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” Singapore Kane : 2018 “

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SINGAPORE KANE is back on the set with some 2018 momentum…PEEP.

“With the upcoming full-length “Steel Pulse, Metal Veins” just around the corner. Boston, MA lyricist Singapore Kane follows up “Karma (It’s Your Turn)” with another thought provoking narrative. Reunited with Purpose [Tragic Allies] on production, “Live Raggamuffin” touches on the highly relevant topic of people who are projecting a fraudulent self-image/lifestyle to the world, those not willing to make any real progress but telling stories about their money, success etc in attempts to manipulate perception. Singapore Kane espouses taking an unyielding mentality when handling your business, without looking to gain from others using duplicitous methods”.

2 responses

  1. Alter

    Tragic allies….estee nack and purpose been doing there thing…there from Lynn massachusetts… relentless is from Lynn to…king author he’s doing tracks with june Marx king author rocks with a cat called tap out there crew is beyond measures there out of Framingham mass…aztek is in a group called hybrid thoughts…oblivious or oblivion is from Quincy mass…me and my boy i-hannibal have a group e.t z evil twinz I know there was a old school evil twins to…rip-shop is nice…there was a old crew from Lawrence massachusetts called combaticons with agent onslaught and pure they where nice…there’s alot if I make some CDs etc I’ll mail you some unique rare rawness…gage one works at a record store in Cambridge a.k.a lame bridge Massachusetts called cheapo records….in your ear records is alright…
    B-boys crews floor Lords…..Lords.of.illusion…. ground efx…problems crew…orphan edge crew…king ruckus he beatboxs he has a show every Monday east coast time 3-6 west coast time 12 noon until 3 on…my friend brother waynes show is Wednesday east coast time from 12 noon until 2…West coast time 9 in the morning until 11 he plays strictly 45s….graff crews a.l.a African Latino alliance…I.w I’ll writers…o.d over dose… k.b.n killing Boston neighborhoods….5-a.v 5angry vandals…f.s… sports crew..i-mok is actually a Connecticut crew…b.s.b.b.s.n t.b.k t.n.k o.b.s h.a etc Lynn massachusetts s.a style assassins… Springfield Worcester Lowell Lawrence Boston brocton fall River new Bedford massachusetts have scenes…Murda chusetts.

    August 10, 2018 at 5:19 AM

    • Alter

      Brother waynes show is on and Wednesday lost and found

      August 10, 2018 at 5:22 AM

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