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” Myalansky : Drastic Measures 2 “

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Truth be told, the WU-SYNDICATE were one of the better groups to emerge from under the WU umbrella in the mid-late 90’s…MYALANSKY & JOE MAFIA were a potent duo who knew / know how to assemble solid songs that vividly detailed the trials and tribulations of street life in a authentic fashion…

On “Drastic Measure 2” MYALANSKY flips his multi – syllable style to new heights…



1.Its Crazy (Intro) 03:30
2.On The Grind ft. Joe Mafia 03:06
3.Lord God ft. Joe Mafia 03:44
4.Drastic Measures II 02:42
5.Juice 02:39
6.Champagne Toast ft. Joe Mafia 03:53
7.You Can Cry 03:20
8.Hustle ft. Joe Mafia 03:09
9.C.C.E. (Continous Crime Enterprise) ft. Shaka Amazulu The 7th 03:47
10.Speak Easy 03:33
11.Realism Of Actuality 02:30
12.Stormy Weather 03:20

“Myalansky dropped Drastic Measures like more than 10 years ago, his voice was different then and the initial plan was to redo the album all over again with his new voice but instead he thought he gives his fans something much better a whole new project with great production and staying true to his core concepts. Enjoy this 12 major jams featuring of course the usual suspect and syndicate partner in crime Joe Mafia”.

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