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” Joint Of The Day “

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Straight from NEW JERZ comes the JOTD by PACEWON & TONE LIV with “In One Ear”….This one needs the vinyl treatment without a fraction of a doubt…

Cuts by MR.LEN.

” Chiraq Wreck : Fully G “

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Back in 2008 I was in Chicago visiting family and friends, hitting wild record spots (Shout out to DUSTY GROOVE, OUT OF THE PAST, RECKLESS RECORDS, etc), peeping out ANTIBALAS at Millennium park, posting up at Soldier Field for some Bears action, and all types of other Windy City activities…

While building heavy with my dude MATTROCKS he told me about a MC from CHICAGO that I might not be up on (Since I’m a California kid many of my outta state dudes enjoy playing regional Hip Hop “NAME THAT TUNE” games with me)….Anyway, he proceeds to play a joint by a cat named FULLY G that instantly caught my attention…

Picture 1

FG basically destroys the track with vivid bars, excellent story telling skills, and well thought out CHIRAQ mack mode poetics…With production by ANDY C this joint had sure shot written all over it.

“There She Goes Again” is somewhat of a urban legend…Initially released independently in 1995 with an extremely limited run of 50 copies, the song caught regional burn through mixshows, and local DJ’s (BLACK PEGASUS repressed it in 2011)…

I recently caught up with FG for a quick Q&A session…We discuss his Hip Hop history, Chiraq, the current Hip Hop scene, upcoming projects, and all types of other shit, – so walk with us as we drop straight talk on the BATTLEFIELD..

1…The first time I heard your music a friend of mine from Chicago, put me up on the ” There She Goes Again” joint, but you have a long history in Hip Hop from what I understand….What are some of your earliest memories with Hip Hop in Chicago, and what prompted you to participate in it ?

FG – My first intro into hip hop was 1984 when my brother Van the Buttaman got a pair of turntables. He started collecting records which mostly consisted of House and beat traxs which were big at the time in Chicago,then one day he brought a Run Dmc record Rock Box and it changed everything for me ,I knew then that’s what I wanted to do .

2..What is it about Chicago that makes it possible for Hip Hop and House to co-exist in a way that is different than most other cities?

FG – Chicago is a very diverse city it’s not only House and Hip Hop, But steppers music ,Blues, Juke music, we have a melting pot of music as well as people who have a love and respect for different genres of music.

3…I travel to Chicago from time to time, and for a city so well known for its Graffitti history, it seems as if Graffiti has become less and less prevelant throughout the years, what was it like in the 80′ – 90’s?

FG – I’m sure there were some artists doing there thing, but a lot of cats was banging or hustling .

Picture 2

4…Last year you dropped the very fresh FULLNETO project…I think you guys have a natural chemistry that displays heavy creativity, original concepts, etc….Do you two plan on releasing more material in the future?

FG – Right now I’m working on solo album but me and Mookneto is always working together on projects, so when this is finished we gone put another one out we did, with a couple remixes, plus we are apart of the L.O.E.G – a super group which consist of guys all around the world so look out for that .

5…What is the main difference between the Chicago Hip Hop scene in the 90s compared to now?

FG – Unity, love and originality…Technology changed the game..

Picture 4

*Above photo of DEM DARE repper in the 90’s, not FG…

6…When it comes to Polo culture the Lo- Life’s are often talked about, but the Dem Dare Crew were active as well around the same time period from what I have been told….Can you shed some light on this era?

FG – They had a strong movement in the city back then and there party’s was the shit..Twilight Tone was the man on the 1200s.

7..Is there any other Andy C produced tracks that you have in the stash?

FG – Yes I have 2 more joints by Andy C, 1 that features Gravity as well as BOONEY FLAWLESS called (Money on My Mind) that I’m currently searching for, and 1 with BOONEY FLAWLESS called “What Can You Do With That” that I have.

8..If there were three things you could change about the current state of Hip Hop, what would you change?

FG – Lack of originality / violence in lyrics/ the lack of real Mcs…

9..Shout outs, upcoming projects, Twitter, etc……

FG – shout out my family and friends and everyone who ever hated on me…

New project out this summer
As well as features on 2 mix tapes
Soundcloud/djfullyg – I highly recommend checking this out – FG is also a DJ & producer…Unreleased joints, freestyles, instrumentals, etc..DONT SLEEP.


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” Monday Morale “

Picture 8

*This album cover is straight up ridiculous..

FRED KATZ is generally credited as being a part of the first wave of musicians to rock the cello as a Jazz instrument….His catalogue is extensive to say the least, but it’s his OST work that really caught my attention (Little Shop of Horrors, Harpo, etc)…

For instance the OST for “Journeys Inside The Mind” is flooded with ill compositions underneath poetic jewelry by Sidney Poitier…



1. The Philosopher – King Must Rule
2. This I Know – That I Know Nothing
3. Contribution Of Music And Gymnastic
4. Immortality Of The Soul
5. Greeks Had Words
6. Our World Is A Cave
7. Woman’s Place In Society
8. Discovery Of The Good Life
9. Only The Wise Are Brave
10. Penalty Is Death


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” New Shit On Deck “

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Here is a joint that is perfect for some mixshow burn, TRIFE DIESEL “NCAA” NIGGAZ. COUNTING. CREAM. ALL. DAY. EVERY. DAY….Yeah, I know that acronym doesn’t really add up, but this joint is so fresh I could care less…

I still believe that over the right production – TRIFE is a problem…Produced by KID CALLED QUEST.


Picture 6

” Agallah : Somebody Tell Me “

Picture 5

I guess this is the perfect song and imagery to rock due to the recent killing of another unarmed person at the hands of the police in Los Angeles…

The pattern is real…..

” Bumpy Knuckles : Deep Fried Heat “

Picture 4

” I lay my hammer on your desktop, fuck you and your blog “….


That dude BUMPY KNUCKLES is back on the set with more newness for 2015…Be on the lookout for the BLACKCARD project with WAYNESKI in the near future..


” Flix Of The Day “

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Even though I scope out mad flicks throughout the course of 24 hours, I seriously doubt I will see anything that is fucking with this..TNT MEETS TMT (Phade, Khufu & Refa 1)…


And if that is not enough to melt your eyeballs – check out this one of KUFU ONERZ doing what he does best…WRECKING SHIT..*Click on photos for further analysis troopers….

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” Sample Source Morale “

Picture 3

DJ UNEXPECTED (Diggers Union) hits us with over 100 original sample source joints..Be prepared for a game of “Name That Tune”, “Who Sampled That”, “Damn, I had that record but they flipped it first”, and all that other shit..

*Not the most obscure selections, but good enough to rock out with….


” M9 : Amulets “

Picture 2

*M9 & Mr.Krum get props for flipping the BURTON library record lay out straight out the gate….



All tracks mixed by Ken Long (except* mixed by Lewis Parker)
Melanin 9 vocals recorded by Chemo at Kilamanjaro Studio, London, U.K
All tracks recorded to BASF 468 Master Tape
Mastered by M. Bugajak for
Art Direction & Design by Mr Krum
Illustration by Snooze

” Large Pro Speaks “

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Chairman Mao recently sat down with LARGE PRO for a in-depth Q&A session that is flooded with all types of jewelry..

“Breaking Atoms remains one of the most sophisticated pieces of productions in hip-hop history. What was the process of constructing it like?

In the studio, we had some heavy duty equipment. We had a synclavier, which was powerful at that time. Quincy Jones and the big dogs was using that. There is a part in “Snake Eyes” where we threw Jesse Anderson’s “Mighty, Mighty” in there, and that was all because of the synclavier. It wasn’t even us blending the record, it was us going to Tony P [at Libra Digital] and saying, “We want to use this whole part right here.” He was like, “Well, just play it.” He would press a few buttons on that synclavier, and it was just synced up, like magic. This was before time stretching and everything. That synclavier was heavy – a big, big tool for that Breaking Atoms album.”


” Hobo Junction Steez “

Picture 7

It’s a motherfucking tragedy that some of the illest, most creative minds never get their just due in the Hip Hop world, while sub-par cornballs receive all types of accolades and material wealth …

I always believed the HOBO JUNCTION were a talented crew from the west that should have garnered more praise – SAAFIR, POKE MARTIAN, EYEQUE, BIG NOUS, RASHINEL, WHORIDAZ, JZ, and the 3RD RAIL VIC put out some very unique, dusted out, street level shit in the late 90’s- early 2000’s…

Here are a couple joints you should peep if they slid past your radar…



Picture 8

Picture 10

” Riot In The Streets “

Picture 6


Back in 1999 I got caught up in a mini-riot in Venice Beach, California during the height of a B-BOY SUMMIT afternoon….Luckily my “self-preservation” senses kicked in and motivated me to scale a 6 foot fence, merely seconds before a disoriented crowd could trample over me….

I witnessed first hand how the powers that be can destroy a peaceful gathering for no apparent reason whatsoever….Reminded me of that scene from BEAT STREET when dudes mother screamed on those cops for treating young people like savage criminals, just for dancing….I witnessed young women getting bashed with batons, BBoys dragged by their hair, old folks getting mashed out, and all types of unwarranted attacks on this unforgettable day….

After watching this clip I just had to shake my head in disbelief at how the media puts their spin on the TRUTH….

” Kick Rocking “

Picture 3

When it comes to kicks, part of the fun for me is scouring all over to cop the illest ones I can find under 100 dollars…When it comes to digging (Records, kicks, Hip Hop treats, etc) I always thought it was about who was more determined and diligent to track down the fly shit at a halfway decent price tag….

For those of you willing to spend 400 plus dollars for kicks though – these recently released ADIDAS Stan Smith / Raf Simons/ Red & White joints are straight up ridiculous in so many ways…..


Picture 4

” Ayatollah : Who Is My Soul Brother “

Picture 10

Today the homie AYATOLLAH dropped the “Who Is My Soul Brother” instrumental project on DAY BY DAY ENT….13 tracks from the Queens, NY native for you to bang out with..

I will give you a breakdown of my top ranking picks at some point today…


Picture 9

” Dr. Yen Lo Status “

Picture 6

KA & Preservation link up again for more of that raw….Turn the volume up a few notches and catch a zone..


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