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” Friday Check In “

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Hip Hop cats are probably the most opinionated and passionate types on this entire planet..Try dissing E40 in the Bay area and you might have to physically defend yourself..If you attempt to discredit J Prince in certain parts of Houston I can almost guarantee you that their will be a problem on your hands…Speak badly about Luke Skywalker in Miami and you just might catch a bad one..Go ahead and diss Mac Dre in Vallejo and watch what happens…

Your somewhat free to say whatever the fuck you want in this world, but you better be built to deal with the repercussions when someone steps to you regarding your opinions, speech and behavior..

Thats why I commend those dudes over at SUPER DUTY TOUGH WORK on this recent episode where they speak their true opinion regardless of how motherfuckers feel about it, but for the sake of keeping it thorough they made a few mistakes…

1..TUPAC’S first album wasn’t called NIGGAZ 4 LIFE- it was “STRICTLY 4 MY NIGGAZ”..

2..THE BIGGIE collab with METHOD MAN was “The What”, not “DWYCK”…

3..Even though the Beat Nuts weren’t the most lyrical duo, I still think they made great albums…

There were a couple other missteps, but for the most part I agree with 85 % of the shit they said, and give them credit for not dancing around the topic (Rappers Were Supposed To Like But Don’t)….

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