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” Producer Spotlight : D.R.K. “

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If your a dedicated Hip Hop student than you know that Canada has been releasing fresh material since the 80’s….MICHIE MEE, MAESTRO FRESH WES, DREAM WARRIORS, DEFENDERS OF THE FAITH, INCREDIBLE EAZE (RIP), CHOCLAIR, SOCRATES, DOWN TO EARTH, DANNY- O, BLACK I (RIP), and to many others to mention…

Out of all the Canadian shit I have heard over the years MAESTRO FRESH WES & BLACK I are my favorites…MAESTRO for obvious reasons, but to my ears BLACK I was incredible and ahead of his time…..Witty punchlines, an expansive vocabulary that was flooded with jewelry, descriptive storytelling skills, and a insane off beat- on beat flow that was truly original….

The guy behind the boards for the majority of BI’s joints was the elusive Canadian beatsmith “DRK” who has been concocting productions for over 20 years…

Here are a couple examples of his work, FRESH IS THE WORD.



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