Get Biz Kidz/ Havok Research/ School Of Argument/ NORTH STAR ZULU

” Paul Nice : International Digging “

Picture 4

Awww yes….

PAUL NICE delivers the secret society beat treats once again on the very explosive “International Digging” mix….Yeah, I do not understand all of the lyrics, but I can decipher funky material when I hear it troopers..



1.Visz a Vonat 02:59
2.First Lady 03:48
3.Rock & Roll Man 02:34
4.Checkin’ Out Your Love 02:35
5.Sleep Walking 03:43
6.Kinyujtom Kezem 03:17
7.What To Do 01:51
8.Egosphere 02:58
9.Ruda Funk 03:50
10.Scratch My Back 02:02
11.Soft Wind 02:09
12.Transit 01:38
13.Street Rondo 05:27
14.Sciabble 04:14
15.Close Shave 02:14
16.Les Passants Du Soir 02:43
17.Roses & Revolvers 03:41
18.Soul Trek 03:31
19.Crossfire (drum interlude) 00:06


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