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” B Boy Avalanche “

Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 1.08.01 PM

I can vividly remember the days when you were considered some type of outlaw if you were a B Boy….It was hard to find outdoor places to practice without calls to police, neighborhood hysteria and all types of unnecessary bullshit just for wanting to dance and express yourself…


I can also recall my parents supporting my creativity with the dance, but they would often tell me, “Son this breakdancing thing is just a fad it won’t be around forever, you need to concentrate on other things”….Parents will be parents, so I fully understood where they were coming from – but I paid their words no mind because I knew deep down that a dance this explosive would never fade away…..


FFWD to 2017 you can now sit in the privacy of your own home and watch B-Boys from across the GLOBE duke it out for world supremacy at the recent U-Def battles, that took place last weekend (7 HOURS OF NONSTOP BATTLES)….


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