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” Cut Creator Speaks “

Picture 4

ROB SWIFT recently caught up with the original CUT CREATOR for a round of heavy Q&A…

“Rob Swift: What do you remember about those sessions in the studio? I ask because with technology being what it is, DJs don’t even record their scratches in studios anymore. Dudes like me can knock out an albums worth of cuts from the comfort of our own home in boxers, LOL!

Cut Creator: The day “I Need a Beat” was recorded I got a call from LL. He asked me to meet him at NYU because he wanted me on a record with him. I said bullshit but went anyway. I met up with him and we went to Rick Rubin’s dorm room. Chubby Jewish dude who wants to make a rap record? Whatever, I’ll play along. We eventually ended up at this building that looked abandoned. We made it upstairs and lo and behold there’s a full studio, the first I’d ever been in. 2 inch tape recorder, Large analogue board, drum machine and racks of equipment that took up a whole lot of space and money”.


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