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” Wild Dayz : UK “


DEMON BOYS, HARDNOISE, GUNSHOT, DERRICK B, COOKIE CREW, HI-JACK, BODY SNATCHERS, DADDY FREDDY, KILLA INSTINCT, HUNTKILLBURY FINN, ICEPICK, MC MELLO are just a few names that I remember hearing in the late 80’s….When the Rock Steady Crew ventured to the UK with BAMBAATAA, FUTURA, and a host of others in the early 80’s, it made such an impact that Hip Hop spread throughout the rest of Europe like a wild fire from all accounts that I have come across…

In the book “UK Wild Dayz” Andrew Beese documents a heavy time in Bristol from 1982-1987…Do yourself a favor, scoop up a copy and catch a heavy zone..

“As a photographer Beezer was in a unique position in Bristol in the 1980s. Close friends with the Wild Bunch (later to become Massive Attack) and other Bristol hip hop crews, he was able to capture on film the rich urban culture at the heart of the underground music and art scene prevalent in Bristol at the time. Many of the shots are of the Wild Bunch performing at the Dug Out Club, the infamous Red House Jam and at St Paul’s Carnival, but there are many more shots from festivals and events and a selection of portraiture. This book has previously only been available as an import from Japan where it was originally published”.



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