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” Rare Rhyme Syndicate “

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 5.26.02 PM

Some of these “new era dudes” are quick to dismiss Ice-T (He is the longest running cop in TV history, made a few ill advised moves in his storied career, etc), but what they don’t fully grasp is that he is one of the true kings of west coast hardcore…PERIOD…Some of his earlier joints still give me the chills when I go back and revisit them…Not only was / is he a gifted storyteller – he has the uncanny ability to weave the consequences into a crime narrative without glorifying or sounding overly preachy, which is a difficult thing to do….

On this rare as fuck clip unearthed by RANDOM RAP RADIO – ICE-T, BANGO (Consider yourself blessed), HEN G, KID JAZZ (Consider yourself blessed again), and KING T go for broke on the London airwaves in 1989….FRESH IS THE WORD…

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