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” Saturday Night Live “

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All types of wild shit has been popping off lately – the passing of Natalie Cole, Mark B and Dr.Frances Cress Welsing (the latter was responsible for one of the best books ever written – ISIS PAPERS)…I also have to mention other happenings like the arrest of Bill Cosby, the killing of Tamir Rice, and all types of other shit that invokes heavy contemplation for any THINKING person….

When I first started HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD I wanted to include socio-politics in the mix, but I soon realized that it wasn’t a good idea to share my personal beliefs regarding certain politics in a public forum such as this…

It’s not that I’m timid when it comes to speaking my mind, I’m actually one of the most stand up, opinionated cats that you will ever encounter…But I’m also wise enough to realize that typing a few rants in cyber-space will not have a long lasting impact (everyone and their mother is a armchair revolutionary on the net, but in real life no real activism is taking place for the most part)….So if you want to know how I feel about the reality of my surroundings in America, listen to “Good Morning Vietnam” 1-3 and you will get a better understanding of my outlook…..

Anyway,let me get back to this B-Boy business because that’s what you are here for, right? DJ BLES ONE from Seattle (Massive Monkeys) hits us with a heavy avalanche of drum breaks, doubles, blends, hype frequencies and choice selections on the “SOUL WALK MIX”….Highly recommended action troopers….

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