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” G. Rap Speaks “

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David Ma recently conducted an interview with the legend KOOL.G.RAP for the latest Wax Poetics mag….


GZA was around a lot? What are your thoughts on him. His themes, especially on Liquid Swords, seem to be taken directly from your early work.

“He was called Genius at the time. He was our Cold Chillin label mate, even though he wasn’t part of Juice Crew. But we embraced him and his genius. It’s appreciated that GZA mentioned me as an idol if his. He is a solidified legend and planted his Wu-Tang flag. Wu was one of the best groups that ever did it, period. They’re like the Temptations of rap world– they’re just the best.

Earlier you mentioned Eric B as someone who greatly developed your career. Why wasn’t there any G Rap and Eric B projects?

He wasn’t really producing like that. He was more of a DJ, like Polo. Not to say he didn’t have anything to do with production. I mean, I picked a lot of those records on the first album that became full beats and songs, but I wasn’t credited as producing it, you know? In the same way, Eric B had a lot of influence on projects but he never officially ‘produced’. We were just really close fiends and I owe him a lot”.


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  1. alter one

    one of my fav mcs g rap has same bornday as me july 20th classics im fly its a demo buther shop road to to riches rickers island its a shame take em to war streets of ny ill st blues g rap is back etc legend steeze

    July 1, 2014 at 9:45 PM

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