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” Mykill Myers : Crime Stories “

Been having tech difficulties with WORDPRESS lately, not sure exactly what the bug is, but hopefully it gets sorted out quickly…

Since it’s that creepy time of year, its only right that I post up MYKILL MYERS newest effort “Crime Stories”…Some of you will remember the name due to his output on ILL BOOGIE RECORDS back in the late 90’s-early 2000’s…The self proclaimed “Alfred Hitchcock of Hip Hop” gives us a full fledged concept album that stays on topic, displays focused rhyming skills, and deserves some Monday burn….


One response

  1. Alter

    I remember him late 99s he’s a west coast mc? I had a single of his definitely 98 1999 ish??? 2000

    October 29, 2018 at 9:34 PM

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