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” Body Snatching “

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Since I’m on my UK hardcore shit today, here is a 17 minute piece on Icepick who was affiliated with the UK hellraisers, HI-JACK……If you are unfamiliar with his brand of wreck, I highly recommend that you give the mind blowing sure shot “MC KILLER” by the Body Snatchers a thorough listen…


The release of the Genocide EP marked the return of The Icepick and DJ Supreme along with MC Grizzly. Despite its brilliance, the record never moved beyond test press white label stage and as a consequence many, including myself, doubted its very existence. The exact reasons for its limited press remain a mystery. Whether it was due to outstanding contractual issues or the content of the record which saw a number of UK rappers, such as Curoc and MCM, fall victim to The Icepick’s forked tongue, the 20-30 existing copies combined with the magic formula of dope song plus artist with a rich legacy have ensured that this is the pinnacle of most UK collectors’ wants lists.

While MC Grizzly was relatively unknown, Supreme and Jack Jones (as The Icepick is now called) were already well-engaged in creating their own rich tapestries. The two had both been key members of the HQ Squad in the late 80s, Supreme as deejay and producer for the mighty Hijack and Ice as emcee for the Zombie Headhunters. The classic ‘Burial Proceedings In The Coarse Of Three Knights’ would provide their first shared platform before Icepick was invited to spit on ‘The Contract’ which appeared on ‘The Horns Of Jericho’ LP. However, apart from appearing on the anti-apartheid posse cut ‘Beyond The 16th Parallel’, the fate that eclipsed Hijack’s burgeoning career after the release of their debut LP, would mean that their reincarnation as the Body Snatchers would be the next time they would meet on wax.

Throughout the EP, The Icepick’s viscous flow and volatile lyrics keep the audience on tender hooks whilst managing to inject some comedy via some classic metaphors:

“…You’re coming with the weakest rap, heard your LP, every track was crap,
Fuck around, be exact, you’re a pussy, your lips are piss flaps…”

With graphic battle rhymes such as these, as well as possibly the first use of the C word in a rap record, The Body Snatchers manage to produce a groundbreaking EP continuing the trend first started upon the release of ‘Style Wars’. The travesty in all of this is that this superb record would remain largely unknown until relatively recently when Aroe & The Soundmakers included it on their definitive UK mix CDs: ‘The Crown Jewels’.

So, with fleeting memories proved accurate, it is surprising that a record of this calibre not only failed to be officially released but also remained a secret for so long. ‘MC Killer’ – it does exactly what it says on the label!

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  1. alter

    Hi jack true school hip hop…

    August 12, 2015 at 6:19 PM

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