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” Vocabulary Spill, Part 5 “

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Even though we are living in a “PC” era (perpetrating clowns), every once in awhile I have to express how I see things…..

Sure anyone can be a critic, but unless you have the experience, studies, and knowledge under your belt to go along with it, the critiques end up sounding like empty rants….

For the majority of my life I have lived and breathed for this art form….Not only have I dedicated my life to it, I have actually taken the time to approach it as a serious student (anyone that halfway knows who I am will vouch for my claims)…..Am I trying to prove I am “more Hip Hop” than the next man, absolutely not, that would be ridiculous – I am merely attempting to convey how serious I am about this shit….

Walk with me as I state my position on a few acts of blatant fuckery…

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I’m thankful that the projects that MF GRIMM & I put together are sold out (GOOD MORNING VIETNAM & THE BE NOBLE / TIME 7INCH )…But I have to be honest, SOME of these Hip Hop record buyers for stores are straight up LOST…..

How SOME of these cats landed their jobs is beyond me…..What was their prerequisite to be in charge of ordering Hip Hop if they are not in tune with the pulse of it ?

If your a dedicated Hip Hop head – I highly recommend that you run down to your local record store and demand that they give you a job….PLEASE!!

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Since the early – mid 80’s I have been buying records (my dad was a DJ so he often brought me along when he was copping pieces), and it never crossed my mind to flaunt how much I paid for a record, brag about the rarity of it, or what country it came from – I was to busy scratching, blending, or chopping up that record to concentrate on all that other shit as a kid..

My point being ?

The point is obvious…..This is Hip Hop right ?

What the fuck are you going to do with that record ?…. Are you going to add on and flip that record for a purpose, or are you expecting a pat on the back because you found it in a moldy basement in Russia and only two copies were ever pressed up ? GTFOH..

When cats try to turn record buying into a self righteous, elitist, rich man’s game – Hip Hop loses……PERIOD.

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A wise man once said, “If you can’t rock some decent blends, get from behind the motherfucking turntables”…..HAHA..

That shit always stuck with me, so whenever I see cats simply playing records instead of actually blending, scratching, trick mixing, rocking doubles, or at the very least power mixing, I have to “BLOW THE WHISTLE”..

Once you decide you are not going to take the time to mix in a set – you are actually opening the floodgates for all types of fuckery (like we have today)..

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Motherfuckers try to act like shit is sweet, but if you really look around and turn your computer off for a second, you will notice that it’s not all good out here right about now….

Unemployment is up, unarmed teenagers are getting killed at the hands of wannabe cops (ZIMMERMAN DESERVES THE WORST IN LIFE), gas prices are sky high, over two million black men are in the prison system, etc.

Quit rhyming like life is one big fiesta, and bring some substance to the table….PLEASE…

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We don’t love Paula Deen on this side, or believe her crocodile tears one bit…..HONESTLY…

Bigotry is still alive and it’s a motherfucking shame that some people are down playing this situation like it’s some sort of joke….If you think this shit is some type of joke I double dare you to check out the transcript of the testimony….

One response

  1. Toast

    I was hoping for a pat on the back? Ha ha!

    June 29, 2013 at 3:34 PM

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