Looking for the perfect Beat the movie directed by Pritt Kalsi which features the DICEMAN and group he comes from THE LEGION.

From start to finish this lp is packed 21 pieces of music. The Bronx is Back in effect. We agree and firmly believe that you can drop the needle anyone this record and you will be pleased. No features other than 1 track featuring the Legion the album is going back to a time where one MC can hold his own. This is the Diceman. Lots of thought and care, passion went into the making of this lp, it goes more than the music, from the artwork, its conception, turning it into the physical. We got special access to the plant and where taught how to make the vinyl ourselves. The videos we shot ourselves. This is a labour of love and more than 25 years of experience on both our parts. Both of us felt we had something to prove, joining forcesto deliver this a true hip hop classic”.

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