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” Canadian Mic Surgery “

Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 6.46.54 PM

A few years ago I was at my dude PEZO’s lab and he broke out a album by a dude named DAN-E-O that I never heard before…”Dear Hip Hop” dropped back in 1996 but it never received a proper vinyl release until 2014 on the SERGENT label (Not sure if those dudes are around any more)…..When PEZO put the slab of wax on the decks I was very intrigued by what I heard…


1..How is it possible that I never heard of this cat before – I have been a straight up Hip Hop fiend ever since I can remember so it was surprising that something this fresh bypassed my radar…

2..DAN-E-O had a ill flow…A sprinkle of Nas, a dash of Hiero, with a splash of old era Common Sense….I really do not like to make comparisons because he definitely brought his own flavor to the mix, but I can hear his inspirations throughout this album….

3..Canada has a long history of fresh MC’s and it’s unfortunate his name doesn’t pop up more when it comes to Hip hop from our brothers up north….

“Mic Surgery” is my top ranking cut, give it some decent burn if your unfamiliar…


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