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” DJ Quest 2018 “

Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at 8.55.56 PM

It’s always a nice surprise to see innovative DJ’s from 90’s still wrecking shop in this era…For instance, on this 20 minute clip DJ QUEST (Bulletproof Scratch Hamsters / Space Travelers ) hits the decks with a barrage of doubles, scratches, blends and that special Bay area flavor that will perk your ears up..

Peace to GG-

“Quest, is also known for coining the term ‘Hamster Style’ which refers to the reverse set up of the turntables into the mixer. Today the term remains popular and it’s recognized by DJs world wide and every competent battle mixer has adopted the ‘Hamster’ feature (the reverse switch).

Presently, Quest is sharing his knowledge with his Quest School of DJ Arts, in collaboration with The DJ Project, a non-profit community based- organization which offers arts entrepreneurship programs that use music to engage young adults with a range of industry related subjects from DJing to audio and event production. In 2012, Quest wrote ‘The Beginner’s DJ Guide’. A hand book created for new enthusiast of the artform as an introduction to the fundamentals and roots and awareness of the true art-form of DJing among the general public.

In recent years, Quest has been dialing-in his composing skills and continues to record ‘scratch’ music. Some of his recent titles include “Scratch Breaks” 1 & 2, “Scratch 101”, “BreakFast Breaks”. Plus two full length albums”Questolous” and “Cosmic Parasite”, and a megamix containing classic and obscure electro “Elektro Flexx”.

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