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” New Acid Test : Jus Allah “

Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 5.35.49 PM

Whenever I’m on a long drive I tend to look for interesting podcast to check out…Sometimes we take it for granted but we are extremely lucky and fortunate to hear some of our favorite artist fully open up in great detail about what makes them tick..I can vividly remember a time when the public had very limited access into artist lives…

That wild dude JAK PROGRESSO has a podcast (New Acid Test) that is kinda bugged out in a off kilter- impromptu, scatter brain type of way…He recently had JUS ALLAH as a guest and it was interesting on many levels….Jus breaks down why he left JEDI MIND TRICKS, views on today’s Hip Hop climate, history, future, and all types of shit that should keep you locked in….

***Ten points deducted from JAK for interrupting JUS nonstop through the course of this interview….HAHAHAHAHA

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