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” Akbar On The Battlefield : Re-ups “

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Over the years I have rocked all types of interviews on Hip Hop Battlefield; SELFISH, BROTHER J, AYATOLLAH, MF GRIMM, KING SHAMEEK, FULLY G, PHIL MOST CHILL, BLAME LO, INSIGHT, and PARIS to name a few….

I also had the opportunity to chop it up with Chiraq / BX rhyme slinger AKBAR awhile back for a round of in-depth jewelry….If you missed it the first time, here is another chance to check in ( I promise I will include all of the interviews on the side bar ASAP)…

1..(HHB) On AKBAR’S GROOVE you rocked over a P – LEE beat that Rasco ended up using on “Unassisted”, and even the ARTIFACTS flipped the same sample source on “What’s Up Now Motherfucker”…..Are you aware of that and how do you feel about it ?

“Well lemme first say that Parker was the 1st to use that loop to my knowledge. He had the loop back in like ’93 but we ended up using it on Jamalski’s album. Later when I heard Rasco’s and Artifacts versions it didnt really phase me because like the late great Guru once said “rap is an art you cant own no loop its how you hook it up and the rhyme style troop”. I personally felt like our version was the illest so its whatever. By the way, Raekwon rocked that loop on “Missing Watch” off the Lex Diamond Story album-now that joint is crazy! I like what they did with it.”



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