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” Kick Morale “

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Wow, these Adidas ZX Flux Weave OG frost Mint / Black joints are just straight up nasty….I might have to go for mines and burn kids on the avenue with these..

If your thinking along similar lines scoop these up while supplies last..


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” Boom Shots “

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This upcoming weekend I will finally get the opportunity to catch one of my all time favorite rhyme slayers..Mr.SPRAGGA BENZ will be hitting California for a few spot dates to end off the Summer correctly…

Out of all the material he has dropped over the years, the “Good Day” KRS-One remix still ranks high on the list of tunes that make me want to hurt something…


” Breaks For Your Face “

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All the way from Spain comes the latest mix by DJ SURMAH..Floor rocker action, doubles, blends, and all types of grooves on deck….

RUNNING TIME : 46 min.


” The Germans Are Coming “

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“GERMAN” is a derogatory term used for Puerto Ricans in the NYC penal system, but DJ Exes & DeeSoul Lopez (The German Regime) wear it as a badge of honor when it comes to their brand of grimy Hip Hop…

The Lo-Life duo have collaborated with THIRSTIN HOWL and many others over the years and now they are on the verge of dropping some 2014 shit…Be on the lookout for the release of the full length “Double Headed Dragon” in the near future (HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD will have an exclusive sneak peek in a hot minute)…

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” Diggers With Gratitude Steez “

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The good folks over at DIGGERS WITH GRATITUDE recently started off a side label entitled “FRESH PRESSINGS”……Head over to their new site to cop limited vinyl pieces and fresh tees troop..


” Scratch Overdose # 8 “

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If your on the hunt for some scratch morale (Like any true dedicated Hip Hop student should be) – peep this 26 minute clip of the HANDROIDZ on DJ Revolution’s “The Cut Show”…..This should inspire you to get your scratch vocabulary together…

” Diamond – D : Only Way To Go “

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DIAMOND D & PETE ROCK link up for some 2014 Hip Hop morale on “Only Way To Go” which is the second leak from “D’s” forthcoming album DIAM PIECE…

Do the right thing and check in duke !!


” New Shit On Deck “

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The mighty P-Brothers opened up the vaults yesterday and dropped the previously unreleased scorcher, “Swim In A Drought” with EDDIE CHEEBA from MONEY BOSS / BOSS MONEY on vocals….

I wonder if this is a indication that the duo plan on releasing more material in the near future?


” Remix Wreckage Re-Ups “

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*Originally posted 12/26/11

Before I even get started I want ya’ll to know something – these remixes that I flip are tailor made joints….Instead of just throwing an accapella over a previously made production, I build the instrumental around the vocals which enables me to get intricate with the wreckage….

This time around SMILEY THE GHETTO CHILD gets a facelift for the slept on heatrock “I Am Legend”….No keyboards, no sample kits, no synths – just raw frequencies that will bang out your ear drums…


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” Freak Mode “

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Luckily for us DJ NOTOYA gives us a glimpse into 80’s Japanese street jam culture on this mix….Summer is not over yet troopers- catch a groove and go for yours…


Kingo Hamada / Gipsy (’85)
Yoshihiro Naruse / One Night Scene (’83)
Junko Ohashi / Sensual Night (’83)
Momoko Kikuchi / Mystical Composer (’86)
Aru Takamura / I’m In Love (’85)
Kiyotaka Sugiyama & Omega Tribe / River’s Island (’84)
Noriko Miyamoto / Woody & Dayan (’82)
Hiro Tsunoda & Jap’s Gap’s / Dancin’ (’83)
Issei Noro / Moon Dance (’85)
Keiko Project / Midnight Shuffle (’85)
Kimiko Kasai / Very Special Moment (’85)
Casiopea / Dazzling (’83)
Hitomi Tohyama / Exotic Yokogao (’83)
Fujimal Yoshino / Who Are You? (’82)
Toshitaro / Best Of My Love (’84)
Toshiki Kadomatsu / Never Touch Again (’84)
Koh Suzuki / Welcome, Tokyo Night (’82)
Yasuhiro Abe / Night Fish (’86)
Tyron Hashimoto / Livin’ Inside My Love (’88)
The Voice & Rhythm / Dance Freak (’83)
AB’s / By The End Of The Century (’85)
Masaki Ueda / Just Dance The Night (’83)
Makoto Matsushita / This Is All I Have For You (’81)
Junko Yagami / Jealous (’83)
Akiko Mizuhara / What’s Going On (’82)


” Reading Is Fundamental ”

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About a month ago I was blessed with an advanced copy of the DIRTY VERSION book by Buddah Monk & Mickey Hess….It’s a well written book that goes into full detail regarding ODB’S trials and tribulations, upbringing, addictions, pedigree, etc…

Dirty’s cousin Buddah Monk was the perfect person for this job because he is able to translate from a first hand account how certain things went down…..In my opinion the “DIGGIN FOR DIRT” book by Jaime Lowe that was released a few years back didn’t due the man justice, I prefer this one by a landslide….


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” 5 Saturday Sureshots “

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The Wu-affiliate keeps it extra greasy on the stand out cut from the Graff Subway series..

2.INSPECTAH DECK – “American Way”

This dropped a few years back, but it’s so fresh that I feel it deserves some 2014 burn….

3.LIVE WIRE – “As The Tables Turn”

If you appreciate under the radar 90’s crime story raps – you will definitely rock this one heavy…STRAIGHT DOPE.


These dudes sound like CANDY STORE to me, but this recently re-issued piece of hardcore should perk your ears up…

5.BIG NOSE – “Not My Style”

The heavily slept on member of HOBO JUNCTION goes for broke over ugly production…One of my personal favorites from the crew..

” Nuff Respect Due “

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Do yourself a favor and watch this in it’s entirety if you know what’s best for you…

Afrika Bambaataa is credited to be one of the earliest influencers of hip hop culture. The iconic DJ/producer has been a part of the scene for more than three decades. In their Hip Hop Collection library, Cornell University has collected historical artifacts from the scene with hundreds of party flyers, vinyl records, press packets, magazines and more. In 2012, the pioneering Bambaataa was appointed as a three-year visiting scholar to the college, and with him came he thousands of records from his career that will soon be added to the three-story library. In the latest episode of Crate Diggers, Fuse talks to the legend and explores some of his rarest wax.

“This is the record collection that invented hip hop,” Assistant Curator at the Cornell Hip Hop Collection, Ben Ortiz, says. “This is the place that people will want to go to get the clearest understanding of how this culture began. We are preserving this stuff not just for us, but for future generations.”

And with that, of course, comes Bambaataa’s forward-thinking, multi-genre selection of records that he’s been carrying since the ’70s.

“I knew something different was happening in the streets,” the 57-year-old reflects, referring to his early days.”I definitely knew I was doing something, bringing all these styles of music to the many different audiences I was playing for … It was more about picking out the different sounds from what I was hearing on the radio stations and what I wanted to play for my audience and give them that different sound; take them on a musical journey.”


” King Status “

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Major salute to my cuzzo KHUFU (NS/GFC/TNS) on his bornday….Thanks for being a inspiration to the rest of the crew, keep shining king and keep those flames burning…

And if you didn’t know – he is the man behind ALL of the GMV artwork!! Check out how my dude gets down for his motherfucking crown..

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” Aerosol Morale “

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If your in the Tri-State area you know the motherfucking drill…

BLADE: King of Graffiti
Friday, August 8 at 6:30 pm

In 1980, after painting 5,000 subway trains, Steve Ogburn, aka BLADE, earned the title “King of Graffiti.” Today BLADE exhibits his work internationally. In this rare event, he will sit down with graffiti historian Chris Pape for a slide show and conversation about his pioneering work and the New York graffiti scene of the 1970s. After the talk, BLADE and Pape will sign copies of their new book, Blade: King of Graffiti (Schiffer Publishing, June 2014).

Presented in conjunction with the exhibition City as Canvas.
Free for Museum members*; $10 general public; $40 for general admission + book.


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