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” Midweek Wreckage “

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Originally posted June 11th 2015….

Alright how do I start this one off ? I guess the only way to begin this post is by stating that MFGRIMM was one of my all time favorite MC’s years before we met up and started recording….I copped the majority of his vinyl pieces, watched the rise of MIC with admiration, bought a copy of his book, listened to those ill freestyles on Stretch & Bobbito, and truly thought he was one of the most intriguing figures in Hip Hop…..

Never in a million years did I think we would record many albums together, and form a friendship…Every other day people hit me up and ask, “Yo when is the new GRIMM & DRASAR” coming out? “Are you guys going to make Good Morning Vietnam 4” ?……Trust me when I tell you- we have all types of wild shit already recorded and we have many plans and strategies to hit people over the head with a onslaught of some of the most dangerous music ever created….TRUST ME…

In the meantime, take a listen to this “MFGRIMM BORNDAY MIX” that I put together awhile back if you missed it on the first go-round….Salute to my cuzzo MF GRIMM REAPER for constantly dropping heavy jewelry….


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  1. alter

    m.f.Grimm…Manhattan props

    March 2, 2018 at 11:45 PM

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