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” Trilogy Supreme”

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My peoples MOBZ ONER recently sent me a write up that he spotted while floating around in cyberspace…LEE RHYANES (NMS University) did a nice write up on the “GMV” trilogy that boosted my morale levels….I have a funny feeling that 2016 will be a special year if things are already starting off like this…..

“GMVI (2012), GMVII (2013), & GMVIII (2014)…These records championed each year they were released like a Bulls or Lakers three peat…the third taking the listener back to the beginning in attempt to tie the story line together. I take away something new with each listen. It’s structure is cinematic, movie-like… a work of audio art turning the volume up on the comic book world. The way it’s composed from the beats to the rhymes inspires research”.


Screen Shot 2016-01-02 at 9.28.03 PM

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