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” Black Sheep : Tortured Soul “

Screen Shot 2018-08-21 at 4.11.56 PM

About 5 years ago BLACK SHEEP came into town and I decided to troop out with a couple of my dudes to see what was good…As I peeked inside the venue from the outside I noticed a very small amount of people in attendance..I felt some type of way by the lack of support for the duo…As I peered through the window DRES made direct eye contact with me and was visibly upset by the lack of supporters in the building…Mid verse he looked dead in my direction and yelled, “what the fuck are you doing out there, this ain’t no damn freak show bring your ass inside”…

Instead of catering to his demands, I sparked up a baseball bat size spliff, glanced at my dudes, let out a slight chuckle and promptly “diddy-bopped” back to my vehicle in a casual manner…It wasn’t my fault the so-called promoters didn’t do their job and it was looking naked in there..I came to the show with intentions of catching some type of flashback zone, get a record signed, and maybe release a couple laughs over a few high powered alcoholic beverages – Instead, what I witnessed was legendary figures not getting the respect and attention they truly deserved (I’m quite sure your familiar with the scenario)…

Regardless, it is dope that DRES still put’s out music to this day and adds to his ever expanding catalogue…I recently checked out his latest project “Tortured Soul” and to my surprise their are a handful of joints that sound really good…Especially this SHOWBIZ produced cut “My Right Brain”….

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