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” Hardcore Scratcher Steez “

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Be on the lookout for VENDETTA BREAKS in the very near future…Big up to KHUFU ONERZ for the fresh visuals, PLANET ROCKA, FOODERZ, STATE, RIFF, BLAME LO, and all the dudes that still believe in keeping their scratch hand extra warm…

” J-Force : Cadillac Respect “

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I’m a little late on this, but I make sure to give a project decent burn before I give it the HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD shine treatment (Unlike a lot of other sites that do not have any quality control whatsoever, HAHAHA)…

The SP1200 chief rocker J-Force drops all types of remix action on “Cadillac Respect”…


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” Body Rocking “

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Here is the newest broadcast from the VINYL VETERAN CREW….With over 44 tunes to choose from this is well suited for a boost of groove morale troopers….Big shout out to my cuzzo KD out in London..


“With over one hundred years of DJ’ing experience between them, encompassing former DMC competitors, record labels owners, record shop owners and recording artists – the veterans are Mac Mcraw, Mr Krum, Rob Life, DJ Format, Bobby Boucher, Matt The Hat, Scratchy Muffin, Kid Dyno & The Beat Detective Aka Daily Diggers, Johnny Cuba – Soundsci & our international representative from NYC, Digger Supreme Oxygen the Architect”.

” Double Premium Mix “

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Not sure what the deal is with the gorilla imagery SERGENT RECORDS chooses to rock, but the indy label has dropped some fly material over the last few years…

For this DOUBLE PREMIUM mix they come equipped with some under the radar joints that will make you turn the volume up a few notches..


” Marley Marl Drops Jewelry “

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You know what makes me burst out with wild fits of extreme delirious laughter ? When I see dudes spend HEAVY bread on all types of studio equipment, and for some strange reason they think they will be able to magically make fresh beats overnight….


You do NOT have to have DONALD TRUMP money in order to come up with some banging beats, but you will need patience, creativity, the right blueprints, imagination, a library of material to pull from (records), the proper mentor, and a few other secret ingredients that I will keep to myself….

The equipment that MARLEY MARL was using back in the day would be considered primitive by todays standards, but why does it sound better than 85 % of the shit I am hearing in 2014 ?

“Hailing from the galaxy of Queens, Marley Marl revolutionized hip hop when he pioneered the practice of sampling drum sounds and creating his own proto-boom-bap rhythms, yielding gems like MC Shan’s joyfully noisy (and unintentionally beef-inducing) QB anthem “The Bridge.” The sonic architect of Cold Chillin’ Records and the Juice Crew, Mr. Marl was one of rap’s first super-producers, crafting huge hits for Eric B. & Rakim, Biz Markie, Big Daddy Kane, and LL Cool J, among others. Oh yeah, and his tenure on late, great broadcasting partner Mr. Magic’s Rap Attack radio show on WBLS was immortalized in the Notorious B.I.G.’s “Juicy.” Let this legendary “engineer all-star” tell you how he keeps it all in control in this three hour-plus talk at RBMA Tokyo 2014″.

” Dropping Tomorrow : 530 Heaterz “

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If you paid close attention to the kick battle between DAILY DIGGERS & I, you would have noticed that I only showcased NIKE & ADIDAS…

Please do not get it twisted though fam, since a kid I gravitated towards all types of different kicks such as ELLESSE, PUMA, LOTTO, FILA, SAUCONY, LA COQ SPORTIF, and I can’t forget the Boston based company NEW BALANCE…


“The 530′s colour palette is meant to resemble Central Park during the late fall season, as the leaves begin to change and autumnal colours take hold. The burgundy upper is composed of a rich oily pigskin suede with quilted detailing on the vamp, as well as an off-white microperforated nubuck on the toe wrap. Goldenrod 3M was used under the burgundy netting, as well as the “N” logos on the side panels. Tonal leather is added on the heel, which features an enlarged debossed “530” branding in the same typography used for New York street signs. A rubberized label that represents the New York Parks & Recreation logo is emblazoned on the tongue, thus making the inspiration clear. The insoles are custom-printed, and feature a map of Central Park. The final details are a quilted poly-filled lining, and an olive gum outsole which adds to the overall aesthetic”.

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” Thursday Check In “

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The ALOHA GOT SOUL crew just blessed me with this 4 hour set of all types of groove morale (Soul Time In Hawaii)…So if your in the mood for a Thursday night power boost – you know the motherfucking drill cuzzo….

*Perfect for a lengthy flight or a nice late night cruise on the strip..


” Kid Millions : Strictly Philly Mix “

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KID MILLIONS is back with another theme mix for you to bang out with troopers…Any mix that rocks LEGION OF DOOM “Putting My Thang Down” is a keeper in my book…


1. Poison Ladd S.L.R. — Life is a Nike Commercial
2. Larry Larr — It’s the L
3. Plush Bros. — Stop Frontin’
4. Tyree — Lost Generation
5. Ebony Broadcast System — 2 Stepz Behind (Buy at
6. Militant Minister — Etched In Stone
7. Legion Of Doom — Puttin’ My Thang Down
8. Three The Hard Way — Ya’ll Don’t Stop
9. C.E.B. — Get The Point
10. Lord Aaqil — Check It Out (Buy at
11. Big E. Smallz & Ant Live — Sure Shot
12. M.C. Prelitique & Sweet — We Got The Right To Front
13. Rock Hard Delegation — Just For The Audience
14. Ruggedness & Madddrama — Me & My Squad
15. Big Tabb — Raw Dawg
16. Trauma Center — Rugged Land (Buy at
17. Danger Zone Mobb Sqwad — Flip’n Keeloz (Buy at
18. The Rickochet Mobb — Gotta Have Money
19. Too Fresh — Too Fresh Is Taking Over


” Columbo Black : Tour Bus “

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I’m quite sure you have heard the “Mack” soundtrack flipped in a myriad of ways over the years, but the very creative Compton MC COLUMBO BLACK puts a different spin on it with unpredictable wordplay, cinema bars, and a original approach..

*Off the PRELUDE TO SCRAP METAL 2 mixtape….


” New Shit On Deck “

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“All Records” is the second new song I have heard from KURIOUS JORGE within the last two weeks…This time around RTNC blesses the veteran with some fresh loop action to flex his bar game over…

Two thumbs up!!!!

” Hip Hop Treats “

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God damn….

“2014 has been an incredible year for vinyl. Sales in the UK are at an 18-year high, vinyl-only boutique labels are popping up everywhere, and now we have the Desktop Record Cutter (DRC) poised to hit the market, allowing users to cut high quality vinyl at home for a relatively affordable price.

The DRC allows users to cut their music onto wax in a matter of minutes utilizing what they call a ‘turn-key’ stereo cutting technology. Created by Australian inventor Paul Butler Tayar and his Machina Pro team, they are trying to raise a mere $10,000 AUS in order to expand the infrastructure of the project, create more machines and drive the price down from it’s current sum of $6,500 AUS per unit.

“The goal amount reached will dictate pricing,” notes Tayar on their Kickstarter page. “This is the most exciting part to us, if we all get involved, we can make the DRC more attainable for everybody.”

While Vestax threw their hat into the ring years ago with the VRX-2000, a machine that was loved by some but came with a hostile price tag, the DRC could make the splash that its predecessor failed to. With vinyl being where it is today, the obvious market is up-and-coming, small distribution imprints looking to keep their production in-house, and wealthy DJs with an insatiable white label fetish”.

” Under The Radar “

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Contrary to popular belief, the last ten years were stacked full of top notch vinyl releases….It’s seems like every other month a different independent label pops up to make sure that wax addicts get blessed with an array of heat to cop…

CROOKED CAT RECORDS from Germany put out a few pieces this year that you should peep..For instance this Millenium – “Kaos Theory EP” will perk your ears up…


“Born in Baltimore and raised in DC, Millenium teamed up with House of Abdul to record a bunch of dope joints. In 1998 he released his first album called “Kaos Theory” over House of Abdul Records which was only available on Casette and CD, in case you found one of those rare copies. 2 years later they finished his second album “Most Thorough” which never saw the light of day. Now, 16 years later our Crooked Cat “Bad Beppo” went out to visit the House of Abdul to get a bag full of those joints to feed his family with barrel aged fruits from the past. Crooked Cat Records presents “Kaos Theory EP”. The 12″ comes along with 3 tracks from Milleniums first album “Kaos Theory” and 4 unreleased tracks from his second album “Most Thorough” on the flipside. Get your copy on If you lucky you catch one of the extra goodies which we will randomly put to the orders. Watch out”.

” Body Rocking “

Picture 4

Are you on the hunt for some rare groove morale in your life?

Look no further trooper, LIL DAVE & PERSONIFY unleash a batch of explosive renditions on this “Got You Covered” mix..No tracklist this time around, but please do not snooze.


“Philadelphia DJs lil’dave (Illvibe Collective) and Personify (Little Big Things) have joined forces to bring you Gotcha Covered – a genre bending mega-mix of covers songs from the mid-60s to the present. With more than 35 years of DJing and music collecting between them, these fellas dug deep in their collections to pull tracks for Gotcha Covered and spent months mixing, cutting and blending together more than 90 covers spanning Funk, Soul, Jazz, Afrobeat, Latin, Bossa Nova, Boogaloo, Reggae, Steel-Drum Band, Brass Band, R&B and Hip-Hop, to name a few. From the super rare to the under-appreciated and forgotten to the more common cover versions, Gotcha Covered offers up something for the serious digger and the casual listener alike. If you love good music, stop what you’re doing, grab a copy of the mix, and prepare to be taken on a tour of some of funkiest and most soulful covers ever laid down. And sorry – no track listing…gotta do your own homework for this one”.

” Sunday Night Live “

Picture 3

I’m not sure if you have peeped this beat session by MADLIB a few months back, but there are a few beats on here that will perk your ears up…


” Nutso : Good As Gone “

Picture 2

Out of all the stuff I have heard from NUTSO over the years, his project with BRAINSPARKER has to be my top choice…I’m not sure if those two will link up again for more music, but I will keep my fingers crossed…

Until then, take a listen to his newest offering “Good As Gone” featuring Blacastan & Shabaam Sahdeeq…


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