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” Saipher Soze & Danielson : 90’s Feel “

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VIC GRIMES provides the sonic backdrop for Saipher Soze & Danielson to flex their greasy bars over….”90’s Feel” should help you jump start your week correctly…

Turn the volume up a few notches and catch a zone duke…..


” Cratery 73 “

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JOHN KONG (Do Right Music) hits us with a session that is loaded with all types of interesting selections…

Give us a memorable digging story.

There are probably too many for me to zoom in on one particular moment. Collecting records has been a part of my life for so many years now that it’s incorporated into my day. I can be going down the street for lunch and I just pop into June Records or Cosmos Records and take a flip. The same goes for when I’m on the road: if I’m in London or Tokyo, my dealer friends there know the kind of stuff I’m looking for, which is a pretty wide variety, so I just decide whether I want to pay their asking price. I get my hands less dirty these days but I pay the price, I guess.

Share your fondest memory of the Movement era.

There was the time Keb Darge flying in with a box of 7’s worth the downpayment on a house. Or when Warwick, Nav, Aki, Jason Palma, and I convinced Gilles Peterson to DJ out of our crates when his records didn’t arrive on the plane. Musically, we could play whatever we wanted to a receptive audience without any sort of limitation. When was the last time they put anyone on the cover of NOW Magazine for playing jazz records?


1. Jerzy Milian – Wsrod Pampasow
2. Kaokiri – Memme Vaev
3. Ahmad Jamal – Tucson
4. Novi Singers – Five, four, three
5. Maki – Untitled
6. Four-um – Day Dreaming
7. Copa 7 – Copa Sete No Samba
8. Bemibem – Jajecznica
9. Cristina Camargo – Moral Tem Hora
10. Robson Jorge and Lincoln Olivetti – Gingo
11. Sweet Blindness – Maaria
12. Barbara Fisher – Bad Advice
13. Pete Dunaway – Supermarket
14. Guitar Red – Disco from a space show
15. Francis Lai – Number one
16. Pyramid – Song for Bobby
17. The Chosen Few – We are the chosen few
18. Malone/Barnes and Spontaneous Simplicity – Moonstruck
19. Juan Pablo Torres – Y Viva La Felicidad
20. Release Music Orchestra – Torso Im Sommerwind


” Hank Shocklee Speaks “

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Back in the days I would have done almost anything to see footage like this..One of my production heroes Mr. Hank Shocklee opens up with the NPR crew for some Q&A action….

ALI SHAHEED does an excellent job, but I really do not understand why his cohort is in the mix whatsoever…

Running time : 90 minutes…

” Boxcutter Brothers Connect “

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Even though AYATOLLAH & I have a instrumental project dropping tomorrow (BOX CUTTER BROTHERS) I wanted to ask him questions about certain things in his illustrious career that led up to this point in time (Granted I already knew SOME of the answers, but I felt that the BATTLEFIELD readers would enjoy the responses as well)…

I wanted to ask about the gold plaques, the drive, the accolades, the ups and downs, the determination, and the mindset that it took for him to get where he is at in the world of beats…..Please make no mistake, AYATOLLAH is far from a slept-on producer…His name rings bells worldwide due to the tremendous amount of work he has put in for the last twenty years….

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As a protege of the great MARLEY MARL, AYATOLLAH has truly created his own lane in the world of Hip Hop production….So walk with us as we drop heavy conversation….

1.HHB- What inspired you to start making beats?

I used to listen to the radio on Friday’s and Saturdays in Queens NYC as a teenager..I was engulfed in Hip Hop culture, not just the music, the culture..When I could afford equipment, turntables, drum machines, records, I began making beats..

My everyday surroundings inspired me to make the music…

2.HHB- What was your first commercial release, and what type of equipment did you use?….

First commercial release was the “Ms.Fat Booty” release with MOS DEF….I used the Akai MPC60 2 drum machine…

Picture 8

3.HHB- I have read that Marley Marl gave you your first sampler,what production techniques did you learn from him?…

MARLEY MARL gave me the SP12 Drum machine to make beats..It was the same sampler he used to make the beat “The Bridge” for MC SHAN. I wasn’t able to master it, I gave it back to him and he provided me with aa Akai MPC 60 2 sampler and the rest is musical history….

4.HHB- What was it like growing up in queens in the 70’s and 80’s?

QUEENS NYC in the 70’s & 80’s was very gritty but at the very same time beautiful..Hard working people, crime, creativity, and a lot of soul…I grew up on 145 Rockaway Blvd, 5 blocks away from Baisley Park, South Ozone.I enjoyed every moment there…

5.HHB- That Iron Sheik record with TRAGEDY and IMAM THUG was incredible….What was the vibe like in the lab for those sessions?

The vibe in the studio was chill at first..Not many people in the recording studio with us..TRAG & IMAM brought a couple of friends with them..I went by myself on the train, me and the drum machine..

Once I plugged in the sampler and began to play beats the studio vibe got intense..TRAG & IMAM began to write to the beat..A lot of lyrical and musical intensity that evening..

6.HHB- You have a impressive CATALOGUE with many placements on top notch albums, but many people do not know that you rhyme as well….Can we expect to hear more Tollahmania on the mic in the future….

I began writing to my beats about 2 years ago…After working with so many stellar artist I began to think to myself, that I have my own story to tell..I remember letting LARGE PRO hear a song I had recorded called “TOLLAHMANIA”..

He told me it reminded him of NAS in 1994 and went on to say he “enjoyed it and wanted to hear more”…I took it as a compliment and a ego boost for me to continue with the writing process…

7.HHB- Are there still plans to release a Thug Angelz record with Shabazz& Hell Razah?

Unfortunately there are no plans to release an album..Creative differences, and politics.

8.HHB- You were close with the late great KILLA SHA, what type of dude was Sha?

I met KILLA SHA through TRAG…Every studio session I did with TRAG, SHA was right there..Bad weather, lack of money, and even when he was sick he would come to the studio and record..Always laid an epic verse…

I admired him and he admired me as well..His drive was uncanny, and he was a no holds barred type of person..He was a short dude, but I seen him back down individuals 6 foot and better..KILLA SHA, but I knew him as PRINCE A.D.

9.HHB- When it comes to beats, do you lay your drums down first, or do you map out your samples first?

For me drums first, samples second…

10.HHB- What other producers are you feeling at the moment?


Picture 6

11.HHB- If there were 3 things you could change about the music industry, what would they be?

Ego, ego,and ego…..

12.HHB- Out of all the instrumental joints you put out, which is your favorite and why ?

The “Wendee album”..I dove into different musical chambers, parameters, time signatures, offsets and emotion..Just a very well rounded album…

13.HHB- What advice do you have for young producers trying to get their name heard?

God..Belief in yourself…Master your craft…

14.HHB- What is the BOXCUTTER BROTHERS shit all about, and please tell the people why we linked up for this release…

The BOXCUTTER BROTHERS is about musical precision and musical discipline..You and I linked to put our vision out to the masses, be creative and express ourselves..We both want to leave a legacy for our family, friends, and fans who enjoy what we do..

Picture 7

The BOX CUTTER BROTHERS is currently available over at VENDETTA VINYL…If your in the mood to hear an array of sample based, original, provocative chop work – get your copy now before they disappear…..Big up to the 5 star general MF GRIMM for connecting two “real live” Hip Hop dudes..


” Attack Of The Killer Demos 14 : Repost “

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The overwhelming majority of the time I analyze a project from front to back before letting it fly on the BATTLEFIELD…But I will make an exception to the rule today…

I just got my paws on this ultra rare JACK THE RAPPER- PHAT TAPE 93 joint that is stacked with all types of demo action…..

“This previously mysterious tape immediately went to the top of my wantlist after hearing clips – there were just too many banging tracks with that perfect 1993 sound. Based on the beats, I was also under the impression that everything here probably came out of NYC. When I was finally able to find a copy and read the liner notes to fill in the gaps, I thought it was interesting first off to discover that these tracks came from all over the east coast and midwest… but also to discover that there is actually a good amount of history behind this compilation! For example, this tape features some of the earliest work of Blahzay Blahzay (here as Hostile Takeover) and DJ Spinna & the Jigmastas, as well as production by Eddie Matos, A.J. Woodson of J.V.C. Force, and a few artists with known indie 12″s out (Double Dose, Poppa Doo, Da Enna Cirkle).

Due to its super elusive nature, it’s still going to seem like a straight demo tape to me, and it basically was… these were all demo submissions to Jack The Rapper. But if that ’93 sound alone in the clips doesn’t make you NEED this, now its additional historical value has been revealed too… keep your eyes out for this massive tape!”.


*Update – After a few listens I would have to give the championship belt to “L.E.S NIGGAS”…If you never heard this slept on hardcore jewel, I suggest you scoop this up with a quickness…

” Shirt King Phade Steez “

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I bumped into the legend SHIRT KING PHADE several times in the last few years….When I copped the “SHIRT KINGS” book from him personally at a AEROSOUL event in Oakland he mentioned that he had a documentary in the works….

Glad to see that the official trailer is up and rocking..


The forefather of the hip-hop brands that would boom in the 1990s — whether it was PNB Nation, Phat Farm, Too Black Guys, Triple 5 Soul, Cross Colors or FUBU — was a spot called Shirt Kings in Jamaica Queens’ Colosseum Mall run by Edwin ‘PHADE” Sacasa, Rafael “KASHEME” Avery and Clyde “NIKE” Harewood. PHADE had been putting in work on trains with legends like KASE 2 after a move from Brooklyn to the Bronx in the 1970s, but it wasn’t until he took his skills to cotton in 1984 that he realized graffiti on apparel could be a lucrative endeavor, “Seeing the reaction to my graffiti pictures in school gave me the confidence to know I had something.” The move from spray can to airbrush wasn’t too severe a transition, “It was the same just a little bit more detailed.” Anybody that ever appreciated a hand style or graffiti iconography on a t-shirt, probably owes the Shirt Kings a little something.

” Flick Of The Day “

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I seriously doubt that I will spot another flick today that will come close to this one here…Salute to my brother GRIMM…

Photo and words below courtesy of JOE FATAL……

*Ra from corona, MF Grimm, G Rap, Nick, Polo, ME (Joe Fatal), Sean and Kenny(TCF) my man Hulk aka Hawk! And my nigga Bill Blass RIP! In the middle….

” Italian Library Sureshots “

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Yeah brother-

I’m going to keep the pressure extra heavy for everyone that comes to HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD for those rare, secret society treats….I appreciate you for trooping with me for all these years, so it’s only right that I keep your ears flooded with nonstop jewelry…..

PLASTIC RECORDS blesses us with more Italian library scorchers on the “VROOMMM FUNK CINEMATIQUE” comp…….WHEW….


Track 1 – Bracconiere – G.Sorgini
Track 2 – Honda – G.Sorgini
Track 3 – Sgambetto – R.Ducros
Track 4 – Bossa Astratta – L.Zito
Track 5 – Blues Elena – V.Stagni
Track 6 – Crisi Dell’Industria / F.Tamponi
Track 7 – Ineguale / U.Fusco
Track 8 – Plutone / S.Montori & G.Chiti
Track 9 – Propagazione Meccanica / G.Ugolini
Track 10 – Central Park / E.Roncarati
Track 11 – Una Partita Agitata / R.Ducros
Track 12 – Pressing / R.Ducros
Track 13 – Black California / P.Cannizzo
Track 14 – Shotgun / Arawak
Track 15 – Spiritoso / Braen
Track 16 – Struble Day / F.Tamponi
Track 17 – Nervoso / Astemix
Track 18 – Saudade De Brasil / R.Ducros
Track 19 – Iron Suite / M.Molino
Track 20 – La Rimonta / R.Ducros
Track 21 – Contropiede / R.Ducros
Track 22 – For Me / M.Molino


Picture 3

” Drum Overdose “

Picture 1

When it comes to my Hip Hop production I have always prided myself on my drum programming…While some producers are content with stiff, hollow sounding drums – I have always went the extra mile to ensure that my percussion is thick, polyrhythmic, and unpredictable…

Here is a fun fact about me that you might not be aware of – Even though I currently do not own a drum kit, I do know how to play the drums..I’m no MAX ROACH but Mr. HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD can hold his own somewhat….

Anyway, when I’m looking for drum inspiration I throw on fly shit like this to rock out with……BLAM, BLAM, BLAMZ…


“SUONANDO LA BATTERIA MODERNA (MODERN DRUMS, A PRACTICAL GUIDE) Lp by TULLIO DE PISCOPO. Original Italian pressing on VEDETTE label (VPA 8179), from 1974. Infamous solo debut recording from Italy’s premier funky drummer. Tullio was an indemand studio player used for key Italian Library / funk and jazz related sessions during the early ’70s. He played drums for Sante Palumbo / Mirageman on the Thunder & Lightning session / Valdambrini – Piana Quintet on the Afrodite Lp / Barigozzi on the Woman’s Colors Library and Vedette label owner and electronics pioneer, Armando Sciascia used certain rhythm trax from Suonando La Batteria for the Violin Reactions Library. Absolutely killer beats / drum loops and percussion sounds from freestyle funk / breakbeat / proto hip hop to punishing samba and afro cuban jazz. The Coagulation track from his debut single (released 2 years before) is given an incredible makeover into an alternative, even funkier theme called MEDIUM ROCK.”

Picture 2

” Brazilian Hotness On Deck “

Picture 4

Here in VIETNAM, CALIFORNIA it’s raining cats & dogs, but with the aid of groove morale I am able to keep it tropical and festive….


The BRAZILIAN BEATZ CREW (Mr.Bongo & Vivo) keep the momentum pumping on another episode of their excellent podcast….


Cravo e Canela – Estatutos Da Gafieira
João Roberto Kelly – Danca Do Bole Bole
Tim Maia – Eu E Voce
Som Nossa – Levante A Cabeça
Gerson King Combo – Good Bye
Toni Tornado – O Jornaleiro
Berimbrown – The PayBlack
Antonio Carlos E Jocafi – Simbareré
Banda Black Rio – Rio de Fevereiro
Wilson Das Neves E Conjunto – Estou Chegando Agora
João Só – Menina Da Ladeira
Golden Boys – Eu Bebo Sim
Célia – A Hora E Essa
Eliana Pittman – Quem Vai Querer
João Só – Quem Sabe O Amanha
Antônio Carlos & Jocafi – Glorioso Santo Antonio


Picture 5

” Biting Detector “

Picture 2

Before I even get started I have to mention that this is not a SAMPLE SNITCH situation…SAMPLE SNITCHING is when you throw someone under the bus (Or publicly announce original sample sources), I don’t take part in that type of foolishness..

Matter of fact, I recently had to deal with a pesky dude begging people to enlighten him on what sample source I used for the “BE NOBLE”track I did with MF GRIMM back in 2012…..It was a corny fiasco to say the least…

Anyway, SEVERAL years back DJ BABU had a song called “OG” featuring SAS that I thought was dope….Interesting vocal sample, colorful gangbanging wordplay, a couple quotables, etc…

FFWD to 2015 – BIG SHUG not only named his album “Triple OGzus”, but he rocks the SAME exact vocal sample as BABU & SAS on his title track….Is it SHUG’s fault, or is it the producers (KID CALLED QUEST) fault, or is it merely a coincidence ?

HMMMMMMMMM……Check in for yourself for further analysis duke!!!!!

” Red Life : Re-ups “

Picture 1

The RED LIFE crew from Toronto, Canada are mainly known for their sinister single, Who’s Talking Weight / The Night’s Young (Which is now selling for 175 dollars on Discogs), but they also dropped a full length “EXODUS PART 2″ that had a few choice joints on it..

My top pick would have to be “Bashment” which rocks a rudeboy, dancehall crasher type of feel….Fresh is the word.


” QBert : Hard Boiled Scrambled Mix “

Picture 6


If your a die-hard, rare break dude like myself, this new mix by QBERT will help you get your Friday started on the right foot…He lets loose a barrage of nonstop open drum breaks, heavy percussion, and doubles..

Running time 47 minutes…


” Crate Raiderz TV “

Picture 5

It’s been a minute since those CRATE RAIDER dudes have uploaded a new show…Fortunately they archived episode 1-21 for us to rock…If your unfamiliar with how they get down, I highly recommend checking out their You Tube page with a quickness duke !!!!



” New Shit On Deck “

Picture 4

I’m literally tired of dudes complaining that they cant find any new music to rock…Either they are straight up lazy, or they are not giving it an honest effort….

Funny thing is – they are complaining to the wrong brother..I came up in a era where if you were not lucky enough to be around certain situations or people, you were going to remain JEWELESS (YEAH, I know that is not a word, I just made the shit up)……Now people have so much access to any type of information that they desire at their fingertips, but yet they still have all types of shit to gripe about…


Now that I got that out of the way, here is some brand new flavors from TONE LIV & TAB “Millennium Falcon”…Produced by DIBIASE..

*I could have done without the half-singing on the hook, but other than that, thumbs up…


Picture 1


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