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” Boom Shots : Re-ups “

screen shot 2019-01-22 at 4.41.45 pm

When I started HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD ten plus years ago, social media wasn’t really popping off at the time…Certain blogs and sites were flooding the internet with all types of jewelry and links of material that was once under the radar..It was a very interesting era..Unfortunately many of those links and file sharing sites were deaded around 2013-2014, and in their place names like Soundcloud, Bandcamp, You Tube and others started popping up due to the heavy influx of streaming over downloading…

Half of the history of HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD is gone without a trace…I never really took the time to transfer all that shit to a hardrive because like many of us, we figured the links would be around for a longer period of time…That’s why I’m thankful that I always put supreme value on vinyl since a kid…This whole digital world is helpful for some things – but it could never replace the actual hardcopy in my opinion…

A link that was deaded by Mediafire was my “EVERY POSSE GET FLAT” mix from, 2011….Check the sidebar for proof HAHAHA…

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