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” New Shit On Deck “

Screen Shot 2019-06-06 at 12.44.44 PM

I decided to give SAGE INFINITE’s newest release “Interminable” some decent burn over the last few days and was pleasantly surprised…He came to the table with some concepts, nice wordplay, and a few beats that definitely got my attention…Do yourself a favor and add this to your rotation…


1.Theme Muzik(Prod. by SHARP.) 02:02
2.The Show(Prod. By Gabdulla Tha Butcha) 03:12
3.Emperor Of Palamecia(Prod. By Shozae) 03:22
4.Snow Ball Effect(Prod. By Shozae) 01:49
5.Moses Malone(Prod. By MWP) 04:35
6.Gunz Up In The Astro(Prod. By Adwerdz) 01:44
7 Series(Prod By All Ceven) 04:25
8.Juiced New Jack(Prod. By Shozae) 01:39
9.The Man Behind The Mask(Prod. By Abomination) 02:42
10.Gotta Have You(Prod. Brandon Froehlich) 03:35
11.Across The Board(Prod. By Wally Clark) 03:44
12.For The Moment (Remix) ft. Grandmilly & Hus Kingpin(Prod. QS) 04:52

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