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“New Shit On Deck “

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Well troopers it appears as if “DO OR DIE 2″ will be out sooner than later…AZ hooks up with Buckwild for a round of goodness (My Niggas).

Awww yeah, this is that shit..


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” Divine Styler Speaks “

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Former Rhyme Syndicate repper DIVINE STYLER recently caught up with the good peoples over at BLACK OTHER for a glimpse into his mind frame….It’s not often that he opens up to the public in a interview format so consider yourself blessed..

9: Def Mask is the name of the new LP? What brought that title about and how has the newer music been received so far? Do you think any of this set will surprise fans of the older material?

As you know Def was a term somewhat like dope but before the crack era which embodied, amazing, mystic, fly, innovative. A mask traditionally is used for drama on a stage to portray various characters in a play.
So the Mask aspect lends itself to the masking of the original source creating a multitude of contradiction through multiple faces and paradoxes in the individual thats playing the role in the drama.
For me it’s an observation as to where we are as individuals and a collective. I’m not expressing anything new. It’s been written about for eons throughout various forms of literature from people like Marcus
Aurelius to Carl Jung. It’s just my take on it. My interpretation lends itself to a more Dystopian/ Orwellian view, being that society is now being driven so much by technology and this group mind drone type
pathos that no one seems to be aware of is going on. With Defmask, I’m the mask wearer narrating the Dystopian drama of the id, ego & super ego.


” Drumbreak Morale “

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If your a drum break addict like Mr. Hip Hop Battlefield, this 70 minute mix by DJ Muro will send you into a frenzy….Awww man, this is just straight up ridiculous on so many levels….

Salute to MURO for constantly providing that certified heat…


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” 45 King Kills The Boiler Room “

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You know it’s going to be a glorious day when you get blessed with footage of 45 King manhandling the decks for over an hour….

Do the right thing and tune in!

“Published on Jul 24, 2014

We visited legendary hip-hop producer & 7″ encyclopedia, The 45 King, at his home in New Jersey for an extended DJ set. This guy has produced some of the biggest hip-hop tracks of the past 25 years (Stan, Hard Knock Life, The 900 Number) so it was a stand-up pleasure for him to grace us with an exclusive mix”.

” Scaramanga : Shallah Magnetic “

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Back in 2011 SCARAMANGA released a video for “SHALLAH MAGNETIC” from the “7 Eyes 7 Horns” album that dropped back in 1999 (No expiration date on fresh material troopers)…

” Good Morning Vietnam #3 “

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MF GRIMM & myself were the special guest on the latest episode of “BEATS, RHYMES & LIFE” with DJ Cellus out in Florida….For 30 minutes we talk about our undying commitment to this artform, Comic-Con, our history, GMV1&2, and of course the soon to be released party crasher GMV#3…


So go put on your combat helmets, snatch up those war goggles and prepare for heavy jewelry…



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” Straight From Londontown “

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My dude KD (Daily Diggers) recently posted up a warm up mix in preparation for the TRC Anniversary that he was going to be spinning at….

A nice selection of tunes, doubles, and B-Boy morale to give your Tuesday evening a power boost….


” Dark Lo : Elevator Piss “

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Straight from the greasy streets of Philly comes this new heat rock by DARK LO….If my predictions are correct, “Elevator Piss” will receive proper burn this Summer from all hardrocks, block bullies, and stick up kids out there…

Produced by V-DON.


Picture 5

*In the above pic PRIZE ONERZ/GRIMM/ KHUFU ONERZ (The man responsible for all of the GMV artwork)..

GRIMM & I got the number five spot on the BIG EMILIO L.A. “Beat Swap” mixtape that dropped awhile back….NO I do not co-sign all of the selections on this joint, but on general principle I’m going to post it up for ya’ll…

Salute to everyone that came out to the Beat Swap this year for a round of sunshine, beautiful women rocking that fly Summer attire, heavy crates, and everyone else that checked in with us…..


1.”Pop” MindsOne & Kev Brown feat. Homeboy Sandman 06:01
2.”Buddha Bless” Starvin B 03:42
3.”Ridley” Vernon Bridges, Scatterbrain, 3D 02:46
4.”Smiling at the rain” Unknown Mizery 02:20
5.’Time” MF Grimm & Drasar Monumental 01:53
6.”At Night (3am Shit)” Buckshot 02:41
7.”Puro Desmadre” Odessa Kane 02:28
8.”No Need To Go” Jazz Addixx 03:55
9.”Hadouken” Def Dee & Zar 03:27
10.”Swamps Of Corruption” Sherlock Feat. Clark Gilliam 03:07
11.’Rap College” Starvin B feat. Spit Gemz and Tragedy Khadafi 03:52
12.”Conceited Confidence” Shabaam Sahdeeq 03:33
13.”City’s Flesh” John Robinson 03:17
14.”Jazz Infliction 96″ The Janitor 02:05
15.”Tag Team Taktikz” Da Bruze Bruvaz 03:22
16.”Fresh Rhymes Daily” A.C. the P.D. feat. Jess the Facts & Complex the Technician 03:28
17.”La Que Es Linda Es Linda” El Coyote y Su Banda Tierra Santa 02:35


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” Cormega : Mega Philosophy “

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I’m eager to hear the CORMEGA & LARGE PRO collabo album “Mega Philosophy” when it drops in a week..He recently sat down with the dudes over at AMBROSIA FOR HEADS for a heavy Q&A session that will hold your attention…

“Ambrosia For Heads: Over the years I’ve watched so many people quote that first verse of “The Saga.” That’s one people might have tattooed: “I grew away from people I grew with…” Your verses on loyalty supersede everything else within your catalog. You do that again on “A New Day Begins,” saying, “I weigh my mans like grams, understanding there are losses when you measure weight”…

Cormega: Loyalty is very important—in everything that you do, in every aspect of life, loyalty is essential. When you’re a generous person, you definitely need loyalty, ‘cause people will use you like a sponge. Like, right now, I have a show in New York on July 21st, my album release party. I know what’s gonna happen. The day of the show, a bunch of people that I’m cool with—but that don’t contact me much—they’re gonna call me or they’re gonna be outside, getting somebody in the club, “Yo, tell ‘Mega I’m out here.” So there’s gonna be all these people trying to get in free—who probably didn’t buy my album, but just [wants]. They want, but they don’t want to give. On this album, I’m not doing that. I have friends that live in California that bought tickets to fly to New York City to come from my show, Connecticut friends who are driving…but there are local people who will burn my phone down so they can get in for free.

My first contract that I got with Koch Records was the fuckery of all fuckeries. It was initiated by the guy (Bob Perry) that I helped get the job at Koch. The [same] guy who used to work at Landspeed [Records]—I’m the one who made Landspeed pop. Landspeed made noise prior to me, but it wasn’t loud noise. A fart is noise, but it’s not a gunshot. I fuckin’ carried Landspeed and took it to a whole ‘notha level, got certain people in position—that’s loyalty right there. And I stayed on Landspeed. The Realness? I did not have to be on Landspeed. I had Interscope callin’ me, I had TVT with a contract—TVT had a lot of money! They had Lil Jon. I had numerous labels wanting to sign me, but I stayed with Landspeed. That was loyalty. But how was my loyalty rewarded? I got a fuck-you-deal when I signed with Koch by the same person I was working with at Landspeed”.


” Roger B & Elber : Game Of Breaks “

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Are you on the hunt for some Friday morale in your life ?

Tired of hearing all these played out breaks that you have heard over a million times ?

If the answer is yes, peep this session by Roger-B & Elber “Game Of Breaks” and catch a groove homeboy!


” Money Boss / Boss Money Action “

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I’m a little late on this, but better late than never…BAG-O & EDDIE CHEEBA are the special guest on the latest episode of “NO IDEA’S ORIGINAL” – you will be hard-pressed to find any interview of these two on the net, so consider this a blessing troopers….BLAM,BLAM..

*Interview starts at the 1:25:31 mark.


01. Wu-Tang Clan – Careful (Click, Click)
02. Cocoa Brovaz – Spanish Harlem (Feat. Tony Touch & Hurricane G.)
03. Rakim – New York (Alternate Version)
04. DJ Revolution – Evolution (Feat. Evidence)
05. Blacastan & Stu Bangas – Watson & Holmes
06. Mugga Boy – Transfer
07. DJ Dister – The Future (Feat. Napoleon Da Legend)
08. F.O.D. (Facez Of Death) – Raw Rap (Feat. Ruste Juxx & Skanks The Rap Martyr)
09. Ea$y Money – Nothin Alike
10. Marq Spekt & Blockhead – SumOfItsParts
11. Money Boss Players – Killed In A Crap Game
12. Rhyme Recka – Lock It Down
13. Statik Selektah – The Imperial (Feat. Action Bronson, Royce Da 5’9 & Black Thought)
14. Craig G. – Power Of Rhyme
15. Fat Joe – Firewater (Feat. Raekwon, Armageddon & Big Punisher)
16. Sismographe – Brooklyn On Deck (Feat. Shabaam Sahdeeq & Mic Handz)
17. DJ Skizz & Problemz – Forget The Rest
18. Comet – Hard 2 Find (Feat. Ruste Juxx)
19. Raf Almighty – Blow Torch Rap (Feat. Snook Da Crook)
20. Masai Bey – Gun Talk II (Feat. Skeezo)
21. Windchill – Knockout (Feat. Alpha Faktion, Quban Spitlatin & Apollo’s Sun)
22. M.W.P. & Crisis Tha Sharpshooter – Art Of War (Feat. Rugged Monk)
23. Rah Digga – Storm Comin’ (Feat. Chuck D.)
24. Blu & Nottz – Boyz II Men (Remix) (Feat. Nitty Scott MC)
25. Planet Asia & Tzarizm – All Jokes Aside
26. Sismographe – Halloween (Feat. Milez Grimez, Big Bizness, G-Stats & Cash Bilz)
27. Money Boss Players – Extravagant
28. Money Boss Players – Boss Don
29. Innocent? – Proof In Numbers (Feat. Sadat X)
30. Kamala – Bonafide High
31. Cormega & Large Professor – Rap Basquiat
32. Ancient Alienz – Ancient Alchemy
33. Macabeats – The Fix
34. Mobb Deep – Dirt (Remix) (Feat. Ghostface Killah)
35. Illa Ghee – Bruised Ego (Feat. Juju Of The Beatnuts)
36. Loopwhole Beats – Dropping Gems (Feat. Eastkoast & Grand Daddy I.U.)
37. Magnif – The Shining Pt. 2


” Trenton Titans “

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If your in the Tri-State area make sure you head out to Trenton for the “NEW JERSEY FRESH” Graff jam popping off next month…


Hosted by: A.B.(Zulu Nation)

CORFU AIM DOWN (featuring Biz Mighty, Rich Quick and Skrewtape)
CERTIFIED LIFE (featuring Alert and Kass)
HAF Black
NAMEBRAND (featuring Sonic Assad and Rell Gambino)
Mr. Fickle and Venomous 2000
Black Collar Biz and Hustle Emcee
Illa Ghee & All Elements family to Illa Ghee, J-Ronin, Sav Killz & Frank Knight
John Robinson
B Davis
Wade Wilson, Liz Cisco and Ray Strife



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” Rhyme Animal Steez “

Picture 2

Not sure if you have heard this recent interview with CHUCK D & KEITH SHOCKLEE on the Combat Jack Radio show, but if you haven’t, do yourself a favor and take a listen to 3 hours of nonstop jewel dropping to say the least…



” Crate Raiderz 16 “

Picture 6

It’s been a minute since I checked in with those CRATE RAIDER dudes, so I decided to head over to their spot to see what’s good..Luckily for us they have uploaded a bunch of new episodes after taking a brief hiatus…

On episode #16 they link up with MASTER DAVID for a round of vinyl morale.


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