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” Test Press Poltergeist “

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Where do I begin ?

Were only weeks away from dropping the final installment in the GOOD MORNING VIETNAM trilogy (Nov25th)…MF GRIMM & I put so much effort into part 3 that it boggles my mind when I think about it..Not just the recording and production aspect, but the endless nights of remixing, edits, research, sequencing, layering, EQing, building, and all that other shit that comes with taking your music seriously…..

Peep a couple facts about the GMV trilogy that you might find interesting..

1..We spent years building before we decided to record together…

2..We were both in the studio at the same time – No email sessions and no flown in vocals..

3..All of the production derived from samples…Every hi-hat, every chop, every nuance, every beat was assembled from record samples….No sample kits, no keyboards, and no MP3’s were used whatsoever…

4..All types of unreleased heaters are in the stash – we MIGHT decide to drop those in the future (Were already working on new shit, stay tuned)..


GMV-3 “The Phoenix Program” by MF GRIMM & DRASAR MONUMENTAL is now live for pre-order @ VENDETTA VINYL..Head over there to peep the cover art, tracklist, and snippets as well…If you still believe in the power of hardcore Hip Hop make sure you do the right thing and spread the word around..


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” Paul Nice : International Digging “

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Awww yes….

PAUL NICE delivers the secret society beat treats once again on the very explosive “International Digging” mix….Yeah, I do not understand all of the lyrics, but I can decipher funky material when I hear it troopers..



1.Visz a Vonat 02:59
2.First Lady 03:48
3.Rock & Roll Man 02:34
4.Checkin’ Out Your Love 02:35
5.Sleep Walking 03:43
6.Kinyujtom Kezem 03:17
7.What To Do 01:51
8.Egosphere 02:58
9.Ruda Funk 03:50
10.Scratch My Back 02:02
11.Soft Wind 02:09
12.Transit 01:38
13.Street Rondo 05:27
14.Sciabble 04:14
15.Close Shave 02:14
16.Les Passants Du Soir 02:43
17.Roses & Revolvers 03:41
18.Soul Trek 03:31
19.Crossfire (drum interlude) 00:06


” Sample Source Steez “

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I spotted this Stax Of Wax session by Mauz & Droppa at my man KD’s spot (DAILY DIGGERS)..This mix will help you get your Thursday morning morale in order troopers…Doubles, healthy doses of scratching, explosive selections, heavy breaks, and well thought out composition…


” New Shit On Deck “

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If your on the hunt for some brand new 2014 hardcore Hip Hop to rock your mixshow with, here is a new cut by THESE HANDZ, “New Word Order” – featuring JMega, Don Streat, and Macabeats with cuts by DJ Grasshoppa once again…

This time we bring you double trouble with 2 banging versions !
One by THESE HANDZ (Sparkii Ski & Dj Grazzhoppa),
and the 2nd by MIGHGAWD (True Masterz) .
Featuring JMega (from True Masterz)
and Don Streat & Macabeats (from Animal Pak)

released 20 October 2014


” Aerosol Morale On Deck “

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“In 1974, one of America’s most celebrated cultural figures declared graffiti as “the great art of the 70s”.Back then, thousands of teenagers were vandalising New York, in particular the subway system. Yet Norman Mailer described their “passion”, their “cool”, their “masterpieces in letters six feet high”.

Who were the teens behind the “tags” – now the veterans of the scene? Why did they create this movement? Were they even thinking about art, politics, protest – or simply writing their names on trains?

BBC Radio 4 meets some of those who defied the law (and their parents) and diced with death including pioneers such as Riff 170, Jester, Coco 144, Flint Gennari, and Tats Cru. Their efforts have been replicated far beyond New York – in art galleries and in the hands of Arab Spring protesters – and yet their aspirations were largely apolitical: they were chasing fame and the acceptance of their peers.

The programme explores the city’s complicated relationship with graffiti, which it appears to condemn and celebrate in equal measure. Former artists – or “writers” as they prefer to be known – revisit their old haunts and discuss why they believe they had a right to “tag”, “bomb” and “destroy” New York with markers and spray paint”.

Produced by Steve Urquhart
A Falling Tree production for BBC Radio 4.


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” Big Twinz : Thoughts On My Mind “

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The man with the ugliest voice in Hip Hop Mr.Big Twinz is back with more of that raw talk for your ear drums…

This time around he links up with the elusive beatsmith SEBB on “Thoughts On My Mind”…If you are unfamiliar with SEBB – He has produced joints for Jeru, Smiley The Ghetto Child, Prodigy, Kool G.Rap, Cage, etc..


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” Tru Masterz Sure Shot “

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TRU MASTERZ (J Mega & MyGawd) have consistently dropped quality head nodders for the last few years…I also have to give the duo props for making sure they put a worthy DJ up in the mix (Grasshoppa) to help add more ammo to the tracks…

On “That’s True” they keep their momentum up….


” Diamond D : New 45 Set “

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This is a new clip from DIAMOND D from his recent set at the “Plan B” club out in the UK…Almost an hour of nonstop breakbeat treats…

” Under The Radar Chiraq “

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*Since this is a Chicago related post, it’s only right that I give TRIXTER some well deserved burn as well..HAHA.

My cuzzo MATTROCKS put me up on this hidden gem while I was out in Chicago on a intense digging mission a few years back…Damn, it’s joints like these that instantly get my mind right..

“Fully G – There She Goes Again Black Pegasus continues their run of classic “unheard” hip hop, with another cult Chicago release. During the 1990’s in Chicago hip hop artists were striving to get signed to major labels but most were overlooked. A handful took it upon themselves and pressed up their own records and walked it into the stores and gave them to DJs to get it heard. One of the major players to do this was the Bellwood duo, Fully G and his partner and producer Diamond Kut. Fully G’s 1995 white label single “There She Goes Again” was hugely popular, but was limited to 50 copies. Nonetheless it was an anthem in Chicago hip hop venues like The Elbow Room and The Spot”.


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” QBert : 2014 Action “

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You know the motherfucking drill !!!!

“To celebrate Q’s birthday this week The Boogie Down Under Radio Show brings you 2 world exclusive mixes by the man himself never yet
heard on the radio before.

This set starts with a 6 min warm up scratch session followed by a 45 min oldschool breakbeat set.”


” DJ Bluewater : Rock Steady Biz “

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ROLLING ON CHROME is a dope mixtape site that is flooded with all types of treats that will keep you on your toes….For instance this mix by BLUEWATER (Long Overdue) will give your Thursday morning a power boost troopers..


” K-Def Speaks “

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As much as people complain about this era in Hip Hop – you have to admit that it is amazing that we have full access to jewelry that was kept secret once upon a time….Back in the day I would have done anything to hear gems like this..

“Press play and jump into this very special interview with veteran music producer K-Def, conducted by the great J-Zone! The two artists recently got together at Zone’s Jamaica, Queens studio and discussed K-Def’s 20+ year career as a sound designer.

K-Def talks about meeting and working with the legendary Marley Marl, his new album with producer The 45 King, the evolution of his production techniques over the years, the infamous Mardi Gras Bells, and what he heard on a hidden cassette tape that LL Cool J revealed and played for him in the early 90s.

As J-Zone said; listen to hear production tips, stories behind the hits, nostalgia, and secrets into the dopeness.”


” 4 All My Clark Rockerz “

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Just copped this book about CLARKS in Jamaica by Al Fingers…

It’s crazy that such a small island has influenced the world in so many areas..From cuisine to dubplates, sound systems to skinhead culture, toasting to 45’s,etc – J.A. can stake claim for being one of the most innovative areas on earth….


“In Jamaica, Clarks are loved like no other brand. They are the island’s ruling name in footwear – the “champion shoes” – and it has been that way for as long as anybody can remember. Including current and historic photographs, interviews and previously unseen material from the Clarks archive, and with particular focus on the musicians who have worn and sung about Clarks through the years, this book explores how footwear made by a Quaker firm in the quiet English village of Street, Somerset came to be the “baddest” shoes in Jamaica”.

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” J-Zone : Stick Up / Mad Rap “

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J-Zone is back on the set with some more 7inch action for all of those on the hunt for more wax to add to the stacks….He keeps the drums nice and punchy – perfect for doubles, trick mixing, etc…

Throw it on ya 1200s! Includes free digital download of both songs + “Mad Rap” instrumental.

Includes unlimited streaming of “Stick Up” b/w “Mad Rap” 7″ Single via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
shipping out on or around 17 October 2014
edition of 150


” Monday Check In “

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Just checked out this project by R2wice (Barmageddon) earlier today…..Dude is a triple threat – makes his own beats, rhymes, and engineers…It’s not the most mind blowing shit, but there were a few joints that perked my ears up…

HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD TOP PICKS – “Act:120″, “Purgatory”, “Shevil”, “Best Friendz”, “Soul Touch”, and “Proverbz”…



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