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” Jihad : Orchids & Corpses “

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When it comes to scientific murder bars – Third Sight’s ROUGHNECK JIHAD is in a hardcore class by himself…I have never heard any “shiny happy people” rhymes from this dude, his whole catalogue and manifesto is centered around killing wack MC’s (Which is welcomed wholeheartedly over here at Hip Hop Battlefield if it’s done in a creative way HAHAHAH)…

Last year he dropped the “Orchids & Corpses” album which was recorded on a 4 track between 93-96…


1.Assassinator 02:20
2.Can’t Trust The Man 03:33
3.Harder Than Cold Steel 05:30
4.Minute Man 04:46
5.Now It’s Outta Hand 01:49
6.Hot Sauce 01:07
7.Slow Your Roll 04:18
8.Dangerous Danger Zone 02:39
9.Gas Chamber 1.0 06:06
10.Suicide Bomber 02:52
11.Broke His Neck 05:23
12.Speak Not 03:36
13.There I Go 01:25
14.KSJS Drop 02:06
15.Gun Shot Victim Part 1 03:27
16.Gun Shot Victim Part 2 02:36
17.Copasetic 02:48
18.Meditate Sedated 03:10
19.Rare Form 03:58
20.Set It Off 05:10
21.Twice As Nice 02:43
22.World Famous Scientist Original 4 Track Demo 08:06
23.You Must Be High 04:22
released May 2, 2016

D-Styles 1,3,5-7,10,14-23
Du Funk 2,4,8,9,11-13
Roughneck Jihad, Smooth Tone & Adaza Allah
Recorded between 93-96 on four track

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