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” Good Morning Vietnam : Spotlight “

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MF GRIMM & I are the special guest on the CONSPIRACY WORLDWIDE SHOW out in the UK today (2 p.m PT)..Other guest on this episode include PETE ROCK, SLUM VILLAGE and SKYZOO…We go in depth about the making of GMV 1-3, our creative process, Britcore, chemistry, upcoming projects and all types of other shit that will hold your attention..PEEP – UPDATED LINK….

*Photo – Custom Adidas VENDETTA VINYL Top 10’s with the GMV 1-3 wax backdrop….BLAM,BLAM, BLAMZ……

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” Friday Pressure “

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NITEBREED (not the one KA was affiliated with) were an obscure horrorcore outfit that had a couple cuts that activated my Hip Hop antennae….For instance “Meditation On Death” should make you want to toss someone smooth off a cliff….

If your on the hunt to cop the slept on NITEBREED “Prince Of Darkness” EP (1994 Reality Check ENT) be prepared to shell out 230 bucks….HAHAHA.

” Don Heroin Status “

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“La Global Nostra” is my personal top ranking pick off the new joint from DON STREAT & MWP ft GRAZZHOPPA….


” The 45 King Speaks “

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Mr.45 King blesses us with a two hour long interview session with the folks over at the CIPHER PODCAST….Consider yourself blessed cuzzo – back in the days I would have done almost anything to absorb these types of rare jewels….


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” Badman Business “

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Since it’s Monday and I know your scrambling around to find some power boosters to jump start your week – I highly suggest that you head to MATTNYCE’s podomatic page..

Under the radar Hip Hop mixes, and the heavily stacked “Raggamuffin” mix should do the trick….When you head over there tell him the grimey dude from HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD sent you jack !!!!


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” Only For The Gifted & Lifted : Sach “

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It’s inspiring to see one half of the Nonce “NOUKA BASSTYPE / SACH” remaining active after the loss of YUSEF AFLOAT (RIP)….I always thought they had a unique, dusted out, unorthodox approach to rocking that put them in their own lane..

On the “Only For The Gifted & Lifted” project SACH keeps the styling original..


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” Breakbeat Overdose “

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Peep this under the radar video by Pritt Kalsi that puts the spotlight on the breaks…Cameos by Afrika Bambaataa, Grandmaster Caz, Pogo, Charlie Chase, Cutmaster Swift, Grand Wizard Theodore, Jazzy J, etc….


” Boxcutter Brothers Pressure “

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I happened to stumble onto this review of the BOXCUTTER BROTHERS (Ayatollah & myself) in XXL magazine on a whim….Just like many of the BATTLEFIELD readers I never bother flipping through this mag, but for some reason I decided to check it out and ended up spotting this article by CHAIRMAN MAO (Red Bull Music Academy, etc)….

Yeah, I can’t front I was totally caught off guard because Boxcutter Brothers is straight up ugly, boulevard barbarian type shit that I never thought in a million years would fit the criteria for such a glossy, pop culture mag…


Anyway, click on the photo for further analysis….

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” Monday Power Boost “

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SCARCE ONE & SELECTA M from Germany provide the Summer soundtrack action on the ” Campaneros Mix “…..Over an hour of Soul power, Funk, and Reggae heat on deck troopers…


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” Akbar On The Battlefield : Re-ups “

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Over the years I have rocked all types of interviews on Hip Hop Battlefield; SELFISH, BROTHER J, AYATOLLAH, MF GRIMM, KING SHAMEEK, FULLY G, PHIL MOST CHILL, BLAME LO, INSIGHT, and PARIS to name a few….

I also had the opportunity to chop it up with Chiraq / BX rhyme slinger AKBAR awhile back for a round of in-depth jewelry….If you missed it the first time, here is another chance to check in ( I promise I will include all of the interviews on the side bar ASAP)…

1..(HHB) On AKBAR’S GROOVE you rocked over a P – LEE beat that Rasco ended up using on “Unassisted”, and even the ARTIFACTS flipped the same sample source on “What’s Up Now Motherfucker”…..Are you aware of that and how do you feel about it ?

“Well lemme first say that Parker was the 1st to use that loop to my knowledge. He had the loop back in like ’93 but we ended up using it on Jamalski’s album. Later when I heard Rasco’s and Artifacts versions it didnt really phase me because like the late great Guru once said “rap is an art you cant own no loop its how you hook it up and the rhyme style troop”. I personally felt like our version was the illest so its whatever. By the way, Raekwon rocked that loop on “Missing Watch” off the Lex Diamond Story album-now that joint is crazy! I like what they did with it.”



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” Cratery : 58 “

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On episode 58 of the CRATERY podcast Bozack Morris keeps the groove morale levels explosive to say the least…If you need more contemplation tunes in your rotation you just found it…


1. Voices of East Harlem – Little People
2. Black Merda – Long Burn the fire
3. EWF – Fan the Fire
4. Ruth Copeland – The Medal
5. The Edwards Generation – That’s how much I love her
6. Yutaka – Breath of night
7. Mladen Franko – Yellow Balloon
8. Augusto Martelli – Walking Caribe
9. Rex Brown and Company – Act of threat
10. Dennis Olivieri – I cry in the morning
11. James Moody – The World is a Ghetto
12. Lyn Taitt – Stepping up
13. The Eight Minutes – Next time he’ll be good
14. Ponderosa Twins – Bound
15. Skip Mahoney and the casuals – I need your love
17. Truth and Devotion – I must see my lord
18. Cal Tjader – Morning
19. Jamey Aebersold – Essence
20. Joey Gregorash – Down by the river
21. Moody – Lonely Jelly
22. Bobby Bean Sound and Singers – Tabou
23. Morton Stevens – Uptight
24. Formula IV – If we can’t get along


” Early NYC Gangster Mode “

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Do yourself a favor and watch RUBBLE KINGS in it’s entirety before this link gets deaded…

“From 1968 to 1975, gangs ruled New York City. Beyond the idealistic hopes of the civil rights movement lay a unfocused rage. Neither law enforcement nor social agency could end the escalating bloodshed. Peace came only through the most unlikely and courageous of events that would change the world for generations to come by giving birth to hip-hop culture. Rubble Kings chronicles life during this era of gang rule, tells the story of how a few extraordinary, forgotten people did the impossible, and how their actions impacted New York City and the world over”…

” Polo Maniac “

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One of the Lo-Life founders RACK-LO has a Big Kartel page that is flooded with all types of wreck that you should peep out….Medallions, bracelets, Lo-Sport, Lo-Vintage, watches, eyewear, bags, etc….

When you head over make sure to tell him the grimey dude from HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD sent you jack !!!!!


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” Burn Your Face Off “

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KHUFU ONERZ (The man responsible for the GMV artwork) is a god damn monster when it comes to this Hip hop shit…He rhymes, makes beats, and gets extremely busy with the aerosol…Here are a couple flicks that are bound to uplift your morale….BLAM,BLAM, BLAMZ..

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” Legions Of Boom Steez “

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OLIVER WANG puts the spotlight on the Filipino Mobile DJ scene in his new book – “Legions Of Boom : Filipino American Mobile DJ Crews In The San Francisco Bay Area”….You can cop the book HERE…..

And while your at take a listen to this hour long Q&A session with the author on the CYPHER PODCAST duke…


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