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” Let The Beats Rock “

Screen Shot 2018-06-05 at 12.44.21 PM

That dude SEBB just released his highly anticipated instrumental project “Imports”….I definitely heard a few beats that perked my ears up, do yourself a favor and listen on a booming system instead of shitty computer speakers for maximum effect!!


1.Wanna hear sumthin? 01:42
2.Aint got shit to do (play music) 01:44
3.Kazz / Cant u? 02:21
4.U wont believe it 01:23
5.Depth of Utrecht 02:00
6.Tele-fone 01:26
7.UpchX 00:50
8.Too smart or too dumb 01:34
9.Mauerpark 01:30
10.Letsgetintosumjawns 01:13
11.Unesco 01:17
12.P&P 01:19
13.L in amsterdam / Edul golana 2 02:23
14.Mig Og 01:09
15.Caught in my zone 01:37
16.Wrong side of the bayou 01:19
17.Aiiichhh 02:13
18.Enomis 01:54
19.Lilfugz 01:57
20.We get dat 02:35
21.Fried off the same schitt 02:51
22.WLCM to the citi 02:03
23.Stop complaining 01:12
24.Ze healer 02:20
25.Progress (rite?) 02:01
26.Kikou 02:17
27.Edul golana 4 01:02
released April 3, 2018

© 2017 ALC Records. All beats by Sebb Bash.
Art Direction and Design by Alex Lala.
Mastering by Simon Davey at The Exchange Vinyl.
Executive production by the Alchemist.
Co-executive production and a&r by Wali Bilal.

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