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” Myerlansky ” Straight Razor “

Screen Shot 2018-07-25 at 8.53.00 AM

WU SYNDICATE was one of the better off shoot WU TANG affiliated groups to emerge from the mid to late 90’s in my opinion…JOE MAFIA & MYERLANSKY rocked very descriptive crime saga bars, battle tested lyrics, and a very hungry Virginia approach to their songs that still sound unique and solid today….On the once shelved “Straight Razor” album MYERLANSKY comes to the table with some joints that are worthy of rotation action !!!!


01. Intro Myer Dolo
02. I-C-U- Lord feat. Range Rover
03. Jonis
04. Strait Razor
05. Bublen
06. Victory Allah
07. Skit: Convics/Murders
08. Serphant Bite feat. Range Rover
09. Nineteen Eighty
10. Poltergise
11. Truth
12. Mirrors


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