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” Test Press Poltergeist “

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Where do I begin ?

Were only weeks away from dropping the final installment in the GOOD MORNING VIETNAM trilogy (Nov25th)…MF GRIMM & I put so much effort into part 3 that it boggles my mind when I think about it..Not just the recording and production aspect, but the endless nights of remixing, edits, research, sequencing, layering, EQing, building, and all that other shit that comes with taking your music seriously…..

Peep a couple facts about the GMV trilogy that you might find interesting..

1..We spent years building before we decided to record together…

2..We were both in the studio at the same time – No email sessions and no flown in vocals..

3..All of the production derived from samples…Every hi-hat, every chop, every nuance, every beat was assembled from record samples….No sample kits, no keyboards, and no MP3’s were used whatsoever…

4..All types of unreleased heaters are in the stash – we MIGHT decide to drop those in the future (Were already working on new shit, stay tuned)..


GMV-3 “The Phoenix Program” by MF GRIMM & DRASAR MONUMENTAL is now live for pre-order @ VENDETTA VINYL..Head over there to peep the cover art, tracklist, and snippets as well…If you still believe in the power of hardcore Hip Hop make sure you do the right thing and spread the word around..


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