Get Biz Kidz/ Havok Research/ School Of Argument/ NORTH STAR ZULU

” Hands Up To Heaven, Feet Firm In Hell “

Picture 5

Listening to this track brings me right back to the studio session we had while recording “Hands Up To Heaven, Feet Firm In Hell”..With a title like that, you should already know that it’s not a fucking game!!!!!! Once GRIMM got in the booth and started laying down his bars – it reinforced my belief that he is truly a giant with his pen game….”Gluten free get the bread and the butter / give a hand and help the people out the gutter”….


Or this one – “The babies are the future, shower them / disenfranchised people, I empower them”..

Their are so many quotable bars throughout the entire GMV series (and his entire catalogue for that matter), that GRIMM deserves a spot on any self-respecting Hip Hop heads top five list…PERIOD…

Here is the visuals for “Hands up To Heaven, Feet Firm In Hell” by my dude BOOGIE MENSCH….Once again he keeps the pressure thick by hitting you with a barrage of images that are sure to give you a dose of shock treatment….FEEL FREE TO SPREAD AROUND.


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