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” Let The Beats Rock “

Picture 2

This is the 3rd installment in the AMIRI “Just Digging” series….Glad to see cats still rocking the ASR10 X…


1.BlastOff 01:06
2.Official 01:05
3.Ozzie 01:03
4.GunSmoke 01:06
5.Yes! 01:11
6.Seasons Change 01:11
7.Flutey 01:11
8.Grimey 01:00
9.Love 01:00
10.DooWop 01:05
11.Hmmm 01:02
12.Congo 01:11
13.Xylo 01:09
14.Slept On 01:15
15.WhoElse 01:15
16.Henny 01:04
17.Espanol 01:06
18.Islands In The Streets! 01:03
19.Scat 01:14
20.Flutes of Labor 01:30


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