Get Biz Kidz/ Havok Research/ School Of Argument/ NORTH STAR ZULU

” DJ-P : Built To Last Mix “

Picture 1

Once again the BUILT TO LAST CREW comes with some under the radar action.This time around DJ-P is behind the decks…

Please DO NOT SLEEP “P” keeps the flavors interesting by taking the time to actually mix (Not enough cats are doing that these days unfortunately), rock a few well times scratches, and making sure the selections pick up momentum….


1- Call O’ Da Wild – Sometimes the Neighborhood
2- Rook & Bishop – Drama (feat. Breeze Evaflowin)
3- Shanow – Remedy Man (Know as the Shanow)
4- Kukoo Da-Bag-a-Bonez – Real Kukoo
5- Constellation – For all the Heads
6- Stezo – Bop ya Headz
7- Most Desh – Hip Hop is livin’
8- Brainsick Enterprize – Time to shine
9- Channel Live – Freestyle
10- Black Eye – Blue Black
11- Rascalz – Blind wid da Science
12- Milk – Get off my Log (The Jazzyfatwoody Remix)
13- Nomaads – The Ultimate
14- Shortie No Mass – U like my Style (Remix)
15- Rezidue – Inner City Blues
16- Dj Eli & Shan Boogs – And so Kiddies (feat. Cage)
17- Trigga aka Big Trigg – No Tomorrow


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