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” Unreleased Heat : Tim Dog “

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Even though I naturally gravitate towards listening to top notch lyrical MC’s, I truly believe you do not necessarily have to be the most technically skilled to make straight up banging projects….SCHOOLY D wasn’t the most gifted rhymer, but I would rather listen to “Am I Black Enough For You” over any EMINEM, CHINO XL, SUPERNATURAL (Insert other rappers that focus on verbal gymnastics over substance and making thorough albums)….

Some might even say that EPMD were not top tier MC’s (I tend to agree somewhat) but their is no denying that they knew how to construct some of the illest shit when it came to getting busy in the lab…PERIOD….

Remember when “every one and there momma” tried to downplay GROUP HOME’s role in the crafting of the classic “Living Proof” album ? All you heard was “Premier” is the reason why it was dope, Premier this, Premier that – I could make a case that LIL DAP & MELACHI the Nutcracker (Even with their verbal shortcomings) might have been smart enough, and in-tune enough to have made one of the best albums that the “GANGSTARR FOUNDATION” ever put out….

While I’m on this train of thought, I have to bring up the SOUTH BRONX bomber, TIM DOG….”Penicillin On Wax” is one of my favorite albums ever made…The beats, blatant disregard, anger, and overall entertainment value of this joint is astounding, even by 2018 standards…..Whenever I get overwhelmed by all the soft, weakling Hip Hop that we are all constantly bombarded with – I revert to this album for a nice dose of rawness….HA….Recently I stumbled on to the previously unreleased video of “Bronx Nigga” which gave me even more admiration for Tim Dog…With all the shootings, police killings, and nudity in this video it’s no wonder why MTV RAPS or VIDEO MUSIC BOX never gave these visuals any air time…..


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  1. alter

    Tim dog and schooly d still definitely dope not best word play but dope…epmd I stoped feeling after the crossover and headbanger and group home nice to I loved superstar and living proof I loved when it first droped I first heard group home on college radio a dude dj producer mad soul..dasar he had a late night radio show xalled better days hip hop show on 90.3 wzbc boston college.and he worked at a record shop called beat non stop…mear came out to Boston from.los Angeles painted the inside

    March 2, 2018 at 11:39 PM

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